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Monday, August 31, 2009

1/09/2009 argh!!!!!!! I'm sooooo shocked with me mum!

heyya! Well this pic of me and my cousin, Pikah.
I love her! She's the coolest cousin ever.
She's now in UniKL.
Doing Engineering.
i was supposed to be there too.
But i took up teaching in the end.
So, about the title for today...
well, im not really gonna tell u wat it is...
But i'm sooo shocked with her.
As well as my dad n lil bro.
kindda odd rite.. haha
Well, my mum actually saw wat was coming but she don't want to jump into any conclusion.
The same goes for me. i see wat i c. But i refused to believe it.
as i afraid of the real results.
And yeah...
the morning was quite awkward.. hahah
But eventually it turns out ok.
and i'm thankful for it.
owh yeah.. i think im single again..
can't stand him...
i tried, but i can't. Because of this BIG reason that only my gudfrens knows wat it is.
Well,i would like to be single again. and i think i am.
I never had a relationship before.
That was my first of everything!
for real, man! after 18 years of living!
~yento is alive~ hahah
And it ended d.
But i duno why i didnt feel a thing! haha
move on my dear! hehe
he was a chinese btw.
i noticed myself for being very excited when i sat next to him today.
if you ask me, i dunno why.... haha
what is happening to me??
i dunno...
and i dun care...
and i hope sumthing will happen.
but still... my assgment is not ready yet!

31/08/2009 Yeah! aku balik ipg dah...

Yups! Arrived in ipgm perlis...

after 5 hours drive and im here...


but i will be back on friday no worries...


Suddenly i felt bored, sleepy and lazy.

Although i have tons of assigment to do!

But i still texting my good friend here in ipg though.


It was a sad site to see my parents drove away in d Unser...

huhu bubye mom n dad n also bro.


But i manage to bring some DVDs to watch when 'em here...

haha what the heck?? DVDs???

Like i have the time...


There's something happening down there..In my block....

I heard people runing up n down and i dun borther to find out what it is...

Let it be lah.... haha i didn't talk to anybody since the breaking fast. huh...

i think my roommate is back....

But not sure....


What in the world am i writing about???


no need to understand...

Yeah.. i think the group went to kl is back...

but still no sign of my roommate..

sumtimes.. living in a room all by urself is much better.

living here in ipg is really boring...

but you have to have some cool buddies.

like i have my own d... :)

i have this 2 good friends...

one girl d other is a guy.

Atilia n Elyas.

hehe i love them both. :)

i write about them more later...


yea! my roommate is back!

i'm not alone..

she said the celebration of indipendence day was awsome!

well, i wish i was there too.


currently texting my gudfren hehe although he's just in another block..

everyday talking about nothing.. hehe

like, what the heck? haha

hmmm still not doing my assigment.

and yeah... we had a new timetable..

and it was really pack during mondays...

until we don't know when is the prayer time we gonna slot in.

but we could go back early on fridays! haha

happy me and atilia of course... hehe
Bubye. :)