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Saturday, July 30, 2011

31/07/11 Happy Birthday to My Little Brother!

salam, hello readers~!
on this glorious day, i want to wish somebody
so, here it goes~!
happy birthday, to my bro, Jamal Arif
love you so much!!!
miss u!!!
have a blast on ur bday
please control your eating, my dear brother
cepat2 kurus and have a nice teeth hehe


31/07/11 Beliau hilang lagi

salam, hello readers~!!!
utk pengetahuan anda semua (ade ke yg nak tau??)
ak dah mule rungsin mcm kucing hilang anak tinggal lagi ak xley mengiau kuat2 jer
huargh serius nih
ade sape2 nmpk budak yg kat atas tu x?????????????????????/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
gile risau ak nih, dah lebih 24 jam die menginggalkan ak tnpa berita terakhir meskipun berita2 update
ak risau gile harem ni sbb die kate nak ke negara sebelah, (dah la g tmpt mcm tu.. ak yg kaget lebih)
sape nmpk die, gtau ak dah separuh mati skg
bukan sebb rindu ke ape, tapi risau tahap dewa
jantung pn rs cam nyawa2 ikan je nak mengepam darah huhu :(

p/s: Elia, bw bersabar ye.lain kali jgn galak sgt na~ CLICK HERE

29/07/11 the visit to Ekspo Peladang

salam, hello readers~!
straight after BIG, me, ika and ainun went to the ekspo peladang in Kangar
but we went to cheer on TESL A & C's BIG first
so, got to see lots of things there
especially animals
ika bought me an ice cream~! i like~! hehe

the above and below photos are actually a VERY BIG COW
i forgot it's scientific name :P
but seriously it is as big as an Toyota Unser to me hehe

(eto ubi tayu~~~ hehe Che TU~~)

so, saw many things, so lazy to write haha

29/07/11 Bina Insan Guru Fasa 2

salam, hello readers~!
so, my class TESL B, telah menamatkan BIG fasa 2 utk sem ni
lega sgt2~!
we went to and olk folks home
actually the same old folks homei went for leo club

we have some briefing

we were take to tour the place and meet some old folks and for the first time Din2's kesucian di ragut oleh seorang nenek haha
begitu juga dgn lelaki2 yg lain haha

to tell you the truth, i'm not good with all people same goes with my grandma, but then again i am in the process to get to use to them because it is just life
and had a good time there and i feel overwhelm sometime~
azie help me on my interview and we walk around together with ainun too
we arrived there at 8am and 3.45pm we went back
we have breakfast and lunch in the meeting room that is really2 cool
en zul and en ideris was there too
as for TESL A & C, they did car wash service
and AlexT0 got a bath too
i thought i gonna send it after i'm back from my BIG then again
with the spare key with Beliau, Capix pick up0 Alexto and Mirah send her back hehe
and Alexto is CLEAN!!! HEHe
thanks guys!!


24/07/11 out & about: unplanned

salam, hello readers~!
today went out for another unplanned trip with him
so bought some things ( u can see in the above photo)
first time bought something from Elianto
although i have been to Elianto booth like always but never bought something from it
and also i bought mask, first time too hoho
and i bought the mag, which came with free sample mascara and also lip gloss hehe

the below photo is just a photo of a Japanese boy from a famous blogger blog who currently on vacation in Japan


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

27/07/11 share

salam, hello readers~!
gmbr2 kat atas ni ak jumpe dr blog2 org lain
pastu ak dgr crite dari SINI, si apek curang~~ xtau la aku~~ hoho
and aku ngan azie masuk sorang junior ni PUNYE BLOG haha

so, jumaat ni BIG hoho
and xximent gile bnyk
nak g buat dl


Saturday, July 23, 2011

22/07/11 Leo Initiation & Installation & 1st Anniversary

salam, hello readers~!
today i attended a dinner function : Leo Initiation & Installation & 1st Anniversary
my busy day starts off with class(tutorial)
but eventually, there was no class
so before stuffing ourselves (me, yna & azie) with lunch, me and yna went to order food for our BIG next friday, we were the food community though
then at 3 me and aishah went to Ocean Glow where leo's dinner gonna be held
we thought that we are going decorate it, but then again, there;s no0thing much we can do and we just stay with no decorations, still the place looked fab
at 5, we went back and pack our things a set of to Putra Brasmana Hotel
me, emy, aishah, arsyad and rupini went w AlexT0
we girls, excluding rupini went to the hotel room to get ready
15 mins before the event supposed to start, we are already in Ocean Glow
my rum8, emy, and also arsyad was the mc for the night

me & Amrit
this fucntion is mainly for initiate the new members and also install the new BOD's and Key Officers
this time around i am the assistant treasurer
kami dilantik dengan mengangkat sumpah segala tau
yelah, an international club really keep to its standard
the guests was the Lions and Leos who have jawatan in this big club
and i'm quite honored to be there ^^

me & Soon Ee

Ocean Glow, Putra Brasmana Hotel, Kuala Perlis

me, Christine (my kakak ipar) & arsyad

Geok Cher and me

aishah(partner in crime), Cindy(ratu menyanyi), me & shim

kai fong and cindy sang Melodi of Rynn Lin and Sheila Majid
it was beautiful

OMG!! can't sit here ... all got couple hehe
yisian,sjmah,geok cher,sam,richard & christine

karmen sings True Colours, unfortunately no surprise there huhucake cutting ceremony

oh yeah! a youth exchange student here!
matsuda yuki(?) cant remember his name
damn! i was babbling japanese when i'm alone but when there's japanese guy in fornt of me, i'm clueless of what to say! huhu
then again, i'm kindda excited when he was surprise that i said 'ja, matane~' hehe

and meet again with them and i'm glad that Kok Sheng (the guy on the right) still remember me from last year
(he told me when i accepted my certificate from him)sam, the ballerina, valen and me

kai fong and me ^^

the certs i received during the function

there were 4 performances, the ballerina, kai fong & cindy, karmen and also our start Rion hehe
lots to talk about but lazy to write!

p/s: i definitely love my leo family , really feel like my second home