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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

9th-11th October 2013A visit from IPG Batu Lintang

Assalamualaium & hello readers~!

After days of choir, preparation on welcoming of JPP IPG Batu Lintang I didn't participate much though.
So on the day they arrive, we were supposed to wear our JPP koperat clothes.
Me, Tikah and Tiqah were the one in charge for foods.
So in the middle of class, ask my lecturer for excuse and fly to cafe cause they arrived there and straight for lunch.
I was disappointed cause people keep commenting on food stuff, but can't say much cause Tikah did almost all herself. Pity her, its her first time though.
Nevertheless, she did a great job and I managed to help here and there and we just satisfied with it.
The next day, they were supposed to go to Langkawi but then changed to go to Padang Besar.
Shopping sakan u!!
haha I didn't follow them though, cause I have class. Some class you can't just leave right?

That evening, we had barbeque and the IPDA JPP should come and help us, but then they just arrived when all the foods already served =.="
The whole evening were back and forth, in and out of IPG, drove all sorts of car and I even drove our YDP's car out and the whole IPG, even Kak Wan's car jadi mangsa.

On Friday, me and Tiqah were a little busy for Karnival Sukan foods arrangement and such and then I went to sent of the folks of Batu Lintang.
They were heading to Penang and I was like torn between two to rest and stay 'recess' at IPG or go for a free unplan trip to Penang.
But then, Jedi asked me if I wanna go out, then I just decided to just stay in IPG, cause if I go to Penang, surely I have to buy foods that are out of my expenses hahahaha

Meeting Batu Lintang made new friends and share some interest.
Meeting IPDA, meeting an old friends, although we just meet months back.

Not much photo, I don't know why.
ready for dinner, two types of fried rice, bbq chicken, grill corns, wrappers, etc


Batu Lintang & Perlis, that night we were united as IPG Batu Perlis Aman

errr this one the first day, went to accompany Dyba for a football match in Astaka

first meeting

on first night, just to let them see the specialty of our IPG, the Dikir Zikir

one of the guys of batu lintang read this, interesting right?
That's all I think..

Thursday, November 21, 2013

8th October 2013 Choir for Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Weeks before, we; the majoring and Minoring in Music Studies, was assign to do choir for the Perasmian of Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan, where the TPM and MB of Perlis along with other big shots-lah.
So we have been rehearsing couple of weeks and did some rehearsals on the 6th and 7th.
Woke up in the crack of dawn and boarded the bus and off we go to Dewan 2020.
On the D-Day, we were forced to walk all the way from the edge of the road to the hall in the drizzling rain.
Gah! We were wearing yellow scarf and white shirt! huhu
We were supposed to wear white shirt and black pants.
Got mine from Rolex, but way to big. Jedi gave me one, and then I just thought that I should get a back up, then ask for Andy's. And it turns out that Jedi was just giving his for me to pass it to another girl. ceh. -.-

The event was recorded by RTM though, and Black, the singer came.
Get to see him up close though. :D
Let's see some photos:-

ready for choir

Azie and I

the hall: Before


the 3 people at the side of first row

Tarian Kebudayaan


our instructor: Encik Megat

me & Bob, fellow JPP too
No photos of the whole lot of us, I dunno who have it.
So yea.
We were the pembukaan and penutup for the event.
Sang for songs: Negaraku, Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa, Bahasa Sendi Tamadun Bangasa, 1 Malaysia.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

04-06th October 2013 GERKO IPGK Perlis

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

IPGK Perlis held GERKO day (an equivalent to KOKO), at last minute Abe told me that JPP going to take a spot on the selling part of the three day event.
I for myself, going to participate in my class duty as one of the Safety Aids squad and also I'm gonna be the one who will be at the JPP's stall.
The were a lot of things going on; movie showing, paintball, some other exhibition and also everyone selling things and such at stalls.
On Friday, we started in the afternoon until night.
We sold nasi lemaks, chocolate cakes, breads, buns, drinks and even headscarf. And not to forget Syiqin's famous roll.
The JPP managed to spend time together and it was memorable though. :P
Nothing much I can say, it was over a month ago, can't remember. hehe
I was juggling between choir practice and these, so yea, pretty busy though.
Let's look at some pictures:-

Ajoi's iPhone

our stall

got this henna art from Pari :)

TESL B's counter

because we were bored :P
Didn't get to participate on the last day cause the TESLian had choir practice@rehearsal.
photos: Ninetology Black Pearl II

Monday, November 18, 2013

02 & 04 October 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

TESLian Gathering.
Just got to know this one days before, had no idea what so ever before.
Each class, preapred one main course, drink and dessert.
Junior did all the work, the senior relax much haha
The Super Junior put into more work though..
There was also performances and even the Director came.
And I don't know what came to mind that I decided to talked to the Director, duh.

Ceramah Syiah
Tutorial was canceled.
And En Zul invited us to attend a talk.
And it was worth it.
WE even get free foods! :P


Saturday, November 16, 2013

1st October 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Starting of class as usual, I didn't remember much what happened at this date in the day, but end up with some photos.
We're talking about my blog, my stories, my photos. :P
Dee's Specs

Sorry, dude :(
If I'm not mistaken, Azie didn't came for class so I was minding my own bussiness and then there was no class, thus just hang out at the gazebo near koop and ate my nasi lemak with Ema, Ida and Yin.
Then Jedi came and suddenly sit with us, as everyone had things to do, I just sat there with Jedi and he's classmates and some other come and go at the gazebo haha

If I'm not mistaken, Dyba wanted to go out and then I asked Jedi if he wanna come and Andy join in too and we end up ate dinner in Tea Garden.
Just wanna try out foods there, me and Andy didn't eat, i think. And I can't remember why =.=

looked like dancing right. wait, how come he's there? he was siting opposite me... o.0
Called my brother cause he's going to have he's PMR and say good luck and stuff, in fact all of us wished him :D
Remarkably, Andy gave he's iPad for me to online, well, my phone usually can't detect wifi =.= what a bummer~~  and also thanks adik~~
As usual, Dyba was so into the net that she forgot to eat hehe

Came back, I had a JPP meeting, so straight go there lah
And someone wanna see Wafi lah apelah, whatever


29th September 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Got to get the car from last night running and wanted to go out to buy something too.

And, the JPPs from IPG Melaka came for a visit, so decided to send them off.
Have been busy with Leo thinggy that I didnt get the chance to entertain them but just for now.
So came down and meet them up, chat, they had breakfast and send them off.
Then, bought nasi lemak from Abe but then, we got to finish up the breakfast for the JPPs earlier.
So ate breakfast and then asked Shahrul if he could help me out to jump the car and he said yes.
So jumped the car thanks to Shahrul and I kept it running, told the guard to keep an eye and went up to wake Dyba up, cause I asked her to accompany me out.
I'm a 'new' manual driver, so need someone to accompany although she can't even drive.
But then, Zach wanna to come to cause he want to cut hiss hair.

It was good 30 minutes, waiting for them and worth it cause I let the car running haha
So we headed out, didn't top up the fuel cause already did last night.
So we went to the mamak near bus station for breakfast, Zach treat us.

After breakfast, next: hair cut!

mirror photo
After hair cut, some shopping in The Store @ Kayangan Square.


28th September 2013 Extended: Night

Asslamualaikum & hello readers~!

Prior to the Youth Day by Leo Club IPG Kampus Perlis, we did rent a car for one to cater to anything @ transportation needed for the day.
At the end of the day, I drove back the car and send Jedi back to hostel then me and Dyba head back to our hostel.
And we just remembered that, Valen drove the car out earlier and Azie went out with Dyba to buy some stuff, of course WE RAN OUT OF FUEL..
And then, Amy called up she wanted to use the car with Lydia.
Again, the car can't be moved and I were actually scared if the car got clamp by the guard.
Left a note and me and Dyba walked back to hostel thought of going to Azie's room to charge my battery, cause it died. Wanted to call Andy to buy some fuel.
Asked the lady guard for any motorcycle that we can use and remarkably, she had.
And it was Cik Ahnizah's. I cant thank Gog no further, how relief I am.

On the way, to Azie's room, meet up with Amy and Lydia, and told them what had happened.
And I just borrowed Lydia's phone to call Andy.
Thank God he could ride a motorcycle and he agreed to help, Told him to go with Jedi though buy some fuel.
The guard even ask to fill for the motor.

Waiting is a hell, then they came back, we fill the car.
Try ti start it, but it just won't.
WE pushed quite a far but nothing happen and we decided to just push it into a parking space.
Again, alhamdulillah, there's a parking space. That is near!
And I let the car there till next morning to deal with it.

But hell it was, but as usual, I enjoy everything although I was tired and it was suffering..
Thanks to Amy, Lydia, Andy and Jedi for helping though to push the car. :)

photo: HTC One, otw to Penang

Thursday, November 14, 2013

28th September 2013 Leo Club One Day Youth Retreat

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!
This event was namely Family day, but then, Abah said it's not suitable cause we have no families, and no families are present, just might as well renamed it to retreat, hence the name (LCODYR).
This is something that I had in mind for such the longest time.
I was just missing the moment that me and the Leo Club fun time, thus I came up with this idea and thanks to Jedi and others I managed this event and I pretty freaking love it!

Start the day of early for breakfast with the community with Atie's car, cause it's big! :P
Went to a mamak store and ordered some roti canai and stuff. And do some bonding.

Shar, Yakaes, Andy

Me, Jedi, Dyba, Azie

After breakfast, we headed back to IPG to start our programme.
Upon arriving, there was no one there, I was freak out a bit, thought that no one will come.
After a while, they showed up:-
The, registration happened.
And the start up session begins. First up, aerobics and dance!


Aerobics and dance instructor
 The participants were required to learn a dance that they will perform at the end of the day later.
The girls choose the HoDown throw down by Miley Cyrus
dividing groups

getting to know the facilitators
After all that, we had breakfast and then we started of with Ice Breaker.
All Ice Breaker thanks to Shar and Yakes.
There were number of games, they have to find their group members while blind folded and then they have to choose the right fasi for the sign they need to obtain. To obtain, they had to anything that the fasi ask to.

Then, we ask them to go back and change clothes and such and had a break for lunch.
As for the fasi, some of us didn't even went back to room.
Cause we were getting ready for next slot, Running Man.
a skill full fasi.
The Running Man started off with a game of the all the participants have to participate.
They need to eat fruits, who ate the last fruit, will consider out of the game.
There was conflicts, backstabbing and it was a drama!

Next up the group was divided into two, group blue and red in one group while white and yellow group in the other, they were separated to two different games.
There was Coffee Drinking game, Headphones game, Tongue twister.
 This was hilarious!!
One will ask questions from a cue while the other will pick an answer from the answering sheet shown.
But mind you, a song was playing blasted full volume on headphones.
The answers didn't match at all!!
 The Coffee game was just bitter!
There were a lot of utensils that they will randomly pick for the amount of coffee and sugar and they have to drink it all off.
Then the third game, tongue twister, but no photos of it. Me and Amrit helped Jedi in conducting the game.
Unfortunately no photos during the actual running man. But it was hectic and awesome-lah. We had power up all over the venue, the white group just dissappear into thin air. and everyone just freaking gila d to stay alive. Drama of course, also the cute girl Ah Min incident, it really make my heart sank. But luckily everything went on find.
Then, we gave the participant time to just rest but they have to help in the preparation of the BBQ.
But the community members did all the BBQ thing. Thanks to Amy for starting the fire, thanks to Andy and Dyba also Amy for the BBQ and Azie, Lydia also Jedi in helping. And thanks to Amrit and Bona too for cutting up the watermelon. Before the bbq, me and Jedi went around IPG to hide clues for the next last unknown game.

After BBQ all the members start to come back to PULAKO with high expectation to perform the dance.
Seeing their enthusiasm I decided to ask them to perform the dance while waiting for the perfect time to go on with the last game that they don't know: Kidnapped.
Before all that, we ate together as a family. it was awesome and feel loved to be eating with them together in a big circle.

can you spot me?
After eating, we proceed with closing ceremony, we did some stupid dance and such.

Then the groups perform their dance.
Then, I kill the lights and start to usher the Leader of the groups and put them in the car.
The other Fasis, went to their respective places with their kidnapped leader. Other fasis, follow each group.
After all that, we sit and did our reflection and also prize giving ceremony.
The day end with happy memories. :D

Note from Leo IPG Perlis FB:-
On 28th of September, 2013, Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis has successfully organized a “One Day Youth Retreat” project. The project was done at IPG Kampus Perlis. A total of 26 Leos involved and has successfully carrying out the project. This project is aimed towards strengthen the bonds among the members beside give all the members chance to have fun activities.

During this one whole day project (start at 9am until 12am), a lot of activities have been done such as:
- Aerobic Session
- Icebreaking Session
- Mini Games
- Coffee, Earphones & Tongue Twister Games
- Running Man
- Barbeque
- Cultural Night
- Extreme Treasure Hunt
- Closing & Prize-giving ceremony

As overall, we would like to congratulate the organizing committee lead by Leo Liyana and Leo Jedidiah and to all members who had participated. It is a good experience for Leos as they getting to know each other better. Thank you Leos for making this project a success.

Roar Roar Roar.

p/s: really appreciated you guys for helping to make this come true :D