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Monday, September 23, 2013

15th September 2013 Part 3

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

After the show ends, everyone was hungry!!!
So we all walked up and down the All Season Place for a place to eat.
Unfortunately it wass 11pm and all the shops starts to close and then we end in a place where it sells porridge and other Chinese foods.
I was freaking tired and annoyed that really cut of my hungriness... haha
Thus I didn't eat and just trying my best to finish up my drink.

 Later, we bid fare well to Malcolm, Sam, Richard and Christine, cause they got to go back that night.
And we all went back to Ryokan.
Came back to Ryokan, being me still have that I am not hungry anymore.
But then the guys asked me to eat. They insists on me eating that night. Jedi and Andy just insists me to eat and I end up bought roti canai, while Jedi bought roti telur and the girls bought roti susu.
as it was Hari Malaysia, look what I found...

there's a temple there, tried to get  a photo of it, but got photo boomed....:(

Coming back to Ryokan, we ate together like small little family haha Jedi brought he's laptop and we watch some 4JC brothers video while eating.
After eating, bath and online and then I sleep. It was freaking cold that I woke up in the middle of the night! And continue online.

I bought Hot Ticket for Hotlink though, better of use it right.
I tell you, online in Penang is so awesome I could get signal anywhere I want.
Funny thing is, my phone can't detect Ryokan's wifi though :(
Incredibly, the new members went out until 3pm it seems. Having fun I guess.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

15th September 2013 Part 2

Assalamualaikum & Hello readers~!

Us 6 changed our clothes and jump again into the car and head to All Season Place.
We did some GPS thinggy before with Kai Fong and I did my own research too.
So In sya Allah, we will find ourselves there.
As Kai Fong and the juniors went off first, we arrived a little later then them.

We were going to the Leo Club of Penang Metropolitan(PMO) Installation that was gonna be held in and open and public area. And the best part was, it was FREE. haha That's why get myself excited about the ceremony haha
We came, and we registered and I had to deal with the PA system people to get my song ready.

Coming here I was really happy. Say why not, I gotta to see all those familiar faces of Leos that I miss deary. Me and my Leo buddies also had this agenda to get the new Key Officers, BODs of our club and also the new members to get to know other Leos from all over, that's why you could see we were like doing an outing like the whole lots of us! haha

Kai Fong was schedule to do a performance at the opening of the ceremony. Because of my performance last weekend at my Leo Club installation, I was invited by Si Sheng, the president to perform at their installation. After two songs by Kai Fong, I sang the same song but this time with 3 languages. I messed up though. I hope it was a good show. I think it may be interesting cause a Malay singing a Chinese sing, I mean I had been singing Mandarin song for the longest time, but not many people know about it.
haha well, I had my experience, it was cool :D

audiences, Leos Lions

i mean, its a public place! i even gotta to see the all new proton Suprima S here haha (the blue in the corner)

all the way from Perlis

Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis

thanks for the invitation President :D

yours truly in action

our beloved Kai Fong

Lydia, Amy and me

friends forever. Sam & Malcolm

with Woon Jinn of Keat Hwa

Leo Cabinet officers.
 I was just snapping their pictures because there were too excited. But then Eric saw I was taking pictures, hence this photo.
At last, usually camwhoring time. Take all the photos that you could all the people that you could! :D
IPG Perlis with Tze Cheng

the ever famous Kai Fong shot!

Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis at Leo Club of PMO

WOW! It as like LEO FORUM all over again!
Congrats PMO your installation as awesome cause most people were there and it was good! :D
p/s: there is part 3, wait for it..

15th September 2013 Part 1

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

God! Yesterday was terribly boring! I did nothing! I mean nothing at all! I was tired, but I can't rest yet, I got a Leo Outing coming up. So I just spent my time lazying in the room do nothing at all. Didn't even eat though.
Today's story, it's gonna be a long one, (yaka?)

Woke up in the morning, after Subuh prayers I went back to sleep haha
After having my little breakfast, I go through my movies folder, maybe watch something could get time move faster. So watch The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, been wanting to watch this one since forever. Unlike yesterday, today's time move much more faster. After the movie, I tried to rehearse my song a little and I think I almost got it. But still dunno what gonna happen tonight.

At 12 noon, I went down, and went to the lecturer's house to fetch the car. Gave details to the lecturer and the car is mine. Then call out to Amy and Lydia who is going with me with the car. Fetch Jedi at cafe after 10 minutes just came back from church hehe Basically he just came back, chuck things inside bag and come down and out again. After fueling up in Petron, we went to BSN to top up our cash and off to Alor Star. As usual now days, I used the back roads. It seems a little faster cause no cars and traffic lights although it's longer way.

Arriving in Alor Star, I just made my way to a junction to go to Andy's house, cause we had to fetch him, coming in to junction, I blurred and asked Jedi if he still remember the road, but our answers were different and we went into the wrong lane. Damn. Or I was being stubborn... After a lot of turning, decided to called Andy and he lead the way. But then again, he's phone was faulty that the call keep ending and cant hear. I was really screaming and fighting with Jedi until when we arrived at Andy's house, I was tired and frustrated hahaha And we insists on continuing the fight when Andy broke it off haha Pity Amy and Lydia had to undergo our fighting scene.

As we are freaking hungry, we stop by McDonald. At this point, the driver change of course. Cause I'm not really good at driving in Alor Star let alone Georegetown, so I gave the wheel to Andy. While we were buying McD's, Andy gave money and run off and then came back with a new phone! haha And Amy and Lydia bought Happy Meal =.=" Well, I wanted to try that too before, so maybe next time :P
Then, the journey began.

having lunch in the car

people at the back

happy people going to Penang!!

new phone detected!

me and my son! :P step son :P
Kai Fong said, when we arrived in Penang we could check in straight.
Gosh, finding the Inn was hard I mean, the street where all one way and complicated. =.="
After being gila on the road, we finaly got a parking and we checked in. Arriving there, Valen and the juniors(new members) and also Kai Fong were already there.
I don't get it either

our super cute president with other cute soft toys

let's go jalan!

Ryokan Chic Hostels, Georgetown

with Jedi

After unpacking, and settling down, we went out again just because lah hehe
This time Valen followed us, I think he was just bored though. Better off he follow right?
So we went to Paragon, I mean, I never went to the malls in Georgetown, so I don't really know the things there. #eh
Walked around and I was super excited when I saw Urban Decay make up palette that I wanted for the longest time!!! Pity Jedi had to follow me around and look for accessories, I mean that's the thing that I will look for when I go window shopping. Clothes are not really what I look for when I went out alone or with friends. We separated when we arrived at the mall. My twin daughters(Amy and Lydia) being the typical PJ teacher trainee, they were excited about the sports store of course, trying to find Nike and stuff. Andy and Valen on the other hand was 'madly-in-love' haha
bunny rabbit!

Valen & Jedi
 So I bought a hat, cause my white hat can't be retraced, I don't know where it is. :(
Lydia & Amy
We rush back to Ryokan and changed our clothes and off to All Season Place in Ayer Hitam. I mean jam was everywhere and we have to actually start off journey earlier then expected to come on time.


8th September 2013 Part 3

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
My day continues. GK suddenly asked if we want to have some laksa or cendol.
Because Tze Cheng and Calvin(from AIMST) are not heading back yet, so we decided to have some lepaking. hehe
Thus, me, Jedi and Valen went to Kangar(to the laksa place) with GK, while Alex followed Tze Cheng and Calvin.
a photo in a car is a must

so we ate and just talked

 After all that, GK send me, Jedi and Valen back.
Just because I want to use the car into full use, I purposely asked Jedi to accompany me and of course drove me to Arau to search things for our upcoming family day.
Before that, we have to fetch Andy's extension plug he left in Soo Guan Villa.
Because there were a lot of petrol left in the car, me and Jedi decided to discuss about the Family Day-in the Car-with the Aircon on haha
I know, gila right haha
after all that discussion, I mean it was long.... we went to Tea Garden, cause I want some bubble tea :P
Then, we came back to campus and actually rest :P