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Friday, April 6, 2012

Random: TOP & Katy Perry

salam, hello readers~!
here two person who rock out cool colour hair, me likey~!
Photo: Facebook, Galaxie Magazine Facebook

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photos: it's getting pile up in my rum8's phone

salam, hello readers~!
well, the title said it all
let's take a look~!hey, fayyaz dah besar!
and he looked more n more like my cousin haha
and he was so keen on looking at me
he was looking at my hand and fingers because of the heina on it
this boy can see!
and here's a very cute curry puff my aunt's sister make! and it is spicy and delicious!
my big ring collection are getting bigger!

during my SBE i turn out to help out my cousin getting his 'hantaran'
i thought i was just gonna be there and mind on my own business, but later i gave lots of idea and in the end it turn out, almost everything used my idea, and i did the many2 ribbons
congrats to me~! :d
the curry puff from the above photo

guess what? One Direction added me up on mySpace!
paling banyak notification pernah dapat, seminggu x buka. saya bukan hottsetapp
He followed me back and we went to Ipoh and he went back the next day, bye bye, Beliau ^^
SBE! this time around i went for SBE with Taufiq from BM(manjung) and i did it in SJK (C) Chinese National Kg. Koh, Sitiawan :D
my candle lite lunch with Him
Liliana followed me, cool! thanks for returning the favour

went to Bruas Muzium again, my brother is a Historian now :D


31/03/12 well, goodbye voucher buku rm200

salam, hello readers~!
yes, the IPG teacher trainees just received our BB1M
but fear not, ours end on 30th April 2012

so, here it is,
i was too busy planning and sleeping that i forgot to take photos of the whole voucher
so, the story the day before went like this...
after class, was waiting for my rum8, i have to send her to bus station in the afternoon
so did that later, and we ate KFC, with mayam and azi
because we didn't really have the time to have lunch and then we ate lunch at my room
and i and mayam watch Misteri Jalan Lama

so, at last, the dear Beliau, ask me out to spend my voucher
and we did along with mayam, azi and mirah

i bought my long-time-wanting-book!
yes, A Doctor In The House
damn, this book is great!
he is a great thinker, critical thinking everywhere and yeah gotta brush up my english :P
for RM150 voucher i just bought these in the photo above:-
*a RM100 book
*a cooler pad
*2 black pens, 1 blue pen, 1 red pen
*back up paper
*cats sticker!!!
*a word search book! (wanted a thicker book actually)
*magic pen

at last, i got my McD. but still it wasn't the feeling i want when i go to McD and also i didn't get my mcflurry oreo because i was too full huhuhuhu

#1 can't wait to go back, shopping with the brother :D