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Monday, October 4, 2010

3/10/10 mkn free lagi

yeah today another free meal
this time is ainun's house
i was supposed to go there with the same rombongan as the other two days

but lastly i went there with atilia, limok and mc syu
she serve nasi dagang
well, as i was trying to my hardest to diet and i dun eat rice
other than that i can't eat the fish

so, abon!
aku bukan x nak mkn na~
tapi aku suka kucing kau!

and i end up sitting with the kittens instead
bapak kembang la
muke sume lebar2
tige2 aku letak atas riba
sume tdo!!
aku suka!

then, g tgk atilia, limok, sya , and ainul maen boling lak
ade juge aku pak yeah, aku, mc syu, nun2, abgto, menyesakkan keadaan

kemudian kami balik IPG da


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