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Saturday, July 27, 2013

24th July 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

I asked Azie if she could bring me to Arau to buy my new phone.
It's just Jamal's phone was in a very bad shape. So I decided to buy a new phone using the phone rebate. And then give my current phone to him.
Thus, I asked Dyba, Andy and Jedi if they wanna join too. And they did.
After fetching Tuan Puteri Lim at DIK, we're off to Arau, first stop, new phone.
Went there, got the new phone after a long wait, and of course non-stop fighting with Andy.
And then we decided to buy a slice of cake for Azie, it was her birthday 4 days back, me and Jedi just sang to her, this time around we gonna buy her a cake share with Dyba and Andy.
 first few pictures of the new phone, White Pearl.

Just because, we went to Arau's bazaar.
There was a lot of people and also there was a lot of food but we don't know where to buy or go, but then we did buy something though, for sahur.
Except the two boys, who got their favourite popia.
parking... wheres parking~

After bazaar we went to Kangar, cause I have to fetch my photostat papers.
Then together we went to the new renovated Garden bakery to buy a slice of cake for Azie.
It was quite a havoc, cause me, Jedi and Andy was fighting for which cake to buy =.="
Cause one of us don't want the blueberry cheese cake, but in the end we still bought it.
Before we went there, we went to BSN to top up our cash, then we meet up with Zac, Bona, Rolex, Mirul and Dee.

It was already 6pm, so we decided to buy our breaking-fast KFC and just wait until it was time to break-fast.
After a while sitting and little bit of causing an uproar in KFC, the same gang we meet at BSN came there too.
So, we sit together as if we're plan for it haha
As usual before breaking-fast, the non-stop laughing, photoshooting and talking is a must!

dinner kembar bersama JD

cara dia sampai sgt ganas, takut i~

sabar menanti~

Andy juling :P dah la pakai baju IPG sorang2, malu kitaorg~

why oh why~

Today's breaking-fast prayers was lead by Zachary :D
While we were eating, a whole lot of super junior music class came in for dinner. So it was like a whole big reunion of IPG students I think haha
After eating, I signal the whole gang to sing birthday song to Azie, and she literally clasp her hand over my mouth, so I can't sing.... Only the others sang.
And everyone was looking, Azie was freaking embarassed.
And then we share that little slice of cake with 10 people haha


After dinner, we just can't get enough of having fun, so we're off to Tea Secret.
No where else to go right~ :P

Dyba's, Jedi's, mine, Andy's

 We had couple of rounds of Love JENGA and we actually did the things written though and it was dead hillarious.
Also had one round of UNO which I always lose =.="
 Because Dyba was busy Line with people while playing, Andy decided to "SEMUA PHONE DIRAMPAS" and we end up with  phone JENGA,
Because I like listing things, I'll try lists all the phones here:-
HTC One (ND)
Galaxy Advance(Azie)
Ace Plus(JD)
So yeah, our tower of handphones.
Upon arriving there, we meet up with Prisca, Yakes and Shar.
But then eventually, the same gang from BSN and KFC came to the same place too =.="
wow, talking about the same wavelength....
So, I took this photo with my White Pearl :D
Azie, JD, Mirul, Zac, Bona, Rolex, Dee, Dyba, Andy
I came back I was tired from laughing with everyone and fighting of stupid things with that annoying Chinese guy. =.="
All in all it was a fun evening :)
Thanks Azie for bringing us around :)

So, meet White Pearl, a ninetology.

photos: iPhone5, WhitePearl,PoppyTab

21st July 2013 Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis: School for Key Officers and Mini Orientation

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!

Kai Fong happens to be in the North of Malaysia this weekend so he came over to give us a seminar or so call CLD.

It was held at 12noon in Dewan Pulai B.
It was just the introduction of Leo Club to the new members and some other things about Leo .
We even had our quiz sessions and all that.

kai fong!!

Glad to meet Kai Fong though.
Had a lot of inputs during this session though :D

Thursday, July 25, 2013

25th July 2013 Al-Fatihah

Assalammulaikum & hello readers~!

I was heading home, just minutes before breaking fast when Azie texted me.
I don't even know him much, but still, I felt the losts.

Just finish he's intership today, wanted to go back and meet the family, but the Allah loves him more.
An accident with a trailer in Grik took his life.
Just couples of months ending he's last semester in IPG.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

20th July 2013

Assalamualaikum  hello readers~!

After a week, again we went to Alor Star cause Azie had a certain thing to settled.
So, it was just me, Azie and JD.
Thought that kak Zah will give us manual car, but we end up with the same car yesterday:auto
JD is not really good with auto, so in the end I was the one who was driving.
Long time didnt drive for a longer distance make me feel so happy haha

Drop off Azie at ASMall and then we went to Star Parade, besides JD never been there.
We walked the whole mall and I bought practicum stuff and it was costly :(
Bought a new wallet though cause mine is getting all torn up :P

Didn't realize that it was nearing 6 when we actually go through Star Parade, so we get back to ASMall to meet up w Azie.
Then it was time for breaking fast. And it was another Ramadhan promotion at Georgetown White Coffee and ASMall.
my Nasi Bojari with my deform caramel pudding :( and watermelon lychee

That was when, JD's, mama texted him and asked where is he.
Being the cheapskate of us, we asked Andy to bring us soy sauce for our sushi that we gonna buy later haha

After breaking fast, we went to Chatime, then we saw this whole crowd in front of it, thought it was a long line of people to Chatime, but then it was not.
988 radio was there and there was maybe a famous singer or something, the girl had this awesome hair cut, i mean its just the boyish cut, but i like it though.

Moving on, we bought our sushis and then put it all in the car while waiting for Andy who just got a car.
We went in again in search of a new purse for Azie.
Then we meet the guy and he actually brought the soy sauce.
so gotta let GK know about the house, and i dunno why ND keep strumming the badminton raket and JD eventually is on top of the car (?) =.="

Hell, we dont know what to do in Alor Star since we had still time on the car rental, we asked Andy to bring us around.
And then we just ended up, followed him to his 'friend''s house and then his house.
After a good 30 minutes of doing nothing and ranting in front of the house, we're of to Tesco just because JD wanted a bottle of water =.="
Then we went back, stoped by 7E cause the birthday girl need to buy panadol.

It is Azie's birthday today. I didn't do anything, just that after our doa makan, me and JD sang her the birthday song.



Friday, July 19, 2013

19th July 2013 3rd SpecialIftar

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Moving on with my SpecialIftar this month of Ramadhan.
Me breaking-fast with the ones I love is a must every Ramadhan.
Up to now, I already break my fast with my best friends@adiks.
And I just cant wait to go back and break fast together my family, Oh Allah, I just cant wait, so freaking happy!

I really miss two of my adiks, my dear Zac and Rolex.
Bosan dah asyik tengok muka adik-adik yang lain saja.
Because of the people who are going together are more, we eventually went with two cars haha
We went to C-Mart Arau and break our fast at CKopitiam.
We all were fasting though.

after breaking fast, a little game time at the arcade :P

After filling our stomachs, we went back to Kangar because somebody are excited of going to Tea Secret.
And then because of stupidity, I left the light of the car open we ran out of battery.
An hour after that, we managed to get back, after Kak Zah and Ustaz helped us :P

So it was another waiting journey of us with PDW haha

thanks Zac heh heh heh :D


15-19th July 2013

Assalamualaikum & Hello readers~!

I'm starting my second practicum on the 15th July and it will end on 20th September 2013.
This time around, our partner were given by the English Unit itself.
So I was given Mariam as my partner and our school SK Kampong Serdang, Simpang Empat, Perlis.

The first week was ok.
Well, cause I have already undergo my first practicum, so I have a lot to compare.
Some pictures yea?

Make it the best of it yea, Yen?   :)


14th July 2013 2nd SpecialIftar

Assalammualaikum and Hello readers~!

Had to held a meeting together with the AJKs of Leo Family Day event.
So decided to gather them. As i already promise them to treat for dinner, so we went to Pizza Hut Kangar.
Really glad that the meeting went as I expected.
Everything will be ok just that I have to discuss the plan with the president.

Pizza Hut was indeed understandable that the foods are served almost to the breaking-fast time.
And our meeting ended perfectly at time for breaking fast.
while having the meeting, the kids play with the games paper

one happy family. p/s: the middle is the mother

dyba and me

the seafood ramadhan thinggy set(?)

LOL, pretty hand right? tell me what you think at the comment section
After the Iftar, we went to 7E and then just go lepak at Kuala Perlis.
Just having fun and enjoy life. :)


Saturday, July 13, 2013

13 July 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Today it's the fourth anniversary for PISMP 2011 January intake of IPG people.
It has been 4 years I'm here in Perlis learning about life. :)
Thanks for the lessons :)

After yesterday's discussion, we decided to watch Despicable Me 2.
Up skit, we all went to AS Mall, and I invite JD, cause he the one who ask to go and watch the movie
He's be minioning for the past month and it seems annoying =.="
We planned to go at 2pm so the whole morning i was BORED TO DEATH. literaly =.=
Then, Bona suddenly IM, mentioning he might wanna come along, thank God there's space in the car.

So at 2pm, I went down together with Dyba and we're off to Alor Star.
Arrived around 3 something and we draw out our money and me and JD went to buy the tickets.
But 4pm show had sold out, so we bought the 8pm show.
And before breaking fast, we walked around the mall and went crazy in this accessories shop.
i was walking up and down the shop dunno what to buy, too many things that i like.
And thank God there was JD who is a very good companion for shopping though, he gave good opinion. should bring JD again if i wanna go shopping hehe

at 6pm we waited at the food court until it was breaking fast time
and Bona and JD waited for us to break-fast, good of u two.
unlike the other chinese just munch of to their food without even feel respect towards us,
our combination maybe interesting cause a pak cik sitting at the back was looking and smiling at our group hehehe

azie and the minion

dyba, jd, bona

 After the movie, we're off to McD, dunno which McD to go, I just guided Azie through my rusty memory of the roads in Alor Star :P
And we have our supper. And there was quite a lot of IPG people we meet, not to mention the ones we meet in AS Mall earlier though~
Everyone is out and having fun with the allowance :P

 meet a cute kid named Zachary and we just literaly look at each other, because he's name is Zachary, semua terus fikir pasal Zac hahahahahaha
happy family

 in the car, we played songs and sing alllllllll the way back to IPG
but pause for a moment, cause there was a roadblock haha
segan plak abang polis dengan nanti hehe

these photos, taken when we arrived in IPG actually :P

JD photo bombing =.=:

yours truly :)

So, eventually, I bought a lot of things =.="

and I bought KIL DVD :D

thought of buying this one, but then JD wanted it so i took another one and he bought this one

I guess that's all for now.
I had fun :)