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Saturday, December 31, 2011

10/12/11 Pesta Laut Lumut & Pangkor

salam, hello readers~!
To tell you the truth, there are two events going on this weekend, here in Manjung District.
Well, this Pesta Laut event goin on for 3 days.
this is actually an annual event
Today, i'm working at 10 am to 5pm. So, i decided to ask the family and the cousin to go to the Pesta Laut in Lumut.

there was also a live band, and it said on the add that it will be artis popular :)
So, got home "golek2" for a while and get ready to go.
the cousin(Nadiah) arrived and off we go

took a lot of brochure about tourism Malaysia. Plan for a trip next sem. But did not know where to
And got a FREE KL map! which i really need it

after the Pesta LAut. We search for a restaurant for dinner.
as i got my pay for last month, so it was on me today.

Went to a biker Restaurant; I mean all the bikers with big bikes and all, came all the way here
Even Datuk K and Dato' Siti Nurhaliza was here too.
(wow, they come all the way to Sitiawan? hoho)

Later send the cousin and later went back home. :)

#1 all photo was taken by Imy Anchovy via BoB0

9/12/11 The Cousin

salm, hello readers~!
Today, finally my dear cousin who just freed herself from the dreadful SPM examination; come to my house.
It's been a while, I've been telling her to come by the house.
And she visited me working yesterday.

well, we did nothing.
we just stuffed ourselves with Korea stories and Super Junior
Showed her bunch of Korean videos
And we watch Dream Tea, some random episodes of We Get Married (WGM) of Dimple Couple
well, thats all what we did!
And we sleep and watch Tomato (a short film on Youtube)


1/12/11 The New Experiences (edited)

salam, hello readers~!
well, it had been 10 days since I've been working at a mart located in front of my house; Hor Mart.
The boss is ok, rarely he is at the mart.
And I was left with the supervisor; Mages.(she's not photogenic)
Sweet girl though. She is pretty! hehe
Last 2 days another Ah moi joined us; Chai Ching. cute plump girl.
It had been 2 years since my last part-time job.
So this is a new experience .
Never work in a mart before.
Before, i mingle more with Chinese & musics n movies lovers. And I know about the backgroundUnlike here, I learned about cigarettes & other ;mart' stuff. And actually learn how to use a cash register , and many more
and this time, I go international ~! ~well,almost~~
South-East ASia to be more specific! haha
Bunch of Bangladesh, Myanmar and all sorts

It was not boring at all. I can still 'cuci mata' though haha
There are 2 customers that resembles Jacob Black and Seth Clearwater!
like seriously!
to tell u the truth, they are all not that hideous.
there is one Myanmar guy (i think, but came to know that he is Thai-Myanmar) who have rosy cheeks! damn! i'm jealous!
Yesterday i found out something about a Chinese customer who became a regular here.
He asked me about a soup w a weird english accent.
Then, he asked me if i am an indian or malay

i asked him to guess. he answer i'm indian =.="
i told him, im a malay and i ask about him weird acccent
so, he told me he is from China
thats y he talk english w accent
and today he came again and ask y i din wear hijab
damn! no answer! ==________==""""""""""""

and readers pray that i would wear it sooner or later :)

All of this come to one statement I want a make.
I wish I don't have to say I am a Malay, and I just can say I am a Malaysian
Because, before people thought I was Chinese, now Indian? So, I just thought, when people ask me, I wanna just say, I am A MALAYSIAN! :)

30/11/11 Adek Gumok demam!

salam, hello readers~!
i am really pack up with work..
adek gumok demam!!
x main langsung!
duk diam je
duk tempat pelik2 yg jarang die duk


27/11/11 It's Rainbow!

salam, hello readers~!
yes, i have started work for couple of days now,
and as i was taking some air at the work place
i saw this beautiful full rainbow
so, when back in and take BoB0 out and snap some
working here not only u have to do the stuff in being a shopkeeper
but some times we have to be a baby sitter
so these are the kids from the restaurant beside the mart

24/11/11 Twilight SAGA: Breaking Dawn Part 1

salam, hello bloggers~!
i tend to type less, if u know me, just ask me, how this movie goes
well, i was some sort of fortunate to watch this movie on the day release in Malaysia itself
the movie started with a raging angry Jacob storms out the house and run off into a werewolve
because he received the invitation
the wedding was beautiful
but that's not all
i like the shoes and i like the wedding dress!
the wedding dress to me kindda like a couture and old and decent but also a little sexy there (at the back)
the bare-back with the net was like so low( o me -lah)
the honeymoon was terrific!
it really get into my head that i wanna get married and have a honeymoon like that
u know the feeling that being w ur love one that is officially part of u
damn damn it was beautiful
looking at them , they are really CUTE!
and the other vampires was cool too!
they are all vampire-ish!
and i like werewolves!
they are werewolves fighting scenes which i really dig it!
and jacob was so macho when he stand up for himself! :D

when bella was pregnant it was really intense!
u know, she turn into a walking skeleton!
and the delivery was scary!
but the ending was superb!
like the ending part! :D
to me, this movie worth watching :)
like it like it so much! hehe