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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

look who found me in facebook

this came out as a laughing stock to
you may see her a pretty girl

well, u never know her before!
i miss her alright
but she found me on fb

well, she was my neighbour
who i share fun stuff w
well, she is 5 years younger then me
but she still wants to be my friend

we were good friends until i moved to the other house
we some how didn't contact each other
i got her phone nmbr but it was lost in the 'died' phone

wow! she really grew out to be so cute
and she have a boyfriend
how sweet~! :)

if i wanna tell u stories about her, u will laugh it out loud
cause is so not her now

the last time i saw her was near her house
she is beautiful
she had perfect straight hair
no need for rebonding

owh yeah, name
she's Ellie
well, when i browse through her fb i noticed his father name sounds familiar
i called her Laili
n i want to continue that!

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