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Thursday, June 30, 2011

30/06/11 gila bosan ak hari ni!!!

salam, hello readers~!
hari ni bukan bosan ape, hari setiap kali pergi kelas mesti rase nk tdo yg teramat2 sgt!!!
ya Allah!! sesak!
mlm td tdo awal, tp masih ngantuk sepanjang hari
tp bile ade break tu, tdo 15 minit je pun dah x ley tdo balik then ngantok balik kat kelas adoi~
rase nak nangis je kat kelas huhu
benci gila~

and mlm nye havoc skit, lepas kelas ade taklimat BIG
mlmnye, lepas buka skit tu, pergi meeting Leo plak
bincang theme apa suma
and then meeting blok plak
x mkn ag ok, lps meeting blok br mkn tau! thanks rum8 belikan ^^

TERIMA KASIH kepada siapa yg mengundi diri ini
saya akan cuba sedaya upaya utk gerakkan blok ni bersama Ketua Blok serta AJK yg lain hehe
and kami AJK sume dpt minyak wangi dr Pn Jauriah, thanks puan~! :D
mmg teringin pun minyak wangi ni ^^

random photos:-

certificate Leo~SiWon & Abah
huhu miss rumah~

p/s: timbalan Ketua Blok~ -.-"

29/06/11 visiting

salam, hello readers~!!!
nnt kite cite yea~

ok, sebelah petangnye pergi melawat en Madi bersama Mayam serta Pak Yeah
lepas dah sembang2 tanye khabar and perut berkeroncong tuh,
kami pergi mkn,
budak due org ni dah mmg gile lapar la
ak ok je~
so pegi mkn kat pokok tui
and jumpe sekor kucing ni,
semangat ak g kutip die dr bwh meja lain bw die kat meja and peluk2 die

and terperasan jugakla, apasal kaki die besar n tgn die pelik~
rupenye die ade 6 jari kaki
and ibu jari tgn die besar mungkin ade 6 jari gak la
x pernah plak jumpe gagah ak jumpe kucing ni
klu dah duk umah sewa mmg dah amik bela dah !!! :P


p/s: malu la, malu la, pointer2 huhu

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

29/06/11 sepagi bersama abg dan adik2

salam, hello readers~!
*well, my blog had been hold for 2 days because i can't excess to the blogger*
so, today i went for survey of finding venue for the upcoming Leo Event
i went with Kai Fong, Aishah, Richard, Jia Wei and Valen~

we went out at 9.30++ am then we went for our breakfast at Anjung Keli
it was my second time eating there and i think we are the first customer of the day haha

then we proceed to Putra Palace later Seri Malaysia
then again, we didn't came to conclusion on where to do our Leo Installation night

group photo
(Valentine, Jia Wei, me, Aishah, abg Kai Fong & abg Richard)

then a pose picture from Valen
it was raining heavily!!!

p/s: Money is not everything, Everything is not money

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28/06/11 rocky

salam, hello readers~!
after suprising ema & ika with a birthday cake the day before
today, it's happening again
this time ema wanted to buy cake for her roommate, ida
so, we went out and bought cake and they(ema & kak ann) bought presents for herand at last i could eat nasi halba, after 2 days trying to get it
ate it with vanilla coke and also a drink my rum8 can't finish because she have to rush to class
and kak ann bought me colourful doughnut!!!! suke sgt!!
and ema bought me red bean bread which is delicious!! thanks guys!!
and this is the cake where it is keep in my room :P
*bak kata rum8: mmg bilik kite sejuk pun~ hehe*

the cake!!!
ok, bukan saya yg pilih~
ema pilih kek bebudak ribena nih ~ :P

so, the 'rocky' written as the tittle is actually the chocolate rocky on top of the cake :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO IDA!!!! welcome to 20 y/o!! :D
p/s: want a happier life for ur parents and adik2??? CLICK HERE

28/06/11 style ur uniform?

salam, hello readers~!
well, today to those guys who are the same age range with me, lets go back to the past!
hehe yeah2
to the school years, not too far~ just the secondary years
well, you know our boring school uniform right?
yea, the white and blue or green
green dah la x lawa
x mcm the photo above, different school, different uniform, like COOL right!!

then again, having different school uniform not all that cool cause when u wear it, u have to bring the school dignity
but here in Malaysia, almost all the school here have the same uniform, except for some tittle@responsibilty, usually wear different uniform
when the same uniform is worn, the only thing u can chuck off and do ur own thing is ur NAME TAG
but not anymore, where the name tag and school badge are sew to the clothes! EWW!!

then again, i'm lucky, cause i wear librarian uniform since form 3 and except fridays, where i wear my baju kurung uniform
because i only wear name tag and no badge and of course the tie~ in the end i manage to wear a tie to school and learn many kind of tying it with Abah and i manage to tie my tie before my bro~
tetibe jadi kuli an, tiap2 hari ikat tie die gak -.-"
so, i wanna ask u guys, have u ever try to style ur style to go to school?
*such as have different hair style then anyone else?
*different material for the uniform?
*the way u wear ur uniform?
*some will wear accessories although its's against the rule; such as ring, bracelet, bangle or necklace
*and some let a keychain out of the pocket, such as some sense of style
*and also wear shoes that can be wear at school; fashionable sneakers in place of boring Bata (example) school shoes

as for me, i'm the proper kindda girl at school
but mind u, only at school hours, when the school ends, my tie and my tudung will go missing, and i will look like a gangster! -.-"

my school was damn, strict, whether they are strict or not, we will always have our way to go around this matter :P
at school, i was one the religious teacher's(ustazah) target, because i seldom wear my tudung for PE lessons~
and until now, i does not really favour these kind of people and sometimes i feel phobia towards them
see, this one of my weakness
but then again, it always falls on deaf ears
damn, stubborn, i'll tell u :P

p/s: share about ur style at school! :D

Monday, June 27, 2011

27/06/11 ganti puasa lagi

salam, hello readers~!

wah, dpt buat rambut mcm ni pun ok gak hehe
but then again, forget it cuz sesuai utk org2 kurus je
ak ni dah gemuk mcm tong gas
you know what? the other day my friend miss took of someone else of me, but damn, to me that person is much bigger then me *to me* so, maybe i am that big huhu
(besarnye ak T.T)

ok, today ganti puasa lagi, and 6 days more, yeah, mmg x ganti2 lagi dr tahun lepas
call me pemalas, i know

i ask yna to accompany me to buy my dinner outside and i drove AlexT0 around to let the engine running and me and yna talked all the way
then i accompany yna to buy air bungkus
then i came across a kitten at the cafe
it can't open it eyes!! OMG! OMG! ya Allah! tulun die!! sian!!
ak dgn heroicnye, basahkn tisu dan mule lap mata die
apa lagi menjerit die huhu sian die, TAPI X PE, DIE DA BLH BUKA MATA!!! YAY!!
Bukan nak kate la kan, yg mcm BAIK sgt tu x tlg ke makhluk Allah ni jugak, blh plak , duk kat meja tgu nak melantak je
ak yg lapar dah ni pun, semangat tlg anak kucing yg perlukan pertolongan ini
lepas dpt tlg kitten ni, hati rs seronok dan tenang
x tau la bebudak BAIK tu rs ape

hah, sedang menulis this post, my dear lecterur text me, and ask my what i got (maybe for my pointer) oh, damn!! i didn't do well :( why is he asking me!!
then again, he told me to visit him (dang, again :P)
so, guys, he is warded again, virus infection, so u all sume tlg doakan die cepat sembuh ok
so, i planned i wanna see him on wednesday
ergh!! sape nak teman! tulun! hehe:P
p/s: Rasul pun syg kucing
photo: not mine :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

27/06/11 uh-oh! i miss!

salam, hello readers~!

have u watch the korean drama My Princess
i just watch of because yna gave me
to fill my weekend, i just watch this drama
watching this drama towards the end of the story really make me miss someone
miss him as he USED to be
or the HIM that i know when he is with only me
the side that people rarely see
really, i miss the other you hoho

such as in this photo
i know u always do this to me, but then again, it has been along time since i last see that

the expression that this guy wears,
it really remind me of u
when u say ur promises
and i still doubt it :(

hoho yeah, i miss~
p/s: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ika!!! happy 20 y/o~! :D

26/06/11 the start of busy days

salam, hello readers~!
so, i woke up to nothing to do today~
haha then again, things come piling up

1st: i have Leo Meeting-knowing the new directors and it seems Leo Club somehow like been conquer by the Johorians and a lot of senior-junior relation before we enter IPG haha
and, i really hope that the club will take on some consideration on some of my groups' activities. (my groups were karmen, christine, ah peng and also richard)

2nd: went out with mayam, ida n yin to buy cake for the 2 birthday girls: ika & ema

3rd: i went to do the club promotion for the juniors. kindda no use of going cause me and the other directors did nothing but killing a CICAK and laugh and chat
other than that, i have meet the famous Baby!! herney's sugar glider. damn, i came to like this little thing d!! kalau la blh bela gak hehe :P :D

4th: after leo club had their slot i went bag to block cause i want to celebrate ema's and ika's birthday!!!
the best thing is, it was night and i have 4 BODYGUARDS with me!! :D :D :D
they are, Valen, my abg Richard, Malcolm and also Sam who switch on the lights for us in the hall way :P

and you know what, it seems, our block have water after all, thank God!
and my class starts at 12noon tomorrow :P

p/s: maybe i have to go to Timah Tasoh Resort today w the other Leo Directors =.=
photo: Tumblr and Zinah blogspot

Saturday, June 25, 2011

26/06/11 to cut or not to cut

sala, hello readers~!
as u may have read my previous posts
i have been playing with my hair much
and suddenly i had an idea
it just occur to me when i'm back in campus
So, i was thinking of Him to cut my hair because he have the scissors
but then again the only free time is next weekend, but i dunno what really gonna happened on next weekend hoho
so, i really can't decide
but i have already ask him to borrow the scissors to me, so who ever can cut hair please do tell me, or i will just end up cutting my own hehe

i don't really know what style i want, but i wanna make it shorter and lighter :P

then again, i cam to my senses ( it should be call not senses, my craziness to be exact) to put some colour on my hair
i really do want it!!!
i'm getting sick of my own hair :P
damn, i can i have new hair colour??? haha
if i have like the photo above kindda hair is enough with me hehe
but more natural,
now, my room is next to the warden's so, kene jaga sikit la :P
so , i wish i can come up with a new hair and fast~ :P

photo: all photos founded on Hanie Hidayah's blog

25/06/11 no will to go out

salam, hello readers~!
it is kindda odd cause i have lost will of always going out and waste my time
seriously, i was in front of AndyT0 the whole day, literary!
ask my rum8 if u don't believe me
i was all day reading Hanie Hidayah blog and watching My Princess
and the internet connection was not very good so i didn't blog or FB i just read others blog
other than that i am alone here
i mean, my other half is back in his home have somethings to do back in his hometown
being a senior of some school and been known for it such a good deal, cause once in a while u can go back to that school ( if u like it that way :P)

no money and it will bring to no will to go out and lepaking
but i am thinking of going out today but dunno to go with somebody or just me alone and the nature and BoB0
after reading Hanie Hidayah's blog i have the urge to camwhore and taking pictures
ahhh, i miss my cat huhu
i really hope i could go to Langakwi as soon as possible so i could go before the havoc of sem 2 starts~
but then again, if we received our allowance on the 28th, we still have this thing going on on the 2th, so i don't know if we could go or not

pp/s: i dunno why i use the 'damn' often know :P
photo: Hanie Hidayah blog and some random photo credited to the original owner

26/06/11 water shortage

salam, hello readers~!
after a week of no water at my blog (which i only have the time to take my bath in the shower only twice) the water came back yesterday
but last night, there was an announcement that there will shortage of water in perlis from 10 am to 12 pm
i was like what the fish????
damn, if i have enough money, i won't be here now, i will be ready to 'run away' from here *sigh*
i'm really getting sick if the lack of provided things
then again, i just have to bare w it for another sem, then we have to stay by our own
wow, i pray that everything will go on smoothly

note to self: i don't miss, what i don't have
p/s: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMA (my classmate) FOR Her 20th BIRTHDAY :D

Friday, June 24, 2011

24/06/11 dah tenang baru blh ckp

salam, hello readers~!
it's really occurs to me when my dad says:-
"finding money is our work, you are just require to study for now"

well, to think back, these things only suitable for working people
have a lot on mind now
i have to pull my grade up this semester
i can't throw money either
really, this thing came at the wrong time of my life
it's not about the money but it's about the condition
i am not going the share with you the condition i'm in
but i'm trying to go day by day by letting it to be in one corner in my mind
well, it's a lie if i tell u i am not jealous of them
but then again i AM with what i have :)
damn nice, siapa ade kreta yg dah bayar full der? hehe ak pun ade la, bhai
hehe so, i don't miss what i don't have
hurm, will see, maybe i will get back to this later in my life
seriously, crisis time la skg, x sesuai hehe
asyik2 keyell, keyell, dah tu negeri lain?? hehe
xpela, xheran, ak sendiri branak kat tengah2 kota, parents pun kerja kat tengah2 kota gak dl
so, sedikit sebanyak ade jugak membenci keyell tersyg tu

ape2 pun mmg utk la, if you have the time, i don't really have time hehe if i focus here, mmg blh pergi jauh tapi pointer pun lepas mcm nak mati je, baik duk bilik layan movie, study hehe

haih, yent02 perjalanan masih jauh, ak bersyukur dgn ape yg ade
yg lain tunggu 2 je la >.< (wink2)

p/s: ok jom layan GD & TOP
photo: Danny Noriega

24/06/11 Declaration Of Intergrity

salam, hello readers~!
actually ak penat dileteri

so, lain kali naik AlexT0, paham2 la ade la pulangan ye~
die pun nak mkn gak~
bukan tuang air ye :P

spt biasa, perkhidmatan AlexT0 utk ke pasar Ramadhan pada bulan puasa akan dtg akan kembali
RM2 sekepala

adoila~ dunia~


24/06/11 suck(crap)

salam, hello readers~!

straight to the point!
ok i would like you to know, 100% malays does not suit me well
i like mix better esp Chinese.
you may say know, oi! x sedar diri ke??? ko tu melayu! cine ape ade!?!
sorry, bhai, ak x lupe, its just i hate when Malay get too malay
i was raised in mix community and i prefer it better
damn, i hate 'them'
x pasal, ak un-happy and down and feel betrayed! hahaha

this thing really caught me at the wrong time
really wrong time
my problem is not the same as u and me
mine is kindda HELL of a big thing
i'm kindda wanna brag here, i know i can do this i really can
it is easy but HELL i'm stuck here
with the problem that everyone have and also my studies
its really troubling me damn~

it's hard growing up and being a human

p/s: jgn terasa sape2 pun
pp/s: seriously, these are just crap i wrote

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

23/06/11 up-patah kaki

salam, hello readers~!
ok, roadtax utk Cik AlexT0 sudah sampai! hehe
terlampau gembira
mlmnye dinner@date bersama Ika di Kuala Perlis!
just 2 of us~ me likey!


18/06/11 Macaroons

salam, hello readers~!
so i would like to say thank u to my cousin's wife for remembering me!!!
cause she bought me Macaroons!!!!

my cousin and his family~
kak farah, thanks!! :D
so, this is my first time~
well, only two have feelings
and i think i will not eat this like everyday cause it damn sweet
but i will eat once in a while~!
hehe :D

22/06/11 wanna get my mind straight

salam, hello readers~!
well, suddenly it came to my senses that i have some liking on some accessorries design
but now i'm thinking which one i like hunting and buying?

the new liking, but then again most of people come to like this too
and maybe not really my thing anymore
cause i don't like on hacving the same with almost everybody
so and so bracelet
i wear these mostly with my baju kurung
damn like stars
i'm gonna stick with stars more :)
most people like this too
but i'm still in the process to have more skulls
other-odd accessorries
haha this one, i like these kind of things too
it's really edgy and lain dari yg lain haha :P
multiple bangles
i use to have these when i buy the Indian bangles
but now i buy more the multiple-mix bangles

i prefer things that not most people like :)
p/s: my mocking bird novel is w fad and she just visited me just now haha
pp/s: later yna wanna come and take some movies
ppp/s: i'm still hungry hehe