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Monday, January 16, 2012

16/01/12 semalam birthday Agong

salam, hello readers~!
guess the day never end
senang2 hati pergi basuh kain
Alhamdulillah.... elok je washing machine tu

so, tengah semangat2, tetibe ainul called
i wonder why
then, it seems that we have to pay the senior for KOT shirt today
at 4 at astaka
like what the~~
so, i hang my clothes and went back to my room only to discover it is 3.50pm
and i was supposed to run up yins' room to fetch the money
damn, so, i was like zup zap zup!!!
and waited for ainul and zel came along
so we walked to astaka
and suddenly, terjerumus ke dalam GOSSIP~~
we sat infront of block C for quite a while when tiara came over cause she was waiting for pn yati

and then i went for uniform fitting at blok B
and had a little fun fooling around and say bye2 to my only 50 MYR (and i am left with 10MYR, i dunno how to survive now :)

and then, just then i am back in my room and rest....
until tomorrow and i have something to worry now
damn, money where the freak are u?
i am so poor now
like literary!
oh yeah, to mummy~
how bout we do this Roti Jala Pelangi, since u said u wanna do one
or u wanna do something like that if i'm not mistaken haha

#1 lapar tgk MKNN INI
#2 Blood On The Dance Floor

Sunday, January 15, 2012

16/01/12 semalam birthday Agong

salam, hello readers~!
hari kan~ kita kan~ ade kelas 3 jam o0o0o0
today we had class with Pn Sabariah again
agak cuaklakan because of the first encounter with her huhu
so today, i plan to go early to class
to pick up the attendance book of course
as i was minding my own business watching Neverland(UKiss) music video
mayam came to my room
and i ended up going to class, fetch the attendance book and the rumusan kehadiran template at En Fadzil with Mayam

and thank God, today went out fine with the Pn Sabariah and also Pn Rozita class but Pn Rozita's class was quite tiring cause it is 3 hours
and i'm actually anxious to see the real style of Pn Sabariah
cause she keep talking about being the 'real' TESLian; presentable, segak, kemas etc

and to all my fellow classmates, it seems i have skip to read clearly about the JPP form, it should be hand in today at 1, but now is 1.15pm...
so, sorry :(

#1 really sorry TESL b who really wanna be a JPP :(
#2 to zel and ainul i have the rumusan kehadiran template d :P

Random: get ur Doa straight

salam, hello readers~!
my fello FB friend post this to his status:-
"Ya Allah..jika kemjuan negara ini menyesatkn umat2Mu di negara ini,menambah kemaksiatan.Engkau mundurkan lah negara ni sampai bila2 ya Allah"

ya Allah, i was so shocked, please i don't want this to be true because:-
i don't wanna be like the Muslims country that have to strive to live. i wanna be in a Muslim country that parallel with the world innovation and all that. so THAT, i could help the other country, so that this Muslim country could help the other Muslim countries to be in peace and harmony and everything will be fine. and EVERYBODY could see the beauty of Islam [:)]

yeah, that was my last answer to him
and he didn't reply
and i reply to him before that telling him it's a stupid prayer
then again, i have shouldn't type that
my bad :( astghafirullah~ *anyone know how to spell??*
and he said about nabi Yusuf prayer and all that
but whatever, what is done is done

and readers, when u doa to Him please do with conscious and think of the things might happen
Doa for the good and better
his Doa could be change into something like: show the truth, bring forward who can lead this county to be a better Muslim country and all that

but then again to me, thanks to Tun Mahathir, he had done much
i can say more because, do u ever wonder why other retreat Muslim country want him to lead their country

ok, enough of that
let's Doa for us to be a better person and Muslim holistically.

#1 photo : Hana Tajima

Random: just go with the flow

salam, hello readers~!

just to remind u, Malaysian readers
u are in a Malaysian country
do what they want u to do.

well, as i was FBwalking, i saw my former teachers' son post this status:--

waste time only wanna study for TITAS... don understand y future engineers need to kno all tis nonsense.. aiyo aiyo....
· · · · 13 minutes ago ·

  • 5 people like this.
    • Kimberly Michelle Rose Ong islamic country says its a face it.haha
      11 minutes ago · · 1
    • Logananthini Jothi lol.
      11 minutes ago ·
    • Liyana Dean EVERYONE in Malaysia have to learn TITAS
      11 minutes ago ·
    • Joshua Eshwar Pillai alrdy learn all this crap durin form 4 n 5... now uni again... haiz... i rather study my core subjects... more useful later in workin life...
      9 minutes ago ·
    • Logananthini Jothi i hate this part.. irritating much.
      7 minutes ago ·
    • Liyana Dean this is what we call a holistic development, this is the aim of education in Malaysia, to create a good person holistically
      6 minutes ago ·
    • Joshua Eshwar Pillai hahahhaha.. i wanna debate wit u but some other time la... gotta go study for the bladdy test tomorrow.. cheers... :)
      4 minutes ago ·
    • Liyana Dean haha i'm just saying man, i've been learning about education for 2 years.. it gets me, hahaha
      about a minute ago ·

so, what say u, my dear readers?

to me it's just for the sake of studying

if u want to learn what u gonna be in the future
, why don't-don't go to school at all cause at school will learn everything about everything and sometimes not have the connection with ur future ambition and what not....

and what did i answer to him is actually the effect of learning everything about almost everything about education

and i know at least better then him *i think*


#1 photo: Hanie Hidayah

15/01/12 hey ho, i miss u!

hey ho, i miss u
how are u?
hope you are doing fine
why didn't i text or call or whatever?
cause you are freaking busy
and you are just a waste of time
good luck!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

13/01/12 Ketua Kuliah

bukan mudah untuk menjadi seorang KK yg bersabar , oh yeah~
bukan mudah menebalkan muka jumpa lecturer
*sila nyanyikan 2 ayat diatas dgn lagu permulaan AF*

salam, hello readers~!
i'm officially on the 'weekend' mood now
yalah, the second week of being a KK
yea2, i know it's a tough job actually, i do realize it
but never thought i will be one
cause i was the PKK for first semester
then again, the responsibility is now resting on my shoulders
and i get the chance to taste it for myself
and it is not easy when ur classmates are not cooperate enough
i thank God, that my class is better then the other classes
their cooperation are better and i thank God for that
thanks TESL B
but still, gotta touch up here and there tough
yea, after the new lect teaching us, Pn Sabariah sound us
it was kindda a slap on me
then again i realize communication skill had to be upgraded more
especially, my classmates
u guys have to do what is right
and don't just follow me,
cause i don't know much either
let's help each other to be the best and prove the madam wrong :)
then again, i am ur KK i tell u
i told u about something,
but why didn't u share w me what u know in the other hand
ask me along in doing something
because i have some other things to do
not only i have to run after things here and there but u have to understand
sometimes, u just made the KK's day better
and yeah, thanks to all who help
really appreciate it
PKK, S/u, treasurer and the AJKs
keep up the good work
and let's help each other
we are left with 13 weeks to go and God willing we will be on rainbow at the end of the semester
lecturers, well they are lecturers~~
sometimes they just give us hard times,
for us to learn
but sometimes, they too don't know about the answer
so, what should one do?

#1 THIS kindda suite my mood now :P
#3 the last cat photo is Che Tu, of course 0.oLink

Random: it crossed my mind

salam, hello readers~!
date & time : after phonology paper last sem

everyone was hungry and the canteen & cafe was crowded, decided to eat out w the girls
as i sat on the chair to start eating,
saw a guy who is a passenger on a motorbike
saw his hair, and i was like: wow~ nice hair (although he had helmet on)
but then~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
it turn out to be MY OWN BELIAU...... =.="

whatever happen, i still attracted to him
so, i can't find reasons to let him go
damn, damn damn


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11/01/12 Golden Disk Awards

salam, hello readers~!
one of the prestige music awards in Korea is here
Congratulations to Super Junior for their multiple awards~!

love my Oppas to bits~! :D


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10/01/12 get out of my head

salam, hello readers~!

i wonder and wonder more
when oh when is the allowance gonna be in
it's not really because i wanna go out much or wanna buy a new freaking smart phone
not that
i just wanna have my own money
so i would not burden my parents

i am NOW actually struggling much with my balance of money from home
and thank Alhamdulillah, the parents just bank in some money yesterday
but that could only cover for me and AlexT0, *nuff said*

unfortunately, i can't even bare using the money for anything yet
sorry to the Treasurer of my class, i can't pay u yet
i'm really shot of cash money

and guess what, the Uniform Body too, want some money
damn oh damn, i know it's like 20 MYR, but still~
dude, i don't have money!

my parents are not like ur parents who have money all year round
my mum is full time housewife now
and my dad is struggling hard, pity him, cause he ain't getting younger by the day
thats y, starting last year, i have been solely attach to my allowance

yea2, you may ask, where the fish does my freaking working money gone to during the holidays
FYI, i gave it all to my parents. nuff said

i wonder and wonder more and also pray
what the heck happened in your head??
i may not have much knowledge but still i can understand more
what's bad what's wrong, what's proof what's not
and what ????? 0.o

please stop, stop, stop
if only there is a stop button that i can really press it

i wonder and wonder more
what in the world is wrong with my back
after 20 years, i have a back ache???
what should i do?
stay straight with an ice cream plywood attach to my back??
well, let's hope its just me having normal problems

#1 well, thats not what i wanna talk about actually
#2 photos are posted radomly
#3 photos: Facebook

Sunday, January 8, 2012

02/01/11 OMGeeeeeeeeeeee

salam, hello readers~!
ini perbualan saye dan beliau di dlm AlexT0 utk ke Kangar
Beliau: hari tu i hantar *sape ntah* g langkawi~ ade Nas-t!
yent0: OMGEeeeeeeee~!!!
Beliau: x hensem pun
yent0: huh~

hello sy bukan tgk muke ek, tgk care die blakon and tgk die je, tu yg jadi minat tu

photo: Facebook:DJ Nas-T

Saturday, January 7, 2012

08/01/12 bismillahirrahmanirrahim

salam, hello readers~!
it is the new year baby!!!!
it took me UNTIL the next year for me to walk from the kitchen to the living room hahahahha
nothing happened
i just watched The Green Hornet with the family at the kitchen hehe

and yeah, people tend to make resolutions for the new year
as for me, i have none
like the years before, i never did have new year resolution
because years back i did have it, but the usual stuff
such as be a better person stuff, but didn't accomplish it, (i think)
same goes this year, no resolution

then again it hit me, i don't have resolutions
but i have plans for this year
i mean loads of it
first thing first, tripS!
yes, big S there
but then again maybe not, cause have to save money though for the future... (i mean next sem)
i have one plan up in my sleeve now
but it is in february
hope everything goes well

second, new second-hp
y in the world i need second phone ptff!!!
still in consideration

third, start a diet
and lose some dear weight
i hate myself looking like this, so i have to do something about it

fourth, work hard for money
after last year, i have start to LOVE money
damn yeah! cuz last year was hard for me
and i have decided to work everytime i have the chance
i get money whenever i can
that's me now :P

fifth, be a better person & better Muslim
gotta change some attitude here & there
gotta know when to wear my 'mask'
and of course i have this intention, only Allah SWT knows what it is
and i wish it will turn out fine

sixth, play with my hair
i'm gonna do something with it
i'm all out now
i want to dye whole lot of it
and of course straightening it, it is outta hand now! :P

seventh, get my style straight
but then again i just realize, that i have my own style myself
i just realize myself
for my own pleasure that is
now, i have idols for my style
no more mix and match weird style and wanted to do that style for ages, and fail it
so my style idols are:-
Scha Al-Yahya
love this one, and i love that kind of coat, and i have kindda like that dress
omg! love the style!
gonna lose some weight first! and got wash my hat... mine is white, and its getting dirty! :(
ayunar & scha, they look almost the same, see, simple style by scha!

and the other style idol is Maria Elena, and actually maybe Hana Tajima too
maria elena & hana tajima
hana tajima, like the combination & heels
nice one
love, love, love
really3, nice!
oh! just wanna share this photo!

see, i told u, i dont have resolution but i tend to plan many things
so just hope and Doa that everything will be in place :D
Amin~. (^^)


photos: Google Image
#1 i'm the new Class Monitor (ketua kuliah) for this sem. i think i have save many souls by doing this, but not mine =.="
#2 and my assistant is dear azie hehe :D
#3 damn hungry! bye!

29/12/11 Cut that hair boy!

salam, hello readers~!
it's a swag y'all!
school is reopening in the corner
and bro's hair is all over the place!!!
and me n mum bring him to the barber
and chop it off :P