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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

01/04/10 allowance and heavy rain is here

tiba tanba, kelas x de...
untuk pagi ni~
tiba tanba society diawalkan ke pagi~
tiba tanba ade kelas mlm nie....'haiz...
rehersal plak tuh..
line satu pun aku x hafal lagi...

pas pkl 1 tadi,
sy, hunny, zel, azie n alexto, menuju ke kangar~
elaun da msuk...
n alexto dpt mkn
setelah sekian lama minyak die hampir empty~

kemudian g plak mkn kat pizza
ni, azie n zel teringin~
sy sendiri pun da lama x mkn pizza
kire2 setahun lebih ar~

tadi gak beli stock mknn yg dah 'zero'
kat bilik.
beli oat crunh, ruski n air kotak

tgh ondway nk blk,
hujan lebat...
hujan lebat gile...
hampir x nmpk jln...
tp alhamdullilah, sampai gak kat maktab..
n jaga die yg jaga ok tuh...

hujan lebat giler ar.
siap ade guruh n kilat sume...
langit pun gelap jer,.
baru pkl 5.30pm dah mcm 7.45 pm..

mlm ni ade klas...
apekan daya, en.asmadi mahu buat klas...
oh! hujan masuk dlm bilik!*tutup tingkap*
brrr..... sejuk!

agak ganas ribut disini...
x tau la mlm ni nk g klas mcm mane

mlm smalam g klas ngan kreta..


01/04/10 the April Fool is here!

april fool!
don't worry, i'm not planning any jokes of april fool.
'i never really did a massive april fool jokes too, and never been in a situation of massive april fool jokes.


well, i hope today the allowance will be in.
because i am running out of money!

zel and azie planning on going for a pizza today.
and hunny was excited to eat pizza too~!
so, today,(if the allowance is in,)myself(and alexto), hunny, zel and azie are planning to go to pizza hut after the society class today.

talking about society, i didn't ask them to pay the fees yet!
hurm... the allowance willl be in, so, why not?

eh, another 12 days to hunny's birthday!

gotto go now, finish up the PPT slide for social studies.
evcentually i did the same topic as some other girls.
so i have to redo it~


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

31/03/10 March Ends

oh no! the March came to an end!
my all glorious month!
my fav. month of a year!
bubye my dear march.
till we meet again next year.
march is the third month of year.
it's my birth month.
i was born the same day with

Shaquille O'Neal

but i'm short, and he is incredibly tall!
"The name of March comes from ancient Rome, when March was the first month of the year and named Martius after Mars, the Roman god of war."
cool huh?
i took it from wikipedia.
i like the roman gods sculptures...
kindda interesting...
and i can't wait to watch the Clash of Titans movie.
man... that is a massive roman greek god war!

well, birthdays!
the least expected that i expected!
i had hunch about it.
but i ignore it, TOTALLY.
only the day of the organization assembly that i voice(whispers) to my friends about it.
and to my least expectation, the guy who ruined my mood turn out to have the same birth month as me!
i was like WHAT THE FISH?? *and stumble onto the floor nearly fainted*
ask zel if u don't believe me...
and the other two!
oh my GAGA!
they too had the same birth month!!!
but the good part is, all three of them are the KJs
huargh huargh!!!
so, am i gonna end up like them too???
being a KJ???
KJ for HEP?
i wonder what will happen to the place

so, i think thats all for now~


Monday, March 29, 2010

30/03/10 kenangan dolu2- SIGS, Johor Bahru

due tige hari ni memang nak walk down memory lane kot~
nak cerita hal2 sekolah dulu~

gmbr sebelah ni, gmbr time balik skolah~
mase form 5 dulu~
Saye cume Librarian jer dulu...
tu yg cam lain skit baju die tuh~

ok, back to kenangan dolu2..
after 2 years in kindergarten, i went to SIGS.
short for, Sultan Ibrahim Girls School, Johor Bahru.
unfrotunely, x lame kat sini.
in about six months.

i was REALLY talkative when i was in primary school.
so, having the same classmates from kindergarten makes me excited and i talk more.

i remembered when it was the day we have to had our vaccination or sumthing...
there's one girl who run the whole school because she scared of needle...

this school is opposite to a boys school, STAR.
(does girls school have to be opposite boy's??)
i'm not quite sure what was STAR stands for~

well, not much memory of this school though.
some are awful ones..
maybe i'll share it next time.
cuz i required a long explaination.

maybe you all wondered, why didn't i stay in Sri Utama?
well, Sri Utama is a private school.
private school doesn't have what the government giving to the schools under them.
like universities opportunities or even the SBAP or MRSM.
so, my parents change me to this school.

that's all~!
i think~


29/03/10 kenangan dolu2-SRI UTAMA, Johor Bahru

i stumble upon Ulya's blog just now...
he is just a guy i went to the same tuition with...
i guess he don't even know me.
so, as i was reading his blog, he shares the story about how he learns english and also how to breed rabbits..
it was hilarious!
so, today i would like to share with you about my school life.
and how i pick up english....

here is the photo of me, 2 years ago.
thats me during form 5.
getting ready for school~

i was born in kuala lumpur in pantai medical centre...
but KL doesn't have a beach to begin with!
moreover the hospital is situated on top of a hill!

then me and family moved to johor bahru~
during my earlier years, i grow up in JB.
then, the time comes for me to go to kindergarten!
where the children whom had a rich family came here and also the royalty.
duh, my senior was the TMJ's son!
i still remember their cute outfit!
with the skirt n tie.
cute! but it was grey in colour....
i was a star here.
i was always the princess...
yes, i do plays when i was in kindergarten!
(but now i have MACBETH!)
i was the Puteri Tujuh of Ulek Mayang and also the sleeping beauty!
but i was NOT a bright student.
but HERE is where i start to learn the language....
i talked in english with my neighbor's children.
but they couldn't understand me!
they where chinese~
i wonder what happened to them.

sometimes i miss my kindergarten friends.
in the old days there are no such things as handphone or internet connection for the little ones..
so i just left kindergarten and friends just but saying goodbye..
i remembered, alan(my macai..haha), fatin aithri, nur lina dato' ismail, farah, charles..
man....long time i didn't mention these names..
i just hope to meet them again.

if GOD willing, i WILL meet them again.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

29/03/10 cara saya mkn baru2 ini.

dah due hari x jumpe nasi.
weekend ni mmg sy x mkn nasi.
satu butir pun.
1) nak save duit
2)diet (diet ke?? haha)

maybe hri ni dpt nasi~!
nak mkn nasi~
dah lame x jumpe nasi~

tapi skarang mkn kene control~
hunny control....
(mcm la bende yg x baik~ haha)
sehari mkn sekali je yg berat~



28/03/10 I am happy for u.

as i was sleeping in the evening after ironing my clothes for the whole week,
my mum called and waked me up.
she brought me happy news...
she has come back.
what a relieve that she is ok.
and she is back
i miss her.....
after she left, i was all alone...
i went through growing alone.
i was growing alone for the past year that is when she is not there...
i love u. we love u.
plz dun go away~
plz be here. for me.
i miss u.
i need u.
i only have u.
u r fun to be with.
i recall how we watched the movie together(Eagle Eye)
i was quite frustrated when Kami The Movie is not in our cinema.
but we had a blast watching Eagle Eye.
thanks for accompanied me.
now ur back.
only slightly different i hope.
i hope we can go back to normal.
lets go out like we usually do.
now i can drive.... i have my own car..
go and have try later, when i'm back..
if God willing, i will be back this weekend.
i really want to see u.
now i'm crying.... happy tears...
i'm sooooo happy that ur back.

I Love You, Sister.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

27/03/10 Earth Hour

8.30 to 9.30 pm. 27th march 2010.
yes, it was earth hour.
the picture above was me during the earth hour.
i used negative effects.
yarh~ as u can c i'm on my laptop.
only the lights was out..
but the fan and laptop was still on~
i think it's much better that way
cuz i cant stand the heat~
one of my ex-classmate, zin, only switch his laptop in support of the earth hour..
i think i'm better than him~
i intend to only turn off my lights...
but when the time came i didn't turn it off...
but YY come pounding on my door and ask me to switch it off in order of earth hour~
so i did....

in conjunction of earth hour, The Petronas Twin Tower turn off their lights in support.
as u can see in the photo above.
btw, i took this photo from daniel...
my friend, caroline, said that the sunway piramid support the earth hour by turning their lights off too.
well, i think thats all for now...


27/03/10 masa yang sama pada tahun lalu

last year, i work at this one CD store in my hometown.
Golden Inn Music Store.
it was heaven..
i could listen and watch anything i want~
oh, i miss those old days!
here i have a photo of me with Garfield.
i called him garfield.
because he does looked like garfield.
my boss, Eric, always feed garfield.
but one day the cat doesn't come to the store...
well, i guess maybe someone took him~
about my boss, he is a nice guy~
there's another working with me.
her name is Jaslin.
she's my che che..
long time no see her...
missed her too~
Eric likes to cook curry~
he cooks and ask me and jaslin to have a taste!
and i like it!
well, i'm kindda miss his curry now...
working here, i learn more about the chinese and hong kong entertainment...
and also learn mandarin~
just a little... :)
after i left the job, another leng zhai(handsome boy) fill in.
Jamond. can't speak any other language than chinese....
but i manage to communicate with him one night....
kindda hard though~
but man...does he look like a korean star~!!!!

jaslin and me

eric, jamond and me

miss u guys!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Crying for No Reason

everything is where it should be
but why am I crying?
why is my heart feel sad
I have what that I wanted

Because you worry too much, syg
I will always be here with you...
I'll do anything
For you...

The tears, it can't be stopped
For no reason,
No reason at all
Why oh why....
I can't find the reason
My heart keeps on crying
I can't stop it from flowing
It just flow like a stream towards the sea

(I really wish that I could change that sad tears
to a happy tears... deep inside I am crying too..
All I could do is just sitting here and don't know
what should I do... My Dear, I'm sorry)

1st March 2010
March, I have been waiting for this month every year
When this month came,
I will be overjoyed and brag about this special month
But this year, and why this year
I felt this sad;emo feeling crouching me from the inside
Is like something bad, wrong, sad is happening
As I'm aware, all are ok
I have everything that I ever dreamt about
God, please help me....
Lyann (&Elyas)
(Library IPG Kampus Perlis)

22/03/10 Kasut Tumit Tinggi dan Kebaya

disebabkan due bende di tajuk blog hari ini, saye menjadi sopan...
but i can't stand people ask me too much~
yeah, i know i'm short, but do u have to literally said those??
yes2, i looked taller...
so what?
today, my shoes took more attention of people than my dress..
but well, i know they didn't mean any harm..
thank you for noticing my shoes though~
and thanks to shandra who like shoes and some who thinks the shoes are sexy...
talking about the high heels, i remembered my friend, jaslin.
she gave me the high heels...
love ya, princess jessie!

and yeah, it's raining in perlis.
but just for awhile.
but really bring the coldness in the air.
God Bless Perlis!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

22/03/10 Penat3x~!

4 hari berturut2 travelling....
18/03, g cameron highland..
one day trip.

19/03, g teluk panglima garang..
in klang , selangor...
just meeting my aunties, uncle and cousins...
long time no see them...

20/03, g semula ke perlis...
the hols have ended, so i have to go back to IPG...
going back with AlexT0...
arriving in Alor Star, fetched Hunny...

21/03, hantar Hunny balik jap....
bilik die combi g kunci!
huh! combi jahat!
die balik and mandi....

penat penat penat


Thursday, March 18, 2010

18/03/10 teh strawberry

tadi saya pergi ke-
Cameron Highland
one day trip only.
sebab g ngan keluarga,
n angin die sejuk..
agak menggigil gak tadi~
tapi ok je.
saye beli payung ade gmbr strawberry..
sgt cumell~
suke kot.

the chicken pie in Boh Tea Farm

does anyone knows what is this?

it's awasome!

jamalto n yento

walking back...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

18/03/10 Seeing through Groovy Green

kelmarin, march 16, saya telah menerima hadiah hari jadi dari parents saye.
iaitu sepasang contack lans.
eh, no...
contact lenses.
saje untuk suka suki punye...
saye telah memilih warna groovy green...
sebab baby aqua(warna yg sgt cumell itu) sudah habis..
pakai bende ni susah giler lar..
cam ne korang yg pakai tu elok jerk??
kluar kan nye agak senang lar..


Monday, March 8, 2010

09/03/10 AlexT0 is ALIVE~!!!!!

dgn kebaya pink Dubai Silk...
saye turun ke AlexT0 sebelum ke dwn peperiksaan.
amik kasut...
nk warm up AlexT0...
masuk kunci, pusing...
"tret.. tret... tret.... tret...."
lorh! X LEY START!!!!
alexto jgn begini!!
then, mengadu kat hunny...
xpe, bt ujian dulu..
Language Development..
better then yesterdays' paper!
lps mkn terus g kat Alexto...
still x ley start...
gtau mami, suh gtau abah...
tgh berlegar2 kat alexto, nmpk AbgT0 n d gang!
apelagi, panggil la diorg....
tgk punye tgk, mb ade masalh battery...
everyone thought so...
so, *bising2* keputusan diambil...
lets do d jumper!!!
huah huah!
pastu nmpk plak atilia lalu..
so, alexto tlh menggunekan hikmat heart dari krete atilia utk menghidupkan dirinya...
akhirnya, ALEXT0 IS ALIVE~!!!!
thanks to hunny, cuz being there w me.
thanks to mummy, cuz bgtau abah..
thanks to abah, cuz bg tunjuk ajar.
thanks to abgto, cuz helping me w alexto.
thanks to atilia, cuz bg pinjam 'hati' krete die.
thanks to lemoc, cuz menyibuk and attract lagi banyak attention org...


bile tgk balik tadi, KAMI telah kembali...
tapi bukan seperti dulu.
kerana ada diantara KAMI sudah berubah.
tapi KAMI, tetap rakan seperjuangan.
aku, pak yeh, atilia, abg dan limok.



04/03/10 K.O.T. Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan

IPG Kampus Perlis mengadakan sukan tahunan!
cam bebudak!
cuaca panas tahap gaban~!!!
bnyk juga sekolah yang menukarkan jadual sukan mereka kepada bulan yang x panas...
tapi kami terlebih semangat kami dah buat dalam bulan mac...
dgn budak tesl yg terhegeh-hegeh nak study...
agak mengacau di situ
saye masuk ape??
mestilah saye masuk acara PEBARISAN~!!
tahun nie, rumah ungu, dibawah bimbingan En. ELIAS TALIB....
*guling2 mcm tenggiling*
nmbr dua mestilah rumah sukan gue....
merah @ Synergy!

disebabkan aktiviti rumah sukan ini, saye telah berkomunikasi dgn DIA yang saye benci!HUHU
malas dah nape saye benci si JAWS tuh...


06/03/10 happy birthday to me~!

yent0 is turning 19 at 9.30 pm!
nothing much today~
i was with hunny the whole day.
n hunny set up a celebration party for me.
just the girls though..
he cant be here...
it's the girls hostel!
thank you, hunny soooo much!!!
love you~!!!!
All starts of with a knock at the door and i opened it....
came in zel with this cute cake and singing me birthday song... and put some icing of the cake on to my face!
n there was also mariam, ida, shahid, ika, yy, zenyi, li cheng, kak ann, azie n also zel of coz!
love ya guys!
thank u for celebrating my birthday~!!
after everyone had their cake, they went back and left me, mariam, ida, kak ann, azie and zel we gossiped until it was three o'clock in the morning..
it was blast!
hunny treat me well, he bought me earrings and a bangle.
abgto gave me a teddy bear as a present..
thanks abgto...
My lil bro compose a song for me, he played it on the keyboard and i listen to it through the telephone.
thank you , jamalto!
thank you to my parents who brought me to the world. ^^



07/03/10 Alexandra Alexis

ape bende tajuk blog nieh??
name org ker??
awat complecated bebenor namenyer?
gmbr diatas..
menunjukkan kereta unser n kembara...
Alexandra Alexis or dikenali sebagai AlexT0 di IPG Kampus Perlis, merupakan kereta saye yang berwarna hitam(yg bile panas mcm oven~) iaitu Perodua, Kembara.
the car have a named...
better known as AlexT0~
this car is a SHE ok...
but she looks like a guy...
description boleh rujuk kepada Amber dari kumpulan SM Entertainment yg baru: f(x)
hehethis is Amber of f(x).
ataupun kepada mereka yg kenal Kaii...
AlexT0 cam dier ar..
apasal la aku nieh bagi watak manusia kat bende...
(personification k0t~ masuk bab english studies jap~)
here is Kaii

hehe just love the way she snaps her pictures!
n today for the first time AlexT0 dapat berada dibawah pokok..
x lah panas...


08/03/10 MOCK Exam

mock exam~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(gmbr kat sebelah nie cam nerd jerk~!)
baru turn 19, IPG bagi hadiah exam...
ape lah nasib.
tiap2 tahun exam mase birthday...
tadi baru menghabiskan paper Language description...
setelah exam paper diambil oleh pengawas peperiksaan, saya telah mengalami hilang ingatan.
megapakah saya berada di dalam dewan???
lantak lar..
tomorrow, ade paper Language Development...
x tau mcm mane rupe bentuk exam paper die...
x tau nak study aper...
study jer lar....
the next day is, English Studies~!!!
menci sama ini subjek...
literary divices? poem? trifles??
nasib baik x de macbeth..
last paper on Thursday is Social Studies....
yang ni kene ade point...
pastu baru ley merepek kerepek nak tulis essay....
*guling2 mcm tenggiling*
gila gila...
minggu dpn da cuti.....
balik hari sabtu kot...
cuz nak kene kosongkan bilik...
mana mau letak brg???
kali ni balik sorang nmpknyer...
balik ngan AlexT0~
AlexT0, kite balik hari saturday ek...
kite balik slow2...
nak sambung study...
(tetibe ley buka blog, tu yang menulis tuh)