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Thursday, May 31, 2012

27/05/12 39th MD 308 Leo Forum: i was interviewed

salam, hello readers~!
as everyone are excited to have lunch after the school of leo thinggy
i encounter again with the indonesian leos
so they were selling their badge
and thanks to Sam i got it without paying haha
Samuel, i will belanja u a meal next sem ok?! :DD

so, i was talking to Silvi and then Renata come over and we took pictures
and Renata starts to ask questions~!
oh man!
wow, she asks a lot of things regarding the leo forum as well as what we were our activities...
well, Renata i hope i did well, and i help you
sorry cause my words are all over the place! :PP


27/05/12 39th MD 308 Leo Forum: Banquet Night; Starry Starry Night (Update)

salam, hello readers~!
it is the second day of Leo Forum, after getting crazy because of the sub-district forum
we went to our rooms and start to get ready for Banquet Night
this time the venue is going to be at Kompleks Sukan Langkawi
when i arrived, i didn't know that we had been given seats for the Banquet...
but luckily i remembered the number at my Leo Forum Tag, it was number 4
and Vhinas', Jia Weis' and others are number 11
i was quite worried cause i'm the only number 4 among them
and it turns out that number 4 table is up front but number 11 table is at the back
so, i walked up along the hall to my table, just to find Rion was there with the other committee who do work that night, yen n mun, and also cha2
after that, it was only we and Rion (Zi Miao) and then i start to call Richard, eventually, Richard arrived when i call him and sat next to me to see the stage
after a long while came Valen, Malcolm, Sam, Alex, and Tze Cheng
ok, what you can see here is the banquet hall, didn't know it looked like this, because i had been seating and chatting with zi miao for quite some time

that's me with the yellow shawl and pink dress(not a dress la, my jubah seluar actually)
yes i am, and i was kindda dumbstruck
thank God it was just fellows from my own Leo CLub
being the only girl is kindda cool,
you know y? cause Richard actually help me in serving me the dishes and Sam help me on asking for spoon and fork and also the other guys helped and layan me hahaha
but then again, they were talking Iban all the way without me and Zi Miao understand a thing =.="

Kai Yee was the only guy at his table hehe
i told Richard that i was hungry and sleepy, he told me to eat the chillies and sleep at the table =.="

quite near to the stage... of course la because the are award recipients from our table too

Richard playing with his interesting phone

Zi Miao nervous and star drinking water first

so, here the only photo of me that night and didn't know that two person will be in the photo too :P

the guys who is with me at the table, excluding yen

so, this is the first dish.....
 about the dinner, it was all Chinese cuisine, i was like: wtheck i'm gonna eat, but then i missed out the best two dishes, because it was given at the end when everyone start dancing around our table and we cant eat
the food was ok though., i din manage to eat until i'm full
and it was funny when Kai Yee asked me how i eat after we were in Kangar... i eat fine my dear.... haha
and of course it was Zi Miaos' performance when we got our first  dish and he was awesome cause he change from his usual self when he is stage!

another beat boxer for that night, is it his name Esmond Chong... he was cool, he could actually do Megatron's voice.... he was good though but i like the day before beat boxer more and these guys at my table keep talking in Iban about this guy... haha i didn't know what they say though..... this beat boxer could also do the musics for kpop sounds, but he should know better, we don't know the lyrics for all the songs, man! :PP

and I SEATED NEXT TO THE TOP SECRETARY!!!! hahah congratulations to Richard Leopold!! *abg richard :D
 after the awards, screaming like a banshee and performance, the abang DJ start again the night with the songs that make our head just to start moving by themselves haha
and Alex, you was freaking cool when you start to dance that day...
and Valentine! didn't know you could dance like that!
and yeah, actually now GK come and dance with us.... and we dance; GK, me, vhina, jia wei, mun, yen, Ca2 and also the other aimst girl (sorry didnt get ur name the other day :(()
i'm actually in this picture
and when i actually wanted to stop, the Dj put on Skrillex! i go crazy!!
and cha2 was like: u said u was tired!
i was like: it's Skrillex!! wo0o0ho0o0o0
and then all cut short cause need to go back by bus, went back and saw Jelvis, congrats him again and he kindda follow us back with the same bus hoho

went back, change to PJs and literally sleep

photos: me, Sofea, 39th leo forum facebook page
 here is a video of the beat boxer. but still, you can here our voices =.="

27/05/12 39th MD 308 Leo Forum: School for Leo Secretary & Sub-District Forum

salam, hello readers~!
today, start off early in the morning,
i took my bath and wear my clothes and just continue to stay in bed
then when everybody starts to bath and getting ready, i start to get dress properly and read trough my emcee text
went downstairs for breakfast with Vhina, she too had work regarding the forum for that morning
there where school for leo president, leo secretary, leo treasurer, and even outgoing alpha
i was the emcee for leo secretary...
  it was cool, both speaker are really nice and actually, i know more about leo and also brush up some of my knowledge though
both Lion Sashe and Leo Si Sheng really make me feel close to them

as usual, if it is a talk or a forum, i will tend to get sleepy and hey, i was up late the week before because of the exam! 
what do you expect! sometimes get a few shut eyes...
'play' with Richard a little when he came to see the progress of the forum, cause he organize it
and yeah, Vhina was the coordinator for the forum,and i was the emcee, together forever. :P

after the session ended, there where two indonesian leos who stayed back and wanted to talk and take photos with the speakers
i was cleaning up the speaker table when this one girl with awesome hair stood in front me with a bright smile and start to introduce herself
she said, she was Silvi and the other girl was Renata
me and Vhina chatted a little and head back to the lobby eventually, with her and then meet her again around the lobby
didn't know that we will actually be friends
congrats Samuel!
that evening was Sub-District Leo forum
for Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis it will district 308B2
so, it was an award ceremony
didn't get any this year huhu cause yea, didn't do much
 the leo club of ipg kampus perlis were sitting at the very back of the hall
at first we were ok, and i was sitting next to Sam and Vhina
and the eventually, i start to fool around with Sam and Valen and it start to get irritating to ipg kampus perlis's girls
Sam was really energetic and i dunno why
then when our turn to get some awards we start to ROAR and then our place scramble and the boys seated behind us, and they start to get worst and i start to play with Malcom'c Ipad and also play again with Richard and Valen n Sam
haha Richard was so red man! *random, only him understand*

so much to tell, but so lazy to write.
btw, congratulations to all who received award that day.

photo: Sofea and Facebook

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

26/05/12 39th MD Leo Forum: Fellowship Night

salam, hello readers~!
the 39th Multiple District Leo Forum facebook page just uploaded the photos during the fellowship night
so, now i could really talk about fellowship night
it started at 6.30 pm or so but i got there almost 7pm
i was at the back, because the hall was full house :(
 of course the Leo Forum was all put together by my abang Kai Fong
but he is known here as Leo Potter
he did the best he could and it was awesome
he really had lots of things to do despite of him having his praktikum 3 months before this, didn't really know where he find the time
he is the best immediate past president that i ever encounter of
and thanks to him and also GK, i had the experience of being a Leo that i like the mosts!
thanks a lot!
 the night start of with speeches i think, cause i arrive late
then all the hundred over Leo Clubs from over Malaysia and also from Singapore and Indonesia was call forth to be recognized.
for our Leo club, i was to be with Sam earlier, but then didn't happened, cause they just need one person per banner :)
 there was also play as the performance and other performance
and didn't know, Eric was in the play until the last part
the play was about a person who time travel, where it suits the theme for that night that is retro and futurism

 after that, we were having dinner
dinner was served outside the hotel under a canopy o.0
but because of me and vhina along with jia wei was kindda shocked to see the long line of people, we decided to wait for a moment and had some photos taken
me and Alex, epic fail la wanna do like model :(

the girls: geok cher, yen, mun, vhina, me GK,jia wei, karmen

inside the lobby waiting for ques

with Kai Yee who is always busy! kai yee, u did good job btw! glad that ur kindda relax after the leo forum
 after the dinner, we head inside and got ourself a seat near in front
so there was other singing and dancing performance and also the best dress competition
old chinese dress and futuristic t-shirt that there are lights on his shirt

group best dress nominees, Kok Sheng was one of them dancing to Sexy and I Know It stripping of, but Kok Sheng cant strip cause he had little clothes already hehe

the box man, dunno what the real name for this, but kindda had the vibe of having LMFAO at the Fellowship Night

the best Beat Boxer, cant remember his name, was it Wallace or something. i like it so very much, was screaming like hell during his performance :DD
 later, after all the fellowship night ended, it is the time for the footloose where it was awesome!!!!
abang DJ was freaking awesome!

well, i think thats all, gonna wait for the 39th 308 Leo Forum to upload more photos than i continue on updating.


26-27/05/12 39th MD Leo Forum: that night

 salam, hello readers~!
De'Baron is just near to the jetty, its just like 5 minutes or so the distance
as i'm going to be the emcee for one of the forum tomorrow, that night i wanted to make the text myself
i was still clueless, cause i didnt have the forum book yet
but then i got it, thanks to GK, Kai fong and also rion

and then i start to sit in the sectratriat room and start writing
and kai fong start sleeping haha
 when i was about to start on writing, the leo who is the speaker of my forum session came into the room, leo wah si sheng
he is a nice guy, and i have seen him before its just never talk to him
he help me on what to write about and i thank him lots,...
then he continued his guarding work hahaha

then, the ever famous Eric walk in, i was like, owh this is the person everybody been talking about
and then GK introduce me to him, and we was laughing all the way after 10 minutes of talking
he tell me about the epic laughing moment of his life
and  i would like to state here, Alex, we didnt laugh at you when you walk in the room, ok, but i did laugh at you when you saw how kai fong sleep hehe
after the story session, i came about writing my text and then si sheng walk in again and look at my text and he gave me the thing that i need!
a bio of the other speaker, lion sashe...
omg! thank God! thank si sheng! my work is getting better

the above photos, are just photos of views from my hotel room on the 2nd day


26/05/12 39th MD 308 Leo Forum:it was hectic

salam, hello readers~!
today, i'm going to Langkawi, for Leo Forum,
this is my first time, and from the stories that i heard from others, i kindda can't wait for it
the others from Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis had gone earlier the day before(yesterday)
and left me, Alex and Myra to go today, because we are supposed to ushers the other participants of the leo Forum, all leos and lions from Kuala Perlis jetty to Langkawi's jetty point
as early as 6.15am, we are the jetty, gave tickets to the first trip at 7 am
i went there with alex and also my rum8, we went there with alexT0 and then my rum8 when back with alexT0(my car) and left me and alex to do the ticketing to all the participants
it was a very long 6 hours
most of time, i was standing near the ticket booth to claim the tickets
different from Alex who was running around to give tickets and ushers everyone inside the ferry
the guy wearing blue is Alex, and here is when 200 people had boarded the ferry and another 171+5children is still waiting

the other 171 LEOs and the guy in the middle is Jelvis

in the ferry, didn't know that Alex was taking photos too 0.o
 after 6 hours of waiting, and ticket claiming, finally, me and alex and the others boarded the ferry
thank God, cause i'm sick of waiting!
oh yeah, thanks to Alex who bought me a zinger burger for me, i was damn hungry that time!:DD
when we arrived at the hotel, De'Baron Langkawi, there was still a lot of participants who just registered.
and we didn't have our room yet.
man, that was damn frustrating! :(
then again, participants are our priority
it was hectic, i was about to give up
and then i think positively, i went to vhina and texted GK just to ease myself and also i went to jelvis, who i just meet before we boarded the ferry earlier

arrived at jetty point, stressed out with the LEOs who didn't followed what i said, went to see kai yee, myra and another leo, sofeo from sungai petani,
sorting everyone on their respective busses and job is done
went to pay fine at the police station, but it was close :(

i'm going to be the emcee for tomorrow session and GK ask me to meet her
and then she told me to get freshen up before that
hurm, so i did, got a room, the organizing committee room
but it was sad cause the hotel keep having blackouts! :(
maybe it happenes because it was a full house
after that i went to go see GK, and i was quite down cause i had to interview the Lion speaker for the forum the next day, i'm kindda segan and sky and i dunno why a negative energy about interviewing them, sbb takut silap  huhu

lastly, dapat gak bilik and we start to get ready for the Fellowship Night
me, jia wei, and vhina went to the Fellowship Night
as i told earlier, i was kindda down, vhina n GK realize my mood though
i was with vhina, for strength, thanks girl
and thank God, GK call up the emcees and said, no need to see the speaker, because it was all in the forum book
syukur sangat kepada Allah SWT
then my party mood is ON baby!

fellowship night, where everyone is in costumes, cave man, greek god, retro, future its the theme
retro and futurism
i was thinking of greek god, but then i was wearing a black jubah but modified a bit hehe but i funno if people get it hahaha
the objective of this night, is where people get together and know each other
i tell you, fellowship nite was freaking awesome man!
start all with, performance, act out, best dress, and the beatboxer was freaking terrific!
and the of course the footloose
and now actually, i had seen with my own eyes, Alex's dancing
i had been telling him that i want to see him dancing and at last i did
abang dj was awesome and he was dancing a long too! :DD

the night didn't end there...

25/05/12 =.="

salam, hello readers~!
hey everybody today my schedule is so0o00 full!
but it was not actually was
but then again at the end of the day, i slept at 11 or so :(
i want to sleep earlier! :(

it start!
it was in the morning i have to wake up and send some of the LEOs to the jetty
i was ask to send vhina, jia wei, yen and mun
so i did and went there with GK and it seems that Alex was just behind me

after sending them, me and my rum8 went to her teachers' house to help around the house for her wedding

the teachers' hantaran
i tell u, i regret of going, i shouldn't have gone there
cause i didnt help in anything
and then again i cant go anywhere cause the teacher fetch us, so, no car
i was thinking of asking somebody to pick me up or so
cause actually my work for Leo Forum is getting started.
but then again the family was NICE!! and they are really friendly, and thank you cause give us lunch!
hehe after lunch it was nearly 4, and we went back to hostel

we stay for a while and we went to Myra's house to put my things at her house
thanks a lot to Myra and her family of course cause give me a chance to put my things there!
thank you!
but then, i realize something, I FORGOT MY PRINTER

actually, before going out at 5, Alex ask to send him to the jetty to settled the ticket for tomorrow Leo Forum
and then i send him and shoot to myra's house

and later at 6.30 pm rush back to hostel to fetch Yna! and also my printer~ =.='
she going back at 8 pm and she wants to eat chicken chop first at Mai cafe
so we did, as usual if i go to Mai cafe, my eyes will be everywhere
this cafe like a Wang Tze cafe or cofee prince all are waiters and have cool hairs! haha
near 8 i send her to the bus station
it was raining heavily and sorry to say, i got yna's bag soaking wet and we were soaking wet too
but not that bad

that time, alex txted me that he is ready to go back, so i have to fetch him again
but then i need to go to Myra's house
so then i fetch him, and we went to Myra's house and we ate currypuff and tea ( i think :P)
so we ate and talk to myra's father , a nice guy, a lecturer
and the above photo is a a photo of Alex's Playbook and my book that myra borrowed
at 9.45pm we're off to draw money or top up petrol, i cant remember, after, than only we were back



20/05/12 we cook again!

salam, hello readers~!
today, we decided to cook something again
this time we use a recipe that was given by my mum
it is porridge, it's just a normal porridge
it was supposed to be a black-pepper and chicken porridge but we didn't have that, so it turn out to be a normal porridge.



12/05/12 a picnic with the juniors

salam, hello readers~!
so, today, my rum8 decided to cook something for her juniors
have a picnic before the exams
so she cooked spaghetti with fried squid balls it was delicious
the picnic was only at the Hanafi lake behind our beloved IPG at the PULAKO

after the picnic, we all went and visit Anith

Tasik Hanafi