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Friday, September 21, 2012

12-15/08/12 Final School Based Experience

Assalamualaikum & Hello readers~!
before raya this year, i have my final SBE and i did it just beside my house,
walking distance:5 minutes
i can even see my house gate, from the school office haha

at first, i thought i'm gonna do it alone
but when i entered the office, i saw an Indian girl who is already there
and it turn out to be Kosila, one of the girls i did together in semester 2 at St. Francis
so, it was a relieve i at least have a friend!

this school is known of being an SJK T, just because the school is known for Sekolah Gandhi, because the memorial hall is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi
so, i was expecting more indians
and it turn out to be something different!
yes there are malays and indians
but there was only 1 chinese in the whole school
and the others? the others are all from Sarawak n Sabah
this school had a lot of different ethnics come from Sabah Sarawak
i thought of having a normal SBE at this school, but it turn out to be different as well

1st SBE: All GIRLS school
2nd SBE: All BOYS school
3rd SBE: Chinese school
4th SBE: ethnics school! haha

so, here are some photos:-

U can actually see my house!

small school but many to offer!


me & Kosila
SK Simpang Empat Sitiawan has many offer, be there, and you will be amazed! :D


hina or tak hina

Thursday, September 20, 2012

31/08/12 Merdeka! Malaysia's Independence Day

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
for the first time, i'm actually participating in an Independence day event of an official level
we the TESL group which have Music as our minor were ask to do choir for the Independence Day for Perlis state.
went to the place with IPG's bus including KRS group, DPLI group and some other semester 4
woah... bangga juga masuk IPG nieh hehe
got the chance to actually sing in front of Raja Perlis and the Raja Muda
betul2 depan muka wei!*across the street la haha

nah, dunno what to write, lets see some photos!

Choir Partner!

random kid, that i end up annoyed with, because he wants to kick me

mari pulang n tunggu makan free!

accidentally made the cover fall out and try hard to put it back!
the choir was good, but i myself ruin it
i forget some steps,and it was a disaster! 

well Happy Independence 55th Day Malaysia!
I will always love you!


17/08/12 Hangout with the girls (Conswan)

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
yes, it's the time when everyone(almost) from my high school days are back in hometown
and everybody wanna gather
and i was the one who appointed to gather us all
*eh? really? i thought it's just a normal gathering~~~

we chatted, and some will be going here and there, in and out of the country
wow, how we have grown apart.
but still we managed to come together at some point :D

The unexpected guess, i manage to grasp! haha

Care & Ieka

my god! i look cheesy! haha w Joanne, congrats girl! pergi sane jgn lupa saye! :D

me, Dyla, Care & Renu


Stairs much? >.<

Caroline, Jaya, Azzira, Renu, Gurshan, Joanne, Adyla, Me, Ieka, Nana
these friends of mine, decided that i should be the project manager for the next five years reunion!
damn u guys! haha a teacher that is also an event manager! haha
hurm, i always like events, maybe one day.

to tell you the truth readers, i already did manage to put up quite a handful of events already :P
but that was before i have blog and i was in high school
one event was after high school just before i started studying in Perlis :DD
may God bless.

p/s: all photos from friend's Facebook

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

20/09/12 how is me?

 Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

 "if i was to dress like the girl above, will you still be my friend?"

will you?
i hope the answer is yes though 0.0
here's the time where i open an empty 'new post' and write something that is in my mind
yesterday, we didn't have our class at all
it supposed to be replace sometime near the future...
nah~ who cares when *really*
i'm gonna random stuff now.

yesterday, there was a Majlis Penutupan Bulan Kemerdekaan in IPG Kampus Perlis
me as one of PPIM, is required to do lintas hormat in front of the IPGK Perlis's director along with the other PPIM and UBs....
it was really short, that we barely noticed if we did it right haha

later, we have to sing again the songs that we sang during Independence Day in Perlis. (reminds me that i didn't post about this yet! wait for it ok~ :P)
this time, we did the choir thing in front of the Director and also the Vice
enough with that, in the same time there are Pameran Inovasi or same sort, that each class had to send and exhibits their ABM (alat bantu mengajar)
all in all, i didn't have a single photo for this day, cause BoB0 is in the drawer in my room haha

as in for today, my class have only one class on, and it is only one hour
I was REALLY DAMN CONFIDENT that I will not be choose to be one of the storytelling competitors
but in the end, mdm Sa'adah call out my name (or she didn't?)
oh may, i have lock away my story telling stuff, after I disappoint with myself of always looking at the paper, because i didn't fully memorizes it
oh Allah please help me :) *high spirited*
i'm just gonna enter to fulfill the English month (*eh?)

somebody threatened me to comment in my blog!
is that even a treat?!
that is not a treat-lah! haha that is something i like! nah!
and to that somebody, if you get hold of 'edward' sleep-in-library, i will gladly to post it here though hahah
and you also said that my blog is boorriiinnggg.... of course lah! all talking about me lah, of course boring! to me, ok je~ :P

also, my KK ask for praktikum partner yesterday itself!
ohmyGod! it made me numb for a while?
who wants to be with me?
but i end up being with Atilia....
how about hoping to get a school in Perak? haha *i wish-lah!
p/: condolences to Atilia's grandmother. Al-Fatihah

05/09/12 Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis Blood Donation Drive

Assalamualaikum & Hello readers~!

it seems, it's the third time i'm actually in a Blood Donation commitee under the name of Leo Club
friends already known me as a Blood Donation face due to this
but mind you that, i never actually did donate MY  blood hahaha
don't blame me, because i think mosquitoes already took their share from my blood streams 0.o

this time i'm the VOC (vice organizing commitee) next to Andy who is the OC
i was the OC for the first blood donation though, and the blog post is actually in this blog somewhere :P

for today it's Blood Donation+Organ Pledge+Sight first :D (i wish i had this names right)
it's 3 in 1 health campaign! 

let's see some photos shall we.
mostly taken by Richard n GK using Alex's camera, i think :D

I WAS ready at first huh!

Supposed to be the OC and VOC photo


Excited much?

Terima Kasih kerana telah membantu menjayakan program ini.

me & JD favourite picture, thanks to GK!

the GK pose! with Jia Wei, me, Sam, Richard, andy, JD and Kai Fong
 but this time, we didn't get many hits because a month back, there was already a blood donation
and the usual people who do blood donation, had already donate before
but we manage to get 20 people at least today.

18/09/12 Welcoming the Juniors

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
 yesterday was the day that all the TESL came together and gather to welcome the new members of TESL family.
it was delay long enough to get me myself to get to know the juniors without this gathering.
i think the juniors only know me & azie, because we visited their exebition
never mind that now
like usual, my friends reluctant to come.
they say, they are snob. and the other party say the same thing. its a never ending cycle of not understanding
but seriously, some of them are.

the pioneer seniors didn't do anything, except for just came and ate
and junior's multimedia was a freaking mess
no photos of us, and spelling errors was freaking everywhere
i'm devastated. :(

enough of that, let see some photos.

Junior's Performance


with Azie

Muni & Yna

Fatin, Mirah, Yin, Ika, Azie, Yna, Izati

Erni, Ema, Ida, K.Ann, Geok Cher, Karmen

with Christine~!

dengan adik2 tersayang. andy, rolex, bona & JD

<3 much? with Beliau! always fail to go with the same colour wuhuhu

yeah, u can see how weird i am tonight. w Ika

with the Super Junior

w Ainun *teleng kepala

w Ainul

w Azman

Zel n Mirah
 later after the Welcoming Party and Raya TESL
we have choir practice for tomorrow's event
Majlis Penutup Bulan Kemerdekaan

so, welcome Super Juniors!