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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

27th June 2013

Assalammualaikum and hello readers~!
Too many things are@were happening!!!!
But there is just no time to update!
Wish me luck!

Take care.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

21st June 2013 Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis: Fellowship Dinner & Night Walk

Assalamualaikum  & hello readers~!

We just had our AGM yesterday and today we're off to our first activity!
I decided to ask the Leos to go for a fellowship dinner at the nearest steamboat to our IPG.
As there are more then 10 people going, I decided to make it near and just go there by walking.
Nevertheless walking there could give us time to chit chat hehe
It was a good 15 minutes walk and we arrived there: Embun Dingin Corner.
Jedi and Andy was there already, at least they are there to confirm the book we did yesterday after the AGM, thanks to KCM bringing us there haha but sorry, i didnt buy ur milo ice =.=

"On 21st of June 2013, Leo Club of IPG K. Perlis have organized a Night Walk & Fellowship Dinner. The Fellowship Dinner is to gather the new elected Key Officers and Directors as well to appreciate the 2012-2013 Key Officers and Directors. During the project, Leos decided to walk a few kilometres to reach the dinner place. A total of 18 Leos involved, and with it, it is the beginning of the new Key Officers and Directors to work together for the new fiscal year."

Here's photos:-

yum yum yum

participants :D :P

the steamboat cat

cooking! steaming! burning!

ini hantu makan sorang

12/13 key officers

gossiping here and there

our panda cooks!!

we walked for 15 minutes!

ROAR! Leo Club of IPGK Perlis

one direction =.=

sam and malcolm, the table at the back is also with us, but they are not leos, but teslians junior

caring LeoS

Until next time, its gonna be AWESOME!

Friday, June 21, 2013

20th June 2013 AGM Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Today, Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis held it's Annual General Meeting for Fiscal year 2013/2014

Quoted from the Leo Club's album:-

"On 20th of June, 2013, Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis have organized an Annual General Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to Summarize the Events in the Fiscal Year 2012-2013, Appreciation to Key Officers and Directors of 2012-2013, Election of Key Officers and Directors for the incoming Fiscal Year of 2013-2014 and lastly to do a planner on incoming activities and events. Thank you to all the Key Officers and Directors of the Fiscal Year 2012-2013. Leos Today, Leaders Tomorrow. Roar Roar Roar."

So, thats what happened, so now let's see some pictures shall we?

During the Key Officers introduction. No idea why we need introduction where actually everyone knows each other already haha

Bona, Amy, Prisca, Andy, Jia Wei, Yen



 Can't wait t make most of it for this new fiscal year
congratulations to the new Key Officers

President: Leo Valentine
Immediate Past President: Leo Richard
1st Vice President: Leo Liyana
2nd Vice President: Leo Jia Wei
Secretary: Leo Andy
Vice Secretary: Leo Amy
Treasurer: Leo Bonaventure
Vice Treasurer: Leo Prisca


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

20th June 2013

Assalamualaikum  & hello readers~!

There's more to come, I just can't t help it  but to type something here


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

17th June 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Today is my first day of 6th semester.

and this happened:-

I think mummy was right, she should be scared if that person is driving =.=
and I got another two positions. hurm
this semester gonna be interesting and im going to try hard to make all worth it :)


Saturday, June 15, 2013

13th June 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Today I felt that my Abah gonna come back home but I just brush off the feeling.
But he did. At 5pm haha Bravo to my instinct hehe

That night, after send my bro to tuition, the three of us just went lepak at restaurant.
We never go there before so we just sat there and talk and such.

 And we ate otak2!!! omg rindu otak2!!! hehe

And we tried burger bakar, the name of the burger is unique though: Burgembira hahaha

Friday, June 14, 2013

10th June 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Hectic day! Hectic day!

Start off the day with helping mum at home and buy some groceries.
Coming back, help her again.
And then I had lunch at Vhina's house.
The lunch was marvelous though hehe

Then, we fetch Jamal from school and lepak for a while at my house.

Then I send GK to Marina Island jetty. After sending her, me and Vhina went to the bus station to buy our tickets.And I meet a childhood friend of mine but didn't talk cause I was on the phone huhu
After send Vhina back, I have to rush back cause I have another date! hehe

I was nearing home when Charis called, said there were in front of my house. Erk! I'm on my way! :P

So after parked my car, I hop into Ieka's car and we just drove off cause we don't have no idea where to go but end up went to Aeon again. =.="
Then, we for second round at DJ mamak!! haha
Typical Malaysian and Perakian though :P

will be missing u guys!
p/s: Ieka, i try my best to go ur house yea! :P

9th June 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Days back GK IM me and Vhina, telling that she's coming over to our hometown cause she's going to Pangkor for a course.
Finally, I'm gonna meet GK after more then 6 months not meeting her! Rindu! hehe

Today, I have a wedding to attend, so after the wedding I'm gonna fetch GK in Ayer Tawar.
But on the way back, GK called and said she's heading to Sitiawan with Janice.
Hooray! I'm gonna meet Janice too!

When they arrived at my house, we chit chatted and finally my family gotta me the famous GK hehe
Janice's sister came too though.
The first sentence Janice said to me was "Dekat aje!!" talking about the cinema in front of my house that had been my landmark if people wanna come to my house hehe

-not my photo-
 Later, Janice gotta go and fetch her father, me and GK fetch Vhina
And we go jalan-jalan.
We went to Teluk Batik and the two 'kids' just can't help it and go play with the water and get their trousers wet haha
Then we went to Marina Island, and as usual, there are wedding couples, this time, 3 couples hehe
So, we just sit there, enjoy the breeze although the sun was streaking hot but it was ok.
Just sharing stories and such.
After that, we went for dinner in Black Canyon in Aeon.
I updated my status, and I stated that we were at Maha Sankaram Thailand's Black Canyon haha
Then it was hectic, cause we have to pick up Suvaas, Vhina's brother and off to the cinema for After Earth.
After the awesome freaking movie by the ever awesome M.Night Shyamalan, I've to send GK to Vhina's house.
As we came back to my house, le family is also heading out.
So I said why not we take just one car. But two of us have to sit at the back....
And so some of us did  :P
Hence the 7 of us, went to Lumut and lepak. We stop by two place and just go gila there and then send them back :)


Thursday, June 13, 2013

6th June 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

It was a long time since the last time, my bro had been to the beach for a 'swim' and picnic.
Then Mummy planned on a picnic today in Teluk Batik.

Thus, we did. My mummy cooked and packed nasi lemak for us.
As Jamal play and mandi-manda at the beach.
Me and mummy just lepak and enjoy the breeze... :D

SO yeah.


3rd June 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Abah is going bak to KL, so we just wanted a breakfast together, ended up having brunch together.
The best part is, we went to a Kuala Perlis restaurant in Lumut and the boss there explain the routine of the people here.
And I was gonna laugh my heads off cause, hello, I'm from Sitiawan what do you expect?? haha

 Then  I just realize how awesome and pretty Lumut is hehe


4th June 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Scrolling down the ever boring Facebook, I came across my friend's photo.
The last I saw her was a year back or so. I commented on her photo and said that I miss her.
And it turned out she's coming back to hometown!
So, we arrange a meeting.
It seems, I have forget about another friend of mine, Charis, that she is here too, in hometown.

This time, Ieka fetched me and Charis, before, I'm the one who fetched Ieka. haha
We meet up and they wanted to eat lunch, so we went to Fatty Cafe in Billion.
We chit chatted as usual, telling and sharing stories.
Charis and Ieka hadn't meet for a long time though.
So lots of stories just came pouring in.

After lunch, we went to Starbucks to continue our chit chats haha

photo by Ieka

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

31st May 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

My cousin, Nadiah, supposed to come to my house and we will just spend time together and we will go window shopping.
I waited for her until it was night, but she didn't came.
Instead I went out with Adyla....

And today, she called me and said she will be coming to my house.
So when she came, we just lepak at my house and we went to Aeon around 4 pm.
We walked through almost all the shopping center, we just did window shopping.
We went gaga in a comic shop because of the kpop and anime thinggy there haha
After walking for hours, Nadiah wanted to eat.
Hence we went to Chicken Rice Shop.
We ate and then we continue a little of our journey in the shopping center.

 We had fun in the toys area as well as the arcade
and I finally tried the purikura booth and it was awesome!!! :DDD
I wanna take more pictures!!! haha

28th May 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Yes! I know! I just came back!
But some of friends were not gonna be here until tomorrow.
Thus, we decided to meet up tonight.
Cause my Alexis is sick, Dyla had to pick me up and meet with Joanne and Nana in Aeon. :D

We meet at the center of the restaurants in Aeon.
Then, Nana had her dinner in Old Town White Coffee.
We just chit chat, take photos  and such.
I even meet up with Zel! She's here visiting her sister in Pantai Remis haha
Like a whole lot of reunion haha

nana n me

me and Nana's specs

Joanne and me

Dyla and me

Joanne and Nana and Dyla's hand

Like this photo!!! :D
 After in Aeon, we off to McDonalds hahahahaha
We just sat there, talk and took photos again! haha
And Joanne charged her phone there -.-
As Joanne gonna meet her friends there, Dyla send me and Nana back.

Awesome meeting u guys again, really miss u girls! :D

Days after that, I meet up with Dyla again and just talked beside the sea at Marina Wing.
And my cousin actually saw me, but he didn't say hello, just days after that he asked me to reconfirm. =.= huh