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Thursday, November 24, 2011

This time VOTE FOR ME!

salam, hellp readers~!
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Friday, November 18, 2011

19/11/11 will update more

salam, hello readers~!
i wonder how many of my readers who really wait for next post
unfortunately, it is not now,
i promise you, i will update during the holidays

currently, i'm waiting for Beliau, i'm going back to home town this afternoon,
but first up, i will attend my friend's sister wedding
it's just she insists so much, i can't help to turn her down
but still, i dunno if i have to go alone cause he will not be coming with me huhu
so, we'll see later then

and my two ulcers on my lower gum is killing me wuwu
so, until my next post


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ONLY 11 Wonderboy (by Super Junior)

You can choose your future
The concept of your life
I'm doing well, I'm a fine person.
Trust yourself. Look into the mirror
With the light glimmering around
You as you smile

There could be a sad memories that make you cry
Don't forget that you have a shoulder to lean on in this world
I have the whole world in my heart...
Lets keep running. For tomorrow, for our future
To become a shining light under the sun
I'm Wonder Boy! Yeah!

He always has a secret but it's
Easy to find the answers dance with me.
Just move your body to the music.
Don't be afraid, Girl
You don't have to fear
Anything except fear itself
There could be a sad memories that make you cry
I'm the one who'll start and end it.
Let there be light and become a shining star
The sun is welcoming me with rays of light...
I just need one umbrella and that'll be fine
Don't hide your tears from me. Yeah!
You can lean on my shoulder and cry out loud
Looking at the crimson red sun setting in the sky...

It's a spectacle that the heavens have given me
There's no end. A bright future lies ahead of you
The sun bathes me with it's warm light under the blue sky
I just need one umbrella and that'll be fine
To become a shining light under the sun

Lalala, lalalalala, lalalala,
Lalalala, lalalalala, lalalalala

The sun is welcoming me with rays of light...
I just need one umbrella
And that'll be fine
I'm Wonder Boy! Yeah!

I can't imagine if i lost you, living without you
I'll remember this moment, I'll promise it
A sunflower boy looking at you like the first time

When it's tomorrow, you will leave my side
When it's tomorrow, I will wish upon the shooting star alone
Just like the ending of a movie
Our ending fulfilled the prediction of tears
Broken promises all over the ground
The yesterday that cannot be pieced together again
Yet I'm still waiting for the miracle to appear
Tears are falling on the side of my cold pillow
Your shadow is drifting further and further away

Friday, November 4, 2011

05/11/11 raya di perantauan

salam, hello readers~!!

haha bajet sedih la ak nih
okla, ni first time in my life la kene raya (walaupun raya haji je pun) di perantauan
iaitu PERTHlis. esok ak akan buat ucapan raya perantauan di blog, fb dan twitter..
nnt kan nye ye hehe
raya kali ini akan beraya bersama IPG tersayang, rakan2 tersayang serta Alexandria
plan utk raya pertama xde ape sgt, just plan nak g umah Ainul then mlmnye amik rum8 kat airport
raya ke-2 ak nak ajak bebudak tesl yg x balik ni g serbu rumah pn Rozita plak hehe
cekal betul hati x balik raya kali ni
cam x best plak xde family
(tolong biarkan ak mengomel tentang beraya di 'perantauan' ni... batak skit ni~~)
so, pagi raya esok, nk memerapkan bilik sampailah wakty nak g beraya nnt

kepada yg beraya di perantauan ni
ak kongsi LAGU INI bersama korang hehe

Everytime, everday, everybody is a survivor
Looking for everywhere, in this case, don’t give up

Find the light and get up from here,
Let’s try to change this moment to a chance together,
Oh baby let’s try!

If you found the one smile in your heart, shine on me,
If you added the two smile, shine on me,
Smile, smile so this world can illuminate,
The survivor that lives on

If you are with me, it’s not so bad if I have to turn around,
Remember the precious thing you almost forgot

Even the things you can’t accomplish alone,
If we start to gather our hearts, we can,
Oh baby we can!

Somewhere, one dream, some day, still on,
Two dream, the brand new world that starts to move,
Dream, dream as if you love someone
Embracing each other

One love in your heart makes tomorrow so easy,
If you can link it with two love,
Love, love as if you believe in yourself,
The survivor that lives on

Everybody is a survivor,
Together we are survivors,
Everybody, everybody night

If you found the one smile in your heart, shine on me,
If you added the two smile, shine on me,
Smile, smile so this world can illuminate,
Let’s embrace each other and live on

One love in your heart makes tomorrow so easy,
If you can link it with two love,
Love, love as if you believe in yourself,
The survivor that lives on

credits: ginaaax3@soompi

survivor habis la kita semua ye
dengan x de duitnye
hanye harapkan org ajak dtg open house raya2 haji ni huhu

photo: Qmall & respective owner
p/s: jom study (study la mcm mane pun dalam definition anda, janji anda rasa ia adalah study~)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

04/11/11 Stress tgk buku ELT warne oren

salam, hello readers~!
let's take a break shall we
tudia2~!! tag2 mai dah!!!

1.You must post these rules.
2.Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.

3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.

And create eleven new questions for people you tagged to answer.
4.You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post.
5.Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6.No tag backs.
7.No stuff in the tagging section about
'You are tagged if you are reading this' you legitimately
(a.k.a really, trust, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people.

11 facts about me?
1) i am girl
2) i name my things: Alexandria, Andria, MoM0, BoB0, Siwon~
3) i have 1 lil brother
4) i'm not a bright student
5) currently like to eat
6) like the so-called-emo hair on guys hoho (or the Korean hair now known hoho)
7) i was skinny once
8) i never drive before i went learn driving but now i'm driving long distance
9) like to listen to music loudly
10) never know who is Beliau when i first came to IPG until h
e approach me hahahahaha
11) have a make-up back full of bangles

Bay Bort(Muni) tag me!!!!

1. Setakat mana anda kenal sy? [kalau blh describe sket ttg sy..kecuali perkara2 yg tlh
dimention di atas]
hurm, not much, tapi tau la muni ni. suke muni ni, comel, kurus n kecik je. die ni baik and best kawan ngan die!! *serius*

2.Adakah anda tahu arini brape haribuln November & Zulhijjah? [sila jgn tgk any sorts of calendar]
arini 4 november, mmg zulhijjah, mb 8 z.hijjah kot dah nak raya ni!

3. Pukul brape anda tido mlm smlm & perkara apakah yg anda tlh buat sepanjang mlm until anda tido?
adoi tertido awal kot, geram dgn rambut tebal tuh, dlm pkl 10.30pm, msg2~tertdo~~

4. Bagaimanakah anda tlh menghabiskan pagi jumaat anda (harini)? [sila describe]
nengok buku oren ni ngan nengok City Hunter

5. Adakah anda student IPG Perlis? [Jika anda student IPG Perlis..sila upload gamba berkenaan IPG kesayangan kita ini yg plg anda suka]
ak nak upload gmbr Beliau boleh?? hahahha
syg korang sume ( kawan2 ak di IPG )

6.[refer to question 5] Apakah perancangan anda sepanjang cuti sem selama sebln stgh nanti? (advance sket..hihi)
duduk rumah buat bunga telur~~~ =.="

7. Sila ceritakan sdkit ttg pengalaman yg plg anda igt semasa anda berumur dlm 3-6 tahun...[testing samada anda masih igt atau tdk..hihi]
tinggal kat JB. hidup mcm anak org kaya

8. Perkara yg tak berfaedah yg anda suka buat ketika tiada kerja yg berfaedah yg blh dibuat?
tengok dinding

9. Anda rasa anda bijak?[jika jawapan anda Ya, sila nyatakan kenapa..]
Tidak, kurang bijak je

10. Binatang yg plg anda suka & binatang yg plg anda takut?[sila namakan binatang2 tersebut]
Kucing & Burung Hantu suka sgt! takut ngan semut merah n kerengga huah huah

11. Adakah anda suka ditag oleh sy? Adakah anda rasa soalan tag sy sgt mengarut? [sila jwb dgn jujur..kalau x dosa..haha]
dlm keadaan ini , x suka! hahahahaha soalan sume ok. blh jadi wartawan pas ni~ ^^

p/s: x rasa ade org akan jawab tag ak, so ak x tag sape2 n xde soalan
pp/s: kepada Muni, gmbr mase Helwani tu mase cuti la jawabnye, skg busy huhu

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Playlist : Noh Hujan, DEV & Selena Gomez

salam, hello readers~!
today i would to share some of the song that got stuck in my head recently
Malay songs and also English songs

well, during this semester, i suddenly got caught up in HUJAN band songs
and of course i got hypnotize by the lead singer's hair haha
but well, his married too, to a lady that i also love, Mizz Nina

moving on to the most play song by me

1) Selamat Pagi Sayang - DJ Fuzz feat Noh Hujan
(click to see the video)
ok, although, to me, Noh doesn't have the most of his voice, but there's unique touch in his voice that made him a singer and make me wanna hear more and again of the song
this song really soothe my ear, cause it's slow and sweet

2) Kotarayaku -- Altimet feat Noh Hujan
(click for the video)
when i hear this song for the first time, it suddenly make me be patriotic to where i was born; Kuala Lumpur
suddenly the urge of going back there and just live in Kuala Lumpur make me safe, cause it is where i first see the world
and for the first time, i could see Noh face in the video hehe

3) Dance In The Dark - DEV
(click for the video)
the first time i listen to this song, it just get me wanna sing and move my body to it hehe
i'm really happy when i heard this song in the radio!

4) Love You Like A Song - Selena Gomez
(click for the video)
this semester roommates's song!!
me and my rum8 love this song!

all the songs stated had been on my repeat playlist for days now and i'm happy with it! :D

salam, hello pembaca ~!
hari ini i akan berkongsi beberapa lagu yang tersekat di kepala saya baru-baru ini
Lagu-lagu Melayu dan lagu-lagu juga Bahasa Inggeris

baik, pada semester ini, i tiba-tiba tersangkut dalam lagu-lagu band Hujan
dan sudah tentu saya mendapat hypnotize oleh haha rambut penyanyi utama
tetapi dengan baik, beliau berkahwin juga, seorang wanita yang i juga suka, Mizz Nina

beralih untuk memainkan lagu yang paling saya

1) Selamat Pagi Sayang - DJ Fuzz feat Noh Hujan
(klik untuk lihat video)
ok, walaupun, kepada saya, Noh tidak mempunyai kebanyakan suaranya, tetapi ada sentuhan unik dalam suaranya yang menjadikan beliau penyanyi dan membuat saya ingin mendengar lagi dan lagi lagu
lagu ini benar-benar menenangkan telinga saya, menyebabkan ia perlahan dan manis

2) Kotarayaku - Altimet feat Noh Hujan
(klik untuk video)
ketika saya mendengar lagu ini untuk kali pertama, ia tiba-tiba membuat saya menjadi patriotik di mana saya dilahirkan; Kuala Lumpur
tiba-tiba keinginan akan kembali ke sana dan hanya hidup di Kuala Lumpur membuat saya selamat, menyebabkan ia adalah di mana i mula-mula melihat dunia
dan untuk kali pertama, saya dapat melihat muka Noh dalam video hehe

3) Dance In The Dark - Dev
(klik untuk video)
kali pertama saya mendengar lagu ini, ia hanya mendapat saya mahu menyanyi dan menggerakkan badan saya kepadanya hehe
Saya berasa amat gembira ketika saya mendengar lagu ini di radio!

4) Cinta Seperti Song - Selena Gomez
(klik untuk video)
ini sebilik semester song!!
saya dan saya rum8 cinta lagu ini!

semua lagu-lagu yang dinyatakan telah berulang saya senarai main untuk hari kini dan saya gembira dengan! : D

well, enjoy~!!
p/s: help me do some voting:- adidas NEO & Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis