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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Tsunami

hello readers~!
just a quick update and a shout out
well, guys lets pray that Japan is all ok and in god condition
and pray that ur beloved country is not hit with the radiation what so ever
and i'm glad my uncle and his family is ok and i hope ur family or friends who are there are ok too
i just cant bear it watching THIS
so, all the best

17/03/11 kya hawa kya badal

hello readers~!
kenai x sapa ni??ari ni hari jadi die dow, name die sharman joshi
die ni la raju rastogi dlm 3 idiots, ade movie baru die blakon Allah Ke Banday,
cam best plak cite ni
ape2 pun tersuke plak lagu die, Kya Hawa Kya Badal
sumpah xtau maksud pe haha
enjoy the vids

p/s: Sharman Joshi

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

12/03/11 makan2 for my birthday ^^

hello readers~!
wargh! bnyk gile mknn! sampai x tau nak sumbat yg mane!!

ade spagetti
ade ayam grg
ni nephew ak, eqbal, pak yeah asyik main ngan die jerk
ha~ tudia! ice cream cake!! ^^
strawberry n chocolate!! hehe

lepas mkn2 kemas2, kami g cinema jap, beli tiket
kitorg tgk Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa
so, Malaysia dah up skit dr segi perfileman, thanks to KRU


12/03/11 utk aku pulak pulang

hello readers~!!
yeah! its my turn to go home
well, i was up at 5.30am and the KDC dah buat bising and then siap2
ingat 7 am nak bertolak
bertapa hampanya diri ini bahawa pakyeah x bgn lagi wtf
literary i wan crying LIKE HELL cause nak jugak bertolak pagi tp die lambat gile

and he followed me home cause my family buat mkn2 so ajak die lar
and mase ondway balik tu, bersaing2 ngan van maktab yg bw bebudak silat,
bapak laju la van tuh hahakat rnr gurun jumpe kucing ni, lawa mata die cam pakai celak
org yg lambat tu
jumpe Puteri! hehe lame gile x jumpe die
die dulu same skola ngan aku, siap dtg umah buat folio hehe
pastu die pindah, x sangke skarang dpt jumpe balik, die terer silat!
menang peringkat kebangsaan oh!!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

11/03/11 it's the holidays

hello readers~!
hey! it's the face of 20 y/o and 4 days girl
and i get my another birthday present from yna n zati!

thnaks girls!!
well, my birthday present was present with disguise! haha
cause they bring me to SR and then i send them off to the bus station hehe

we waited at SR until nearly 8 and we chatted
there's this one cute boy
zati end up playing with him

and lated another lil girl came and join the party but he was going home d

and i played with BoB0 of course

so, sent them to the bus station and everyone who sees me and the ask "bas pukul brape??"
hahaha it was hilarious, cause i am going back tomorrow morning
and i'm all alone with Jordan tonight
p/s: my sweet mummy left me this COMMENT

07/03/11 next day

hello readers~!
yeah! thats me w yna with our identical phone straps!!!
mine is purple while yna's pink hehe

so today we had our last meeting w en muftar pertaining of our BIG
later that meeting, HE ask me to go out
so, we went to Secret Recipe
he belanja me hehe

he's new watch

jumpe rum8 plak hoho

then later went back to hostel

later that night, i have ask geok cher n yna to come to my room and we finish up our Buku Program
and we meerah came to my room and we all along w my rum8 start to talk about what to wear during our TESLian Masquerade night. and we start fooling aroun and the result~~

geok cher wearing tudung and my rum8's dress hehe