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Sunday, October 31, 2010

01/11/10 Happy Birthday~!!

dengan ini beta hendak mengucapkan
kepada sepupu beta yang disayangi ni
welcome to 19 y/o, bebeh~!!!
woot woot~!!
i love so much la kazen!


01/11/10 It's happening today, baby~!

yes the dear exam is starting today at 8.30 am
gosh , i have goosebumps all over
i know, everyone had stop blogging
but i can't
i need to write and talk to somebody or something


Wishing Everybody The Best~!
Good Luck!
we can do it
(if u didn't study pun)
yeah, we can manage it!
pass it!
i love you guys!
and maafkan if ade salam ye


photo: Google
K.A.M.I The Movie

31/10/10 Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
trick or treat~??!!!
or course both~!

Happy Halloween~!
trick or treat~?!
smell my feet~!
give good something to eat~!!
this year i wanna dress up as an vampire
such as having diamond skin like Edward Cullen
but hurm, i can't cause i'm having exam tomorrow~!

btw, does it occur to u it will be
Happy 'Hello Yen'??
cool right?!

photo: Charlie Bit My Finger, Blogspot

31/10/10 Welcome to Perthlis

welcome to Perthlis everybody
ok not~!
it's just the same old Perlis
fyi, it has been raining non-stop since yesterday night
no kidding man
it seems like we here,
leaving in a place where there are 4 seasons
cuz can experience summer and also winter
damn, it's FREEZING here, man!
brrrrr brrrr
and fyi, again, i didn't bath for the whole day
damn cold man
nanti demam susah plak
unlike hunny, he took his bath
wow, x padan dgn kulit x cukup lemak , blh plak die tahan sejuk
it's raining and then it's drizzling
huh, like snowing hehe
cool right
you can't see the far away mountains nor the wide paddy field
all is cover in mists and rain
wow, the weather is so superb~!


photo: kayumanis photography (model:mauldia)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jom Pergi Date :)

awak jom g date
bukan skarang la
skarang mood exam
lepas exam?
dah lame x date
sy x paham date tu ape sebenarnye
jom la
sy bawa awak ye
kite g window shopping nak?
pastu g lunch pastu dinner
pastu kite tgk movie
kalau x de ape nak buat dah,
jom pegi lepak
kite due je la
awak sudi x?
harap awak sudi
kalau awak sudi
lepas exam kite plan ye?
satu hari pun jadi la

kalau awak x nak,
izin kan saye ade lunch hanya berdue dgn awak
utk kali terakhir pun xpe
lepas ni sy x kacau awak dah
p/s: jgn risau, saya bayar sume
sy cume nak spend time ngan awak je ^^


31/10/10 Coldness

Perlis is getting colder
thank God
after the tornado incident
the weather is getting great
although it is cold
just have to praise Allah S.W.T.
for the change of the weather
seriously, it is really hot during normal times
everyday will be a rainy day
until the water level rises

i constantly keep myself wrap up
starts to feel like Paris

study coming on slow
yeah tomorrow is everything
tomorrow is the FIRST paper, LANGUAGE DESCRIPTION
tomorrow we get our ALLOWANCES
tomorrow is the STARTING OF A NEW MONTH
and the DAY after TOMORROW i'm heading home with my brother and Baby Abon(hehe cute eh the name just like her)
everything the FUN things gonna start next month
but next month is starting with EXAM

wish me luck, guys.

and btw, thanks who those read my blog
now it had achieved the 10071++ readers
but i'm just wondering who read my blogs anyway apart the one who FOLLOW and MY FRIENDS
but whatever, thanks alot~!
love ya, guys~!



Faber Drive - When I'm with You

Saw you walk into the room
Thought I'd try to talk to you
Babe am I ever glad you wanted me to
It's been two years to the day
Half the time I've been away
I know I'm not there enough but that's gonna change
'cause I'm coming back
To show you that I'm keeping the promise I made

When I'm with you I'll make every second count
'cause I miss you
Whenever you're not around
When I kiss you
I'll still get butterflies years from now
I'll make every second count when I'm with you

Yeah we've had our ups and down
But we've always worked them out
Babe am I ever glad we've got this far now
Still I'm lying here tonight
Wishing I was by your side
'cause when I'm not there enough
Nothing feels right
So I'm coming back to show you that
I'll love you the rest of my life

When I'm with you
I'll make every second count
'cause I miss you
When ever you're not around
When I kiss you I'll still get butterflies years from now
I'll make every second count
When I'm with you
Whatever it takes I'm not gonna break the promise I made
When I'm with you
I'll make every second count
'cause I miss you

When I'm with you
I'll make every second count
'cause I miss you
Whenever you're not around
When I kiss you
I'll still get butterflies years from now
I'll make every second count
(Make every second count)
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
When I'm with you

What Should We Do To Prevent This

pertaining to one of my entry
i talked about lasting forever in a relationship
man, i'm scared too actually
well, as i said earlier
everyone with the one year old relations starts to fall apart
man, i am scared to death
well, i love him so much

what should be done?
what should be done to make the fire last?
some relations was really damn long and i myself(now) wondering how they do it
but sometimes only the relation last long but not the marriage

yes, i know a lot are reading my blog now
so, when one entry was to emo
everyone will talk to me, asking me how am i doin

i would like to clarify here, that actually i am not fully ok
like there is an on and off switch that can be turn on and off about my ok mood
oh gosh, nothing can seem right between you and me now

btw dear friends, i'm ok actually (i think)
don't worry much yea
everyone is not in the mood during exams

it wasn't u, baby it was me,
maybe our relationship is ain't crazy at it seems
maybe thats what happen when a TORNADO meet a VOLCANO
all i know that I LOVE YOU TO MUCH

i am wondering and i am searching
for the right answer for the solution
are we supposed to have our own great escape

yes, we're in a sticky situation
i hope we can get through
yes, i'm letting the world know
but that's not my intention
yes, i'm stupid
sorry for that

don't end this
please don't
after all we had done together
i can't let you go
don't it ever occur to how i MISS you actually
you changed
you never did like you used to do
it was one time, you start to forget
and i play by your forgetfulness
just to think that you will remember
but you didn't
and after that everything change


i can't tell

i like you hee chul
i think i start to adore u, again
but it won't make any difference right?
i'm here
you are there
love ya, hee chul!


post 401- JOM KEKALKAN :)

we can do it
me and u


30/10/10 WJA

entry ini khas untuk WJA dan tuannya
TERIMA KASIH diucapkan utk kalian
really appreciate it :)
first time naik WJA hehe
and tau x , ade org-orangan tgk pelik lak
mampus la korang~

dari maktab, terus g kola perliss
x dpt lepak lame
hujan plak

masuk kete
pusing kola perlis, arau,
kat arau brenti pasar mlm jap
saje je
terase mcm melancong kan korang?
vietnam pa??
blh plak jumpe kai fong mase nieh hoho

pastu kamal nak pusing taman perumahan lak
pusing2, then pulang
shandra n kiki ade plak kat depan gate

pastu skarang kat bilik da,
alhamdullilah, dpt gak mkn td


25/10/10 Ice Day

entry yg dah tertunggak selama lima hari
so, pada hari ni
lepas rum8 g klas, aku g mandi
lepas mandi, tgk2 xde elektrik
so, aku pun layan perasaan merasa angin yg bertiup kencang sambil mendengar radio
sambil menunggu bihun dr pakyeah
owh, kelas die ade buat jamuan
so, aku pun dpt skit~
then go2 and karmen join lepak~
tetibe karmen kate, jom buat sumthing crazy
katanye nak mkn aiskrim
tp kat mane ade?
aku pun kate jom g tesco

jadi kami berempat(seperti gmbr diatas) berangkat ke tesco
sampai tesco mkn AIS KRIM, pastu bebudak cine ni mkn AIS KACANG plak
pastu mase nak bertolak blah dari tesco beli ICE BLENDED plak
ayohai~ hantu ais pa??

pas tesco , g umah pak yeah
xde pe saje lepak

then bertolak balik
mase dlm kreta mcm2 yg dorang kutuk sesame sendiri
pink gorilla la, pink lizard la, and purple monkey
aku diam je
iya lah nak ckp pe x?
xde sape nak layan
sampai fb pun x dilayan gak
so, aku pun layan perasaan drive sambil curi2 dgr ape yg dorang merapu

yg aku x puas hatinya,
ade cicak yg badan die berbatik2 kat dlm AlexT0
aish...~, mcm mane lak ley hidup menatang ni dlm AlexT0,
alexto kan panas


Friday, October 29, 2010

2010 Spot Questions for IPG TESLians

(terasa cam skola letak lencana haha)

versi pertama


Unseeen poem * Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening by Robert Frost but focus more on all of his poems to play safe la kan..hehe * Piano by D.H. Lawrence (IPG ipoh)

Short Stories the third and final continent also from my beloved IPG IPOH =p

MACBETH * the antagonist and protagonist of Macbeth *the relation between macbeth and lady macbeth (same je kn..) =p

TKAMB * give three characters that suit with the theme of the novel. *symbolism


1. Unseen poem ( highlight most on Robert Frost's poems) 2. Short stories ( The Kiss -IPG KB) 3. Macbeth

-Read at least summary of every scenes -Read on something about tyranny -Pay attention on relationship between Macbeth and the other characters.

4. To Kill A Mockingbird (read everything)


1. word classes 2. verbs+tenses 3. phrases+clauses 4. sentence patterns 5. sentence elements (SVA/SVO) 6. cohesive devices 7. reported speech


Read more about current issues

e.g.: Teenage pregnancy


nothing can be spotted right now, haha


these are some information i got from a friend in KDRI regarding the exam for LDES. format.

A-identify the word classes (just like mock exam) B-correct the error and give explanation (i want orange x i want AN orange: the article 'a' must be used for orange)

verbs and tenses: a- correct the error and give explanation (just like ME) b- fill in the blanks with correct tenses (eg. is moving - present continuous)

phrases and clauses: a- fill in the blanks with correct phrases (they ask noun phrase then we have to fill in noun phrase) b- identify dependent clauses ( give the type n explain the function)

cohesive devices: A- ana n cata references B- logical lexical n grammatical devices (all identify only)

sentence types and patterns: A- types (like ME) B- parse the sentence (identify the ,s, v, Oi, Od, C) C- construct sentences (they ask for svoc, we contruct)

reported speech change into reported speech, then give the rules


Here are some info that i got from my fren in IPDA...

untuk SS : 1) culture 2)communication 3)gender & society 4)environment

Untuk LDV 1) maybe argumentative or discursive essay..

untuk ES.. 1)unseen poem (25marks) 2)short stories (25marks) 3)drama (25 marks) 4)novel (25 marks) (tajuk tu x tahu plak utk short stories.


frm ipik


GROUP 1 1. Violence against the fairer sex has continuously persisted globally. 1.1 Discuss three types of violence inflicted upon them. 1.2 Suggest three ways to curb violence against them. 2. Domestic violence is a form of power abuse over the weaker sex. 2.1 Discuss three causes of domestic violence. 2.2 Suggest three ways of helping the victims. GROUP 2 3. The development of technology has brought numerous changes to our society. Discuss two positive changes and two negative changes that have impacted the lives of the people in our society. 4. Sociologists claim that modern technology has caused great impact on the enhancement and deterioration of the culture of a society. Discuss by providing three examples for the enhancement and three examples for thedeterioration of our culture. GROUP 3 5. Several familiar settings have a special importance to the socialisation process. One of them is schools. Discuss five positive effects of schools as an agent of socialisation. 6. Identify four agents of socialisation and with reference to them, discuss one way how each one influence individuals in a society. GROUP 4 7. Cities are regarded as the main generators of greenhouse gases. Discuss five ways to reduce greenhouse gases in the cities. Provide relevant answers to support your answer. 8. Global warming is a serious environmental issue. 8.1 Discuss four ways this issue impacts on people’s lives. 8.2 Explain how three specific human activities might have contributed to this issue.

Group 5 9. Women are often discriminated at the workplace. 9.1 Discuss three possible examples of discrimination women might experience. 9.2 Discuss four possible ways of addressing gender discrimination at the workplace. 9.3 Discuss four possible ways to raise the status of women at the workplace.


ipik and ip sarawak es tkamb: theme- the significance of the point of view of a child

for macbeth, potential questions ; theme of fair is foul and faul is fair, the witches.. tkam : mockingbird motif, tkam as a timeless novel, theme of bildungsroman poem: much ado about nothing by shakespeare

ss- baby dumping

thanks for the spotted quests...yes it does help...hahah.

it is the same goes for LDS n LDV but just ldv we focus on TEEN MOM, yet it still the same with teen pregnancy though...hheheh

SS we dont hve any spotted quest...

but for ES we do......


Unseeen poem

* Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening by Robert Frost but focus more on all of his poems to play safe la kan..hehe

* Piano by D.H. Lawrence (IPG ipoh)

Short Stories

the third and final continent also from my beloved IPG IPOH =p


* the antagonist and protagonist of Macbeth

*the relation between macbeth and lady macbeth (same je kn..) =p


* give three characters that suit with the theme of the novel.




1. Unseen poem ( highlight most on Robert Frost's poems)

2. Short stories ( The Kiss -IPG KB)

3. Macbeth

-Read at least summary of every scenes

-Read on something about tyranny

-Pay attention on relationship between Macbeth and the other characters.

4. To Kill A Mockingbird (read everything)


1. word classes

2. verbs+tenses

3. phrases+clauses

4. sentence patterns

5. sentence elements (SVA/SVO)

6. cohesive devices

7. reported speech


Read more about current issues

e.g.: Teenage pregnancy

---> gabungan drpd pelbgai sumber. gud luck.

30/10/10 i slept at 6

mlm tadi blh plak aku g tdo awal gile
kesian kat hunny, haha
msg2 aku plak tdo
then terbngn pkl 1++ hampir pkl 2
then x ley tdo
so, aku pun study sampai pkl 6 pagi baru tdo balik
past solat terus masuk selimut
and terkejut jaga pkl 10.35 pg
agenda hari ni, of coz la study
and ingat petang nak g beli mkn
mkn cucuk kot



i wanna

i wanna
i wanna
i wanna text u


photo: credit to Geok Cher

29/10/10 perihal hari ini

aku bangun pagi x pagi la
rum8 dah hilang utk ke pasar
beli ayam
malam ni die ade jamuan akhir tahun
beliau la project manager
bapak busy die dow hari ini
aku pun jarang2 jumpe die harini
blh plak die mkn lambat dah gastric plak
tgh hari jumpe die kejap
petang nmpk die dlm samar ketiduran
and magrib baru jumpe die
straight 12 jam die bergerak dah
tadi siap2 die da g dah jamuan die
katanya banyak nak crita kat aku
ok, emy, good luck emy on ur event!

aku plak hari ni
pagi go2 hantar msg nak biodata hard copy utk file Dr. Chow
so, aku pun buat yg baru cuz soft copy lame mane ntah
aku print and g blok a hantar kat die
cuz nak bg kat ika, tp ika da bergerak ke blok a
dah tu sembang skit ngan go2 tentang clasmate kami
then aku bergerak pulang and sambung study

tgh2 study lapar plak and pak yeah kate die da balik
aku pun turun g cafe ngan die
blh plak xde makanan yg menarik diri ini
aku pun kluar
sorang2 huhu
pulang dah konyeh biskut Teddy tuh
ngantok lak
and aku tdur sampai 18.36
and mak aku call balik, lepas call pertama telah mengejutkan aku dari tidur
and now buat blog
and kesakitan perut urgh~~!!!
x ley jln sgt noh!


29/10/10 Study Week

sebenarnya study week dah lama start
and hari ni antara hari last
cuz isnin depan da nak exam

secara jujurnya aku x study to the fullest-YET
and perihal hari ni
aku blh tdo plak petang and x study sampai la 18.36
pagi ade la study jap
tapi x cukup!

gmbr kat atas tu aku amik kat fb kawan aku dari IPIK
IPG ilmu khas, cheras
die budak math
so, aku bidak bi xde calculator2 tau hehe

so, mlm ni insya-Allah aku study
cuz mlm ni ade hal gak
ya-Allah bantu lah hamba-Mu ini :)


photo: Daniel Othman, Facebook

29/10/10 makan ape ya?

hari ini aku x mkn
betul weh~
ok, la skarang baru mkn iaitu pukul 7 mlm

pagi x mkn, cuz xde makanan kat bilik
kemudian tgh hari
dah turun g cafe dah
tapi x selera plak
bukan x selera tapi x de yg memikat di hati
dan muke2 abe2 senior yg mcm nak telan aku sebab nmpk aku ngan pak yeah pun membuatkan aku rase nak muntah je atas makanan die mengurangkan perasaan nak mkn tuh
last2 pak yeah je mkn
ye lah, last skali die mkn pagi smalam kot
aku x pe lah
malam tadi naik senak aku kene sumbat~

jadi aku amik keputusan utk kluar
erm, kluar sorang(lagi skali)
dah tu mcm la pak yeah nak ikut aku kluar kot dak
so, aku kluar
dlm kepala hotak dah bayang2 zinger burger x pun snack box b
then aku teringat bekalan mknn berat skit dah habis
so, aku g aneka
beli bihun instant and biskut coklat Teddy

balik bilik aku mkn biskut tu je
and aku tertidur
sedar2 dah pukul 18.36
aik aku tdo x mkn pun
bgn pun cuz mak aku call
biase la die mmg call tiap2 hari skarang

bgn, perut cam nak jerit2 minta diisi
aku bgn buat maggi
mule2 ingat nak buat bihun
cuz aku baru terbaca yg wax kat maggi diambil tiga hari utk digest die
so, selok2 nya jgn mkn maggi dalam masa 3 hari
tapi aku mkn gak hari ni

dah 5 hari aku simpan niat aku utk mkn lepak ngan pak yeah huhu
bila boleh?


photo: Google

Thursday, October 28, 2010

28/10/10 makan free lagi:-Leos Fellowship with Lions Dinner

alright (start engine)
ok, just now i attended the Leos Fellowship with Lions Dinner , Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis
at first i was supposed to drive along AlexT0
but it turn out i 'tumpang' GK instead

the dinner was held in My Town Kopitiam in Kangar
so, Lion Khoo was there
he was so energetic and friendly
he's cool man! hehe

and Kai Fong gave some gifts and award to the person who got it
and each of us received a group photo
and the photo ade gmbr i yang standing next to ZZ!
(GK, we are 4 to 5 now~ haha)

so, we ate steamboat
dimana Lion Khoo suruh me and Alex habis kan beef diwaktu i was damn fool!
and then we played cap kelicap and who lose have to eat fish ball
then we celebrate to those birthdays on June to December this year
we sang in 5 languages
English, Chinese(Mandarin), Malay, Indian, and Sikh language
it was one Malaysia alright!
and one of the waiter in My Town birthday in that period also was celebrated!

coming back my room penuh nagn barang2 rum8 saye yg akan ade dinner esok
riuh rendah bilik C409 malam ni noh!!


28/10/10 Puting Beliung di Perlis!

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comseperti biasa panas sahaja di bumi perlis
dlm 3 pm lebih mata dah mule layu
and aku pun tdo
and aku mamun2 hujan lebat da
x tau plak ade tornado
uh uh
aku pun tau through fb je
tgk gmbr atas nuh!

pastu aku nye tingkap pun suffer hoho


photos: Kayumanis photography
Faiz Ahmad, Facebook

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Copy and Share

1. Cuba tengok zip seluar anda, tertera huruf YKK..YKK bermakna Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha iaitu sebuah kilang membuat zip terbesar di dunia yang menghasilkan zip yang korang pakai sekarang ni..

2. bunyi (kuek) yang dihasilkan oleh itik tidak bergema dan beralun. Sehingga kini kita tidak tahu mengapa.

3. Dengan sepotong coklat boleh membunuh anjing? benar!! Coklat mampu merosakkan sistem pernafasan dan jantung anjing. Dengan ounces yang banyak mampu membunuh seekor anjing bersaiz kecil.

4. Kebanyakan lipstick yang kita pakai sekarang ni mengandungi sisik ikan yang telah diproses.

5. Pada tahun 1830, ketchup (sos tomato) digunakan sebagai ubatan dan bukannya perasa tambahan pada makanan.

6. Tiada satu pun jam di Las Vegas gambling casinos. Dengan ketiadaan jam akan melekakan penjudi penjudi dengan taruhan mereka..

7. Kerana ketangkasan Bruce Lee..pengarah terpaksa memperlahankan sedikit filem yang diambil kerana terlampau laju dan pergerakan aksinya tidak dapat ditangkap melalui lensa kamera. Sesuatu yang agak luar biasa dari orang lain.

9. Mosquito repellents atau penghalau nyamuk tidak membunuh.Sensor nyamuk hanya dikaburi dan ini menyebabkan nyamuk tidak dapat mengesan dimana mangsa berada.

10. Pakar dan doktor gigi mengesyorkan berus gigi hendaklah diletakkan sekurang kurangnya 6 kaki jauh dari tandas utk menghalang kuman berterbangan ketiki anda menggunakan flush tandas.

11. Jika nombor 111,111,111 didarab 111,111,111 anda akan dpat jawapan 12345678987654321.

12. Warna biru adalah warna kesukaan 80 peratus rakyat Amerika.

13. Tanda (#) di keyboard komputer anda sebenarnya dinamakan 'octothorp'.

14. Adalah mustahil jika anda bersin tanpa memejamkan mata.

15. Seekor lipas boleh hidup selama 10 hari tanpa kepala.

16. Jika dikangkangkan kaki dan baring secara telentang, kita tidak akan tenggelam di dalam pasir jerlus.

17. Nama yang paling banyak umumnya di dunia ini ialah Muhammad.

18. Di Eropah, kebanyakan wanita Eropah tidak memakai seluar dalam sehingga ke tahun 1900 barulah seluar dalam diperkenalkan.

19. Produk pertama menggunakan bar code adalah Wrigley's gum.

20. Mexico City tenggelam sedikit demi sedikit sekitar 10 inci setiap tahun.

21. Mengikut statik dalam kehidupan, ayam adalah haiwan yang paling banyak di dunia mengalahkan manusia, kerana cara pembiakan yang berleluasa dan senang dibiakkan untuk makanan.

22. Otak akan lebih aktif ketika tidur dari ketika anda menonton tv.

23. terdapat banyak telefon di Washington D.C mengalahkan penduduk-penduduknya.

24. Untuk melepaskan dari gigitan buaya, anda perlu mencucuk matanya menggunakan jari sekuat hati. Buaya akan melepas anda serta merta.

25. Jika sebutir kecil kismis dijatuhkan di dalam segelas champagne segar, kismis tersebut akan turun ke dasar gelas dan naik semula dan turun kembali dan seterusnya seakan dilambung-lambung.

26. Leonardo da Vinci juga mencipta gunting dan beliau menghabiskan 10 tahun untuk menyiapkan lukisan agungnya iaitu Monalisa(10 tahun untuk bahagian bibirnya sahaja)

27. Nama sebenar rama-rama (butterfly) ialah 'flutterby'.

28. 90% dari pembaca yang membaca info ini kebanyakannya tidak tahu tentang fakta yang telah diberikan. Keajaiban fakta fakta sebegini dapat menarik minat pembaca untuk mengetahui dari atas kemusykilan minda kita sendiri.

29. Tahukah anda senarai ini tiada no 8.

29. Dan kebanyakan pembacanya membaca fakta ini semasa waktu office... Pelik bukan!

30. Anda pasti menyemak kembali senarai ini sekali lagi untuk mengesahkan tiada no 8. kan?

kekekekeee...!!! OK dah pegi buat keja kekeke

Dicuri dari Blog The Other Khairul

Aku Cuma Nak Bagi Tau 15 : Jangan Salahkan Boyfriend Kalau Dia Tiba2 Tarik Korang Ke Katil Masa Korang Tengah Bergaduh.

Yesterday, I went for a date.
And she is more than just an angel =)

A couple, on a fight.

What the girl says:

"This place is a mess!
C'mon, you and I need to clean this thing up.
Your stuff is lying on the floor.
You'll have no clothes to wear
if we don't do laundry right now!"

What the boy hears:
"blah, blah, blah, blah, C'MON
blah, blah, blah, blah, YOU AND I
blah, blah, blah, blah, ON THE FLOOR
blah, blah, blah, blah, NO CLOTHES
blah, blah, blah, blah, RIGHT NOW!"

Less talk more action.

Dont blame a man, for being a man. =)

28/10/10 tahukah kamu

tahu tak?
kapak kreta
eh2, parking kreta kat bahagian hostel perempuan dah nak x cukup dah
apesal semua bawa kreta a??
ececeh ckp lebih, aku pown la

a'ah parking dah mule berkurangan dah
sebab mlm tadi utk latihan kebakran tu, parking blakang kene kosongkan
dan semua kreta kene parking kat depan surau
gila penuh ar
nasib AlexT0 dapat squeeze satu
tapi parking kat panas ar

aaa, ni lagi satu
parking tempat panas gila babas
habis terkopek la getah2 kreta aku
seruis weh
sedih aku tgk AlexT0
kene banyakkan pokok
kalau aku byk duit memang aku nak sumbangkan dah
and pokok2 yang ade ade la dalam due pokok yang mampu memberi perlindungan kepada kreta

ok, selesai sahaja aku merapu.


i hope u guys can last forever

actually it's really hurt my heart to know that someone had end their relationships
apa yang aku boleh tgk skarang,
kebanyakannya yang dah setahun bersama
rata-ratanya dah tidak bersama lagi
sedih woh!

aku suka sangat tengok orang bercouple ini
sebab mereka ini bahagia
(takat gaduh2 tu standard ar kan)

paling baru
(baru berminit yang lepas)
aku syak ade somebody ini dah tidak lagi bersama pasangannya
aku pelik
(kalau betullah dia tidak bersama beliau)
sebab die ni kenal segala family sipolan
sampai ada pergi lepak2 rumah sipolan
macam boleh jadi menantu mithali la
aish, tup2 jadi macam ini

aku sendiri pun tengah berjuang ini
penat woh!
maaflah posts aku banyak moody
sebab itulah sebenarnya
peritnya berjuang

ada juga yang dah ada pengganti
harap2 berkekalan ya
sebab aku sayang kalian
aku mahu kalian happy
aku pun tumpang happy


28/10/10 latihan kawad kebakaran

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comwei! penat !
nak turun naik plak argh argh
ye, bebudak maktab tadi hilang sekejap
kerana mereka seperti bebudak sekolah yg bakal mereka ajar ade latihan kawad kebakaran
"wooo!! wooo!!! kebakaran!! kebakaran!!! tulun! tulun!! argh!!!!"
(sound effect)
yeah and tau x ,
line internet mcm kelajuan kami berjalan utk lari dari api tadi!!! hahahaha
yang mungkin akan hangus jika berjalan dlm kelajuan itu~

lepas pulang dari karok, aku tgk parking depan surau dah penuh
erm and parking kat blog a kosong gile
so, aku buat konklusi bahawa mungkin malam ini (atau pepagi buta)
merupakan masanya

nasib aku balik bilik sempat mandi and rest and on9
tup2 pukul 12 die bunyi
aku dah la bercokin je tadi
(pakai tuala je)
baru la terhegeh aku pakai seluar and tudung buat hal grrr
aku pun turun gelak2 ngan rum8 kesayangan aku nieh
serius ar cam x serius langsung

pastu kene marah ngan encik bomba
and kene naik balik
like wthook??
so,kami balik blok masing2
and turun semula

and nasib kejap je
yg lame sebab kene tegur ngan en Elias hoho


27/10/10 Terima Kasih Abah Syafiq

smalam, Syafiq post sumthing kat status die
die kate nak blanje
aku pun dgn main2 nye masuk la kate nak

x sangka pulak die mmg nak blanje
Terima Kasih Syafiq!
love ya my friend~!! ^^

so, petang yg aku dah hampa tu bertukar gembira
apabila aku kluar ngan abon tadi
tujuan kluar: amik duit(thanks mami, abah), beli pen(utk exam woh!) and hantar baby abon utk amik KBM die
disebabkan mak die balik pas pkl 5 kami telah meronda kuala perlis
sebab nak kill the time
(bukan to kill a mockingbird la)

so destinasinya adalah KFC hehe
din2 yg bernas telah menyambung hampir sume meja di bahagian kfc jadi meja besar
ala2 kfc tu kami punye
bak kate kamal A, kfc ni bapak die punye
and kamal B plak claim sebagai Kamal Fried Chicken
makan ayam woh!
sorang due
habis jugak walaupun aku dah rase penuh
and sebelum tu aku tersangat la lapar sampai sakit2 perut
maklumla aku mkn scallop ayam je pagi tuh hehe
kire 6 biji and that's all ^^

lepas habis mkn, diorng mendajal
hampir sume botol sos kat meja dirembat
kirey aka madu aku letak hampir 4-5 botol sos cili dalam bekas ayam
and din2 plak amik plastik
ala2 x habis gitu
and cakap kuat2 yg org sakit(kirey) bawa ayam balik
mc syu pun sumbat gak dlm beg die hehe

lepas bersuka ria merembat
kitorg turn and x balik2 ag haha
x tau nape
lepak depan kfc
berdiri2 mcm pondok bus plak haha
and kluar masuk kfc
ade yg g beli top up
ade yg pg kedai kek
ade yg tambah kfc
ade yg bercintun
and terutamanya ade yg membuat asap

tiba tanba sapa ntah bg idea g karaoke
aku pun orait je
widi paling semangat
and ika belanja!
woot!! woot! ika thanks a lot!!

dipendekkan cerita
satu bilik penuh ngan 10 org haha
5 laki 5 perempuan
hambek kau
aku x nyanyi
sebab aku malu sebenarnye
suara x sedap
and bagi la peluang kat dorang
aku cume menjerit woooo~~
and sing along je
cume satu lagu aku nyanyi ngan ika
x dgr pun aku nyanyi sebab yg lain pun nyanyi gak
so, sebenarnye aku sedih n x puas hati hoho
laen kali aku nak karok seorg diri ah hehe
aku nyanyi complicated-avril
pak yeah ade gak die nyanyi
ade yg berdangdut
ade yg berjiwang

kluar2, kamal, tehi n syafiq x balik ag
last2 tinggal 3 kreta, AlexT0, KBM, WJA

peserta mkn free(tempahan awal)[thanks to syafiq]: aku, pak yeah, marcel, eidaa, kamal ayud, abon, abgto, kirey, kamal A, din2, lan, tehi, syafiq-kun, widi, ika, yin, mc syu and enge~!
peserta karok free plak[thanks to ika]: abon, yin(x nyanyi), siti marsilla (haha), ika, widi, abgto, lan, pak yeah n kirey


27/10/10 girl friend

(sebelum mula merapu utuk entri ini.:::
wei, bukan ko kate nak study ke tadi?
a'ah api study dah memebara punye la kuat sampai aku sendiri pelik dan dah siap satu muke surat nota
habis tu ko berblogging ni pasai pa?
sebab aku hampa dah xde mood, api tadi macam kene curah ngan air da
lorh, alang2 x study g la kluar ke ape ke barang kan bnyk nak beli, amik duit ker
hurm, xde mood, x de sape nak teman pun. aku hidup kan nak berteman
habis tu? barang2 bile nak beli
tgk la kalau rajin aku kluar ar, kluar sorang2 lagi best, xde sape je
alolo merajuk pe ko
tu2 budak rambut tebal tu
hurm, memang tu plan aku pun, aku plan nak kluar petang and nak culik die sampai malam pastu saje g pasar malam kat sini yg aku x pernah pergi~. tapi apakan daya, die juga ada plan sendiri, aku x ley la buat per dow) MONOLOG woh!

okey, mari start.
salam~! salam satu malaysia
pada entri kali ini, aku nak tanye
sape nak jadi best friend aku?
(kalau boleh pompuan la)
lelaki pun boleh
x semestinya perempuan
seseorng yg aku ley bawa g jenjalan n culik
and buat bende gile2
satu kepalan ngan aku
kalau kat hometown, alhamdullilah, ramai dah
mak aku pun best friend aku weh
ni yg kat perlis ni x de ag
yelah bile dah xde sape nak ikut aku mendajjal sape ag dak?
aku pun membawa hati yg lara bawa kete sorang
aku slalu cakap ngan bende
tapi kat sini aku x ckp ngan bende plak
klu blh aku nak ckp ngan AlexT0

cakap pasal best friend la kan
aku x pernah rase aku ade sorang
yg betul BEST FRIEND
yg kat hometown tu sume BEST friends
memang aku syg diorng sgt2
buat mase ni, diorng je best friend aku pown
yg aku sayang2 yg aku ajak membuang masa yg aku ajak bergosip

ape aku merapu ni??
kesian pembaca sekalian haha
abaikan entri ini kalau serabut sgt kau rase

[eh2, aku nak kluar ar, cuz rum8 nak kluar gak, aku x mau pegi drill kawad kebakaran sorng2
btw, hari ni aku ngan rum8 aku pakai tudung same weee~!!!
aku kluar ni nak ajak ke dak ar budak rambut tebal tuh??? :S]


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

27/10/10 mana pilihan kamu

mana pilihan kamu?

mungkin ada yg mahu keluarga
sebab keluarga yg menyarakan diri dari dulu
ada pula akan pilih rakan
sebab tanpa rakan,
die x de la geng bile keluar dari rumah

keluarga dan rakan
bestnye kedua2
aku pilih keluarga
sebab aku ni jenis ikut cakap mak ayah hoho
betulla weh, awat x mau percaya??
gigit kang!

teman lelaki/ perempuan
bf gf la~
erm yang ni plak ye
kalau aku aku pilih bf
cuz insya-Allah kite akan hidup ngan die
antara ibu anak, ayah anak, adik beradik, saudara mara, rakan
spouse kite la yg paling utama
dah tue2 mak ngan ayah x tentu ade ag
and adik beradik mesti ade spouse masing2 and akan hidup ngan keluarga mereka
anak2 plak same je dah besar kawen la mereka and tinggallah kite ni
eh2.. silap mereka yg berpasangan

tapi dlm hidup ni perlu bertolak ansur
(iye, pak yeah ye, tolak ansur)
so, baru la best hidup
hati pun tenang x de yg bermasam ngan kita

apakan daya,
aku manusia, aku punya perangai x indah pun
so, aku harap kau maafkan aku for being mcm pain in the ass lar

hurm.. mungkin sekian sahaja nukilan aku pada entri ini
(maaf, aku sedang merapu)

27/10/10 T.T

bila hati dah remuk
terus x de mood nak study
apatah lagi nak teruskan ape yg diplan
penat la aku fikir sorang2
aku plan sorang2
aku senyum sorang2
akku happy sorang2
tapi semua hampa
sakrang nak study pown
cam haram je
muke cam cipan dah sakrang
jgn kate study
makan pun x de mood da
malas da makan


Monday, October 25, 2010

correct me if i am wrong

pertaining to blog posts
please do correct me if i am wrong
any wrong facts
any wrong names
any wrong typing (typing error)

feel free to tell me if i'm wrong


Sunday, October 24, 2010

24/10/10 After Peace Day Part 2-AlexT0 mandi!

woot! woot!
AlexT0 mandi!
aku ngan GK melunaskan janji bersama utk memandi kan kreta masing2
so, lepas havoc ngan leo kami amik kreta n mandi kan
so, aku amik pak yeah n kluar skali
kitorg g mandikan dorang kat cucian automatic
cuci luar je
cuz sedih sgt tgk kotor bebenor dah
so, mummyto and abahto, alexto dah mandi tau!


24/10/10 After Peace Day Part 1-eating out?

Kai Fong and Azizi shares the same birth date
30 October 1989/1991

The Board of Directors of Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis

after the celebrities leave the hall
i ran out cause i need water
my water was in AlexT0
as i was coming down the stairs , i see they didn't leave yet
so, i just 'tegur' them on cam whoring again ka?
and ZZ answer no, and i was like "well, whatever u say"
their Innova was parked next to AlexT0
and suddenly GK said that we are going to Anjung Keli, cause all the BOD and Alan, ZZ, Baki, Zenny, The photographer, Lion Shawn Lee and also the fellow Leos of Geargetown are going to eat there!
boleh lepaking with them!!

dlam kreta pun blh bye2 each other lagi haha
and follow je kreta diorg and we masuk anjung keli diorng g mane ntah

ececeh let describe to u,
the fellow celebrities all come out of the car wearing sunglasses
and i said to ZZ "menyesal plak x bawa sunglasses dlm kreta, kalau x blh boria hehe"
so semua pun berpusu2 masuk anjung keli
rupenye dah ade yg book tempat huhu
so, mata kami melilau mencari tempat duduk
masuk2 je ZZ tanye kat aku "slalu ke dtg sini mkn?"
"nope, this is my first time"
i know kindda lame right
tapi serious la, penuh gila tempat ni rasa malas nak g mkn kat sini

so, ingatkan nak mkn kat kiosk kedai chicken rice sebelah so, pegi sebelah plak
tetibe aku menyuarakan yg aku x ley makan ayam kat situ, cuz allergic
pastu GK kate ignore her
Alan pun tanye nape aku x ley mkn, aku just jawab ignore me, u are the guest

ade satu meja kosong
semua mcm "hoh! meja kosong"
and something happen
ZZ lompat pepasu bunye yg tinggi2
tu and berlari mendapatkan meja
utk seketika semua x mengenali ZZ
Baki kat blakang aku mase tu, aku ingat ayat die
"astgafirrullah(xtau eja weh, tlg betulkan~ huhu) Azizi, ko tu penyanyi hahah "

so, thanks to ZZ la, kami ade meja
and aku, GK, Alez, ZZ n Zenny duk kat meja dulu while yg lain amik mknn
so, sambung sembang
mase ni ZZ dah nampk cam comfortable ngan kitaorg
dah mcm kawa la aku anggap semue
mase Baki sampai lepas amik mknn
blh plak ZZ bercerita tentang aku yg x pernah mkn kat sini
aku kate"ok, go on tell the whole world"

mase amik mknn, sume amik nasi setengah
aku terpaksa lari adari diet aku huhu
then amik pergedel!
sedap!! favourite!!! same gak ZZ
aiyo mengapa sama~~~~

sambil mkn sume pun sembang2
and selesai mkn dyi en serta BOD yg lain serta Lion Shawn n Leos Georgetown
sampai bersama cake
so kami nyanyi utk Kai Fong
aku kate la ade twin kat sini
terus tanye sape2??
so, ZZ pun dpt birthday celebration w Kai Fong

mase nak part tu kiotrg bye2
salam2 say thank u sume

mase nak g aku buat love sign utk sume diorg n ZZ balas !!

p/s: sorry la asyik cite pasal Azizi je ek??
cuz ngan die je ngan aku paling blh ngan ngam sebab same umur
sebenarnye bnyk ag yg kitaorg sembangkan
hope to see all them again
because they all warm and friendly!
harap sume akan berjaya! ^^


24/10/10 Peace Day Part 3-Pulai A Memories (Starting to heat up)

us, excited about the freking cute guy

Celebrities in Pulai A Hall!
Baki Zainal, Azizi Zakaria, Zenny Lyn

taking pictures before the ceremony started

Baki Zainal sign!

the BODs with Azizi and Zenny

i was helping GK along with Shoba about her speech
everyone was busy getting ready for the Closing ceremony
as everyone was busy, the kids who entered the Peace Poster Contest entered the hall
and we finish our job faster

and suddenly the thing that i won't do in a million years happen
i have to the Head of Students Department Welfare
Alex had to call someone else and he pass the job to me cause he didn't pick up Alex phone
at first i beg Soon Ee to talk to him but he wouldn't
and at last Gk steps in and said she could talk to him
so i dailed his number but no answer and text him regarding the ceremony and called him again
and again no answer
in the end me and Alex give up

after a while, the moment everyone had been waiting for; the arrival of the celebrities!!!!
there was Lion Baki Zainal; 8tv Quikie Host, Leo Azizi Zakaria; a singer and a Teen Ambassador of National Kidney Foundation Malaysia and also Leo Zenny Lyn; a singer and the Asia Biggest Loser at home.
both Azizi and Zenny entered the DiGiCelebriteen contests
zenny i had meet, baki my friend wants his autograph
but this one guy i saw, who is this guy??
like i have seen him before
freaking cute man!
that is Azizi!

some of them ask me like who is Azizi and Baki
i was like 'i dunno' huhu
at first Azizi kindda shy or dunno who to react
but Baki was warm already, he was fun
and Zenny, we have meet her eearlier ^^

in the ceremony me and Janice were the beautiful ladies who pass the prizes to the prize giver
and we too hold the ribbon for the launching of E-magazine
(as i was writing this, i'm listening to Jesse McCartney-She's No You and the word magazine come up)

the BODs were required to sing the theme of the day, We Are The World
me and some of the BOD were required to stand on stage while the others at the side
me and dyi en were at the centre stage and between us there was a gap
the lights of the hall was off and we all holding a candle
and suddenly Zenny and Azizi came up on stage
they sing along with us
and don't be jealous~ Azizi stand next to me!
Gk eyeing at me though~ blueekk!
suddenly, the music stops but Zenny keep on singing so do we! ^^
and we had our photo taken by Lion Alan Thoo
and GK gave me a pinch at my back cuz i was standing beside Azizi
and he talk to me! OMG!!!
he said careful with the candles
yay! he talked!

apparently, when we end our ceremony
Baki started to talk in mandarin
GK ask ZZ if Baki know how to speak chinese?
and he said and i ask him if he does
and he said no i babble about how i learn Japanese
and we took loads of photos and i ask ZZ's autograph!haha
as everyone was swarming Baki Zainal, i keep ZZ company and talked to him
well, it was a somebody who is a celebrity talking to an ordinary person like me

Lion Alan was cool too
i can't believe that i can joke around with him
overall all the three celebrities and Lion Alan are warm and friendly people
at the end of our meeting i started to feel like they are all friends

p/s: masa ini ingat tudung and eye liner dah all over the place
but after seeing the photos it was all ok! weeee~!!!