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Thursday, August 30, 2012

30/08/12 now i know

salam, hello readers~!

as AlexT0 is not here with me
i stayed rooted to my room with AndyT0
and sometimes, things pop up in my mind of what to do or go when i CAN go out
so, i put it in one corner and just wait

yes, i've been helping my friends now and then before
whenever i wanted to go out, i will ask, "do you want to go out?"
so, anybody who have errands will feel ok

as for me, i am not much of asking for help
i hate asking though
for now, i'm just wandering when will have the time to go out?
cause i have things to do now
plus i have assignments
sigh~ i have to live like the others then

p/s: someone will remember the hardships of others, but when the table turns, others will forget the someone

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

03/07/12 the Usual Post

Salam, hello readers~!

me & Ieka

Here, I present u, with the usual post about late allowance
It was supposed to be written days back, but hey, why not write now
Thought of write it ages ago..
But because of no wifi, i give up, just save the whining to my dear rum8 and bunch of friends
They must been crazy of me keep saying the same things
But lucky for you readers, today, im just gonna write what i wrote last semester
It’s just give a thought, NOT EVERYBODY have parents who can support them, most of friends have parents who can support them
And you know what, during the holidays, a certain someone said, that the allowance will be on time, not to worry
Surely, i didn’t worry, so i just sit back and relax at home, yeah, i was thinking of working for the coming semester expenses... but then again, think of it, i haven’t have a decent holiday since last year.
Nah, now i’m just hoping that; the allowance will be here this week.
And please get your Doa straight, not everybody is as fortunate as you.
p/s: thank you very much, my dear roommate! :D

24/06/12 first weekend semester 4

Salam, hello readers~!
Today, changed of routines here
I went jogging with Mirah and apparently with another member....
Guess who the other fellow??? It is TJ~!
Yes, mirah’s cat! Just got her back from ainun’s house yesterday~
It was a suprise TJ followed us almost around the campus ground....
Wow, this cat is one of its kind:D
After the jogging, i finish up watching Korean drama (yeah, nothing to do... cant start with the xsiments though~)
And continue sleeping hehe and wake up and bath and yeah, here i am...
Damn, its boring without mr. WiFi~~~ L(((
With my rum8 back home, i really dunno what to do...
Narh! If she’s here though, it will just the same though~~
Again, with the late allowance.... God, please it will be next week, i cant go ask to my parents...
Mine are unlike the others...  the other can say: nah, i still have my parents...
but still, can u just pray it will be soon.... other people are not fortunate like you~
people may see i drive a car, but people don’t know how much money does the car wants... it need more than just petrol...  but also maintenance =.=”
ok, going to be the ‘penyambut tetamu’ for tomorrow new students for Melati 3
sigh~ watching Marry Me, Mary, watching the accessories worn but the actor and actress really make me feel wanna wear those and get back to what i originally like >.=

30/08/2012 my Dear Alexandra

salam, hello readers~!

my AlexT0 is well known through my friends in IPG and also back home and also through out the IPG itself
pernah menjadi buah mulut manusia di HEP juga
serta lecterur pun dah knal sape tuan AlexT0 nih~

oklah, ramai x tau ni,
tapi Jumaat lepas, suddenly, AlexT0 sakit
sedih tau~
So, last Sunday, my parents send me back here in IPG along with Tiara
and now, i'm without car, and for now, i can live with it :) hehe
rasenye i won't be taking back AlexT0 until the end of sem
iyalah, xde nak guna pun
melainkan nak kluar berfoya2
tapi xde lah kan~
blh save duit gak hehe

so, wish AlexT0 good luck hehe


30/08/2012 the week after Raya

 salam and hello bloggers~!

the first week after Raya is a busy week for me.
because of the choir thinggy....
the Sem 4 TESLians are required to sing for the Independence day tomorrow
so, we have been busy with it for the whole week
though, we TESL B are more relax then the other TESLs cause we don't have any assignments due this week.thank GOD

we started our rehearsals on Monday, and start recording songs on Tuesday
we were in the recording studio with our instructor, En. Megat from 8.30pm to 1am
now, i really understand why recording a whole album will take months and years haha
at least now, i have the experience :)

the above picture was inspired by Karmen's dream of maybe have a photo while recording, i think~
so, we ALL wanted the same photo too
and mine end up a photo with En. Megat himself haha

yesterday, we went for the rehearsal in Kangar
so, we were there from 7.30 am to 12 noon
but we just sang the songs and see the place

and Kak La help a pak cik  ^ ^
 and we have night training
we going to sing NegaraKu, Satu Malaysia and Janji Ditepati
we added some moves for Janji Ditepati
and also, we end up wearing Blue altogether.
and yeah, we have lunch everyday this week
i am so happy!!! ureshi!!! hehehe


Thursday, August 16, 2012

16/08/12 End of Ramadhan (+Random Life)

salam and hello readers~!

well, well, it is the end of Ramadhan.
wow, this year Ramadhan is sure short for me
there is only two day left for Ramadhan

so i had my SBE this week, for only 3 days
at SK Simpang Empat, Sitiawan
just beside my house
despite of all that, i fell like doing it at Kuching or some sort
lots and lots of Etnik students there
so cool hahaha
at first, i thought i was all alone but it happens that a SBE mate from second semester was there too
and it was all cool
will write about that more later... :)

this year Ramadhan, i changed a bit, and im proud of myself, although not much huhu
Ramadhan stories will be updated later, ok? :P

what i'm gonna write today, is something that just came up my mind about my life, recently.
i've been torn here and there
and live up to my life here and there
and been thinking about this and that
and i came up with conclusion that i should not follow people
i should be what people want me to do or be
i'm tired of thinking and i'm tired of being fake
so here it goes:-


Hanie Hidayah
just another Average Jane
i like her writings, her style, and the snippets of her life that she shows in her social network
she's 25 this year, but she's still in love with her partner, and they took it slow and though i just had to say, Hanie is just pretty Cool to me!

Maria Elena
Maria Elena the coolest hijabster ever!
she's a proud Muslimah that i really adore and in the same time she's a very2 cool person
i just know her through the social network, so not much that i could say
but i see that she is not afraid to try something new or different although she is covered or such.
and yeah, she inspire not only my fashion but even my religious self. :) thanks maria.
to me Maria is an almost perfect person!

Diana Amir
Diana Amir inspire me of the after me, later in life.
so much so i hope it will be soon, but i'm not feeling like it haha (enough of mind twister here :P)
i like her, since she cut her to that boyish kind of look
and i had fell for her since
i even drag my mum to the cinema just to watch 3,2,1 Cinta haha (sorry, mummy hehe)
i think, she had an interesting life before, but now, after she changed to wear hijab, she changed wholly, not only she start to cover up but she start to go to religious talks, events and such.
i salute this girl for her transformation! :D


Awal Ashaari & Scha Al-Yahya
I cant just get enough of this duo,
like them before they were a couple and i was delighted that they were a couple!
and now they are married.
they really inspire me.

so, i'll stop here for now.