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Monday, October 31, 2011

words are words

salam, hello readers~!
weel, the first three words describe me

1) broken
2) beautiful
3) pretty

see, weird right~~


Let's Get Voting

salam, hello readers~!

well, similar to my previous blog post, i need u guys to vote for a blogger that inspire me
and i did told her about me getting a blog post on voting for her and and i was thinking of forcing my friends to do so.
(and suddenly, i was thinking of doing something! damn, it's a good idea!! haha)

have u heard of adidas NEO?
well, it's a new line from adidas which cater more for the young hearts and more vibrant colours as well as more fun to wear
i my self, like the clothes as well, but maybe i set foot in one of the outlet next year
(this year, pokai to go window shopping also :( )
adidas NEO, pick some icon from part of the world to be their ambassador
there are 10 of them and one of them is a blogger that inspire me, Hanie Hidayahyyup2, this is the girl
well, i just cut short and straight to her blog
HERE she talks about adidas NEO
and HERE how to vote!
well, of u go now for the voting!!
p/s: just the sake of updating

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Need a Helping Hand

salam, hello readers~!

dear friends and readers~

i would like u to lend me a hand for my Leo Club that i entered

please support us in an Online Logo contest and help us win

here are the steps:-

2) LIKE our LOGO

Really glad if you help, have a nice day~!


p/s: check out Ohio Uneversity band

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18/10/11 kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga

salam, hello readers~!!
hr ni kelas pagi tu mmg pack la kan
pastu g tolong2 kat Blood Donation, Organ Pledge and Sight First campaign
ak dtg pun dah lambat sbnrnye
sbb gap selepas klas first tu, ak g hantar Koko Krunch g Perodua

org2 last yg derma darah, adalah, Widi, Din n Capix.
cerita selanjutnya kat blog Capix la kan~ hehe
widi yg first cucuk amik darah tapi die yg last habis hehe
Linknasi lebih bnyk gile mase jamuan
last2 GK pack it all and bg kat ramai org
die nak bg ke Capix@Din, tp diorg kate xmo, Capix bg kat ak balik...
last2, ak suh bg kat Beliau, senang~~ hehe
tp last2 ak kene amik gak satu pack
and last2 ak bg kat Azie, yg berazam, kali terakhir mkn nasi
nak tau kenapa mcm tu, skg ak nak cite skit....
pkl 4 br sempat balik, cpt2 solat n then baru mandi, pastu tgu utk taklimat unit beruniform utk next year (2 semester)
dipendekkan cerita, kami DIARAHKAN, x berkesempatan utk memilih, x semua, tapi kami2 yg terpaksa berkorban la
well, actually, ak serius xnak sebab ak, bende tu yg dapat nma buruk
ak nak buat pengakuan la kan, mcm ak dah ckp kat family and azie smalam, i am transitioning
tp bukan sbb ni, tp sbb hati ak, ak pun x nak la org ckp, sbb ak dlm tu, ak berubah
sbb ak xakan berubah banyak dari segi penampilan cume hati aje dan juga perbuatan, (tapi bukan semua, tolong faham) but working hard on it

p/s: xde yg tudung labuh pun~ hehe
pp/s: rambut tebal!! i ENVY u la huhu :(

18/10/11 it's not me

salam, hellor readers~!

i'm transitioning
but don't think i'm gonna change much

well, in life, u still have to face ur phobia right?
indeed, yes.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

08/10/11 Kejohonan Pentanque

salam, hello readers~!
gambar2 ini xde kene mengena dengan cerita kali ini
sad to say lah, kali ini x gunakan BoB0 pun hehe

so this time around we didn't have transportation
the whole 100 ppl of pentanque people have to go by our own
and everyone who had car have to drive it
so, sampai sane, senaman pagi
pastu, ak, abon, anith n azie telah melarikan diri
pergi mkn hehe jauh lari haha
later datang balik n golek2~~~

petang balik kejap, sbb ade hal, then dtg balik lambat skit sbb tertidur hehe
nothing much la, sampai malas nak amik gmbr haha


07/10/11 melawat mentor lagi

salam, hello readers~!
today, some of teslians are goin to visit sir at KMC
unfortunately, Badak was not well, so, AlexT0 went instead
and there was me, KamalA, kak ann, erni and anith, and Debap have kak yin, kirey, mayam, goh n yna
we went there and later ika came with siken, eidaa, mirah, marcel

after the visit, laju2 kami pergi Tesco Mergong, makan, perut kirey dah buat lagu rock dah~
so, pergi satu mkn ape sume
dah habis mkn tu, niat nak g jenjalan dlm tu
so ingat nak ikut kamal n kirey sambil cr yna n goh,
last2 x jumpe, i end up jalan ngan two guys ni
hahah ala2 bodyguard gitu
then kirey biley jam yg dipilih secara pertolongan kami berdua
and thanks kirey beli ak sebijik donut! hehe
and later g solat an, cam comel la, diorg ke tgu ak ahahhahaha
then balik, singgah KP jap, photoshooting sunset hoho


06/10/11 melawat mentor

salam, hello readers~!
as i was going out of my room to my busy day of class,
i received a phone call phone en asmadi
he ask me to find some friends to visit en zul at KMC (kedah medical centre)
he had what should i say, an ulser gone wrong
i heard he was in kangar but then later he was brought to KMC
so at 5, we went to AS with en asmadi car, along with Beliau, Din and Azie
thanks alot to u guys to agree with me to together hehe
arrived there and went to see him
chat and i realize he kindda give us some tutorial hehe
later went back, stop by to pray and back to ipg
after that have a meeting on Kejohanan Pentanque hoho
me, ainun n azie, in charge of pameran hoho

photo: Qmall Photography, Taken on 7/10/11

Sunday, October 9, 2011

10/10/11 i want BENTO!!!!

salam, hello readers~!
my oh my!
i am craving for food every minute!
God oh God! please spare me for a food spree hehehe
alright the photo is a photo of Bent0~!
yes, Sushi King's Bento not YenT0~
i have been wanting for a month now
i can't wait to go back to my hometown and find some money for a bento box
how i want to eat bento with my other half, becaus i want him to taste it too

actually, i have been reading some blogs that make me wanna eat and eat and eat
but a delicious and expensive foods too hoho
what a pity~
check out the blogs that i found foods at~:-
The Asian Chow Down
Chuckei Baby

my oh my, i wished i never did read their blog, and i will never watery mouth huhu
but i can only afford 1MYR nasi lemak and MYR2.50 nasi ekonomi a day huhu what a pity
and AlexT0 wants to drink too
too many money flow like water~ :(

divert from the topic of food, i would to share u some post from a blogger, Jane
see THIS, she's nineteen and she's feature in Dilemma Cinta video
she's pretty tough and i have a feeling she's from a wealthy family
and she love her Hubby Boy much
other than that, she visited Taiwan and ate at Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe
my oh my, the foods at the cafe looks delicious and cute and kitties!! hehehe :D

moving on, look at the photo below
i can't believe myself that i could still read it
haha i thought i have lost my mojoo on reading Chinese
but unfortunately, i can't read Hangul d and still can read a little of Japanese (yay!)

so, saw the weird looking logo months back? orange with weird spiral thinggy
i remembered my friend said maybe it's something bad logo
but well, is not, it's just Celcom promoting on Kolony, if i'm not mistaken
see, atas KLCC pun ade dah hoho

p/s: have been updating Metamorphosis Go Writing

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ada Apa Dengan Nama Saya

salam, hello readers~!
well, today, i wanna share u all, about how did i get my nicknames and also my name
some people like their nickname better then their real names
but i love mine! and still, i fashion out myself with some other names
but not to say that i hate my name though, so, here i wanna share u all how come up with my nicknames

'Yen' is actually a nickname from my childhood years
but in my primary school, no one call me 'Yen'
except for a twins that i be friend since the first time, i take a bus to school
they are Aja (Azalina) and Aji (Azilin) *miss u guys ! *
so how the 'T0' came about?
in form 5, in my school, we learn The Pearl as our Literature Novel
and there is a baby character named Coyotito
notice the 'to' in the end?
yes, the nickname was derived from that name
so as my other friends, nana, afiqah, adyla, cero, fany and some others
this nickname was a name i get it from secondary school, but we didn't use it much
but now, most of the population in IPG Kampus Perlis called me YenT0

well, my name is Liyana, how can it be Yen??
so, as i was small, my dad call me Lyann
but i can't pronounce my name
instead, i call myself, 'Yen'
and almost everyone call me yen now, but not my friends from primary school
teachers and lecturers called me Yen too

Liyana Dean

the ever famous name 'Liyana Dean'

it's not because i have a crush on Dean Winchester or even like the late James Dean
as u all know, my name is Liyana
and where does Dean come from??
once i heard my dad said, that the people in his college could not pronounce his name correctly
they use to call him, Shaw(Sha) or Dean
in the meanwhile, i'm getting sick of these social network asking 'first' and 'last' name
and at last, i fashion myself with the name
Liyana Dean
*note: my dad was in University of Ozarks (then college)
Nurul Liyana
this is not a nickname, but it is my real name
yes, i have only two syllable in my name
no need for long name hehe
my dad gave me this name, means 'the light of softness'
soft much??? i think not huhu
my mum is a Nurul too
that's why, i don't approve people call me Nurul
cause i fell like they are calling my mother
my friends of the same tuition centre and also from ACS call me Nurul
same goes with Chinese teachers in tuition center such as mr Peter Lingmetemorphosis, nlyann, emoheart, nl
well, these are the nicknames or acronym that associates with me
metamorphosis: from the first album of Hilary Duff, and at that time, i felt that i am turning into something new
nlyann: n=nurul, lyann is the name my dad call me
emoheart: this is the time, where i am into emo hair n make up n style (still do though)
nl: stands for Nurul Liyana but my mum use the same acronym too!! :P


p/s: i have updated my other blog, fell free TO CHECK IT OUT
pp/s: this is my 800th posts!!! :D
ppp/s: Event Management!!!

03/10/11 SungHa Jung

salam, hello readers~!
just wanna share about this amazing boyu can find him on Youtube, just type his name
and you will find what he can do
he can play almost any song with a guitar


Sunday, October 2, 2011

from my Beri Hitam

salam, hello readers~!
gmbr2 ni dah bermastautin dlm beri hitam sy setelah sekian lama, so nak skg nak share (@simpan) dlm blog nih
die ingat die org k0t~

Che Tu minta simpati kat mummy

ok, ini adalah keratan akhbar Metro kot
tapi x ingat la
beliau yg telah kembali ke Rahmahtullah, merupakan Grand Uncle sy
ok, granduncle ye~ (mude kan? final year kat mesir)

white nails by Elianto

woot! woot!
wahai org Felda~~
ini, iklan Sajimee~~~

mase lepas last day of sbe, pergi lunch kat Sushi King with yna n azie and also Mummy
so, ade lelaki tuh, sgt suka ngan bebudak kecik,
segala baby die dukung n layan, gagah betul

yna melayan perasaan (?)

kembara purple! lawa!

mak, abg, n adik belang
mase kecik ag

ni kat mane x ingat hoho
tapi mata kucing ni, besar gile!

yang kat atas sume gmbr2 nama2 ak jumpe hehe
yg last skali ni mmg lawak haha name first tuh~


Saturday, October 1, 2011

02/10/11 october is here

salam, hello readers~!
on october, it is only UAK, in my mind, (exam)
and i'm bored, and money doesn't grows on trees and i am dead bored
nothing much happened.
the usual, going here and there with Azie
and yesterday, i went for early dinner with him at KFC,
(yeah i burn out my last 50MYR) huhu
again, my rum8 is not here, she's back in her hometown, sending off her aunt to Mecca
here, i like to share some photos

well, something happened to me, and i'm happy,
i hope it stays like this forever :)

i want this pumps!!
i want it!!!!
how about this one, it will be a pretty dress for nikah rite??
(rizalman, i think huhu)

why in the world is about wedding??!!
i like this kind of ring
and i have one, bought by my friends, i love it so much!!
and i wear it all the time

princess Diana, beautiful as ever, :D

had been wanted to do this hair for a long time
i mean, not bleaching it
but other colours
hehe and i have red now ^^

well, thats all