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Monday, October 4, 2010

my hair and you

what is yento gonna talk about today?
my hair? yes, yento's hair
who is you?
you=hunny of course

yeah, hunny likes to play with my hair alot
sometimes he will style my hair
actually, hun, i like it
i wish u could do it more often
but u didn't grrrr

the first picture is my hair one month ago
yes very100x thick
then i found this girl picture(second and third picture)
her name is Ally.
so, she cut her hair
well, her hair was like mine before than she cut and trim it
(btw mine is way~~~ thicker)

the thing is, hunny had asked me to layer my hair make it thinner
the reason that i don't want to do it,
because usually, layering my hair will make it damage

so, look at the third picture,hunny
do you want my hair like that?
do tell me yeah. :)

but i have something that i plan
i plan to rebond and cut my hair on december
or maybe november (it's next month! pthff!)
i was thinking of doing a Jigoku Shoujo's hair

u see, if my hair is rebond again
i guarantee u, that my hair will look fine without layering it
cause my hair will be un-thing if i rebond it

so, layering my hair is out of the question


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