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Saturday, June 9, 2012

09/06/12 Umat Islam di Malaysia perlu bersyukur: Dr Mahathir


KUALA LUMPUR: Bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, mengingatkan umat Islam di Malaysia supaya bersyukur dengan nikmat keamanan dan pembangunan yang dikecapi negara sekarang.

Beliau berkata, ada sebahagian umat Islam negara ini yang tidak bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah SWT yang dikurniakan kepada penduduk Malaysia dalam bentuk keamanan, perlindungan daripada bencana alam dan pentadbiran kerajaan yang cekap.
"Keadaan kita sebenarnya, kita kurang bersyukur dan kalau kita pergi ke negara-negara lain, tidak payah jauh, dekat-dekat sini pun tidak apa, kita dapati bahawa keadaan mereka lebih buruk daripada kita," katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Konvensyen Saudara Muslim Peringkat Kebangsaan di Pusat Islam di sini hari ini.
Sebaliknya, kata Dr Mahathir, umat Islam negara ini juga dihasut supaya jangan bersyukur dan diajar untuk memaki orang.

Beliau menegaskan tidak ada negara lain yang mana umat Islam dan bangsa lain hidup dengan bahagia kecuali di Malaysia sementara dunia menyaksikan keadaan huru-hara dan bencana alam seperti taufan, gempa bumi dan ledakan gunung berapi di tempat lain.

"Jadi janganlah buat angkara. Kalau tengok orang buat demo, demo jatuhkan kerajaan, kita pun hendak buat demo jatuhkan kerajaan, kita ada cara hendak jatuhkan kerajaan iaitu melalui pilihan raya, kalau dapat menang, menanglah, kalau kalah, kalahlah," katanya.

Beliau seterusnya mengingatkan mereka yang tidak bersyukur ini bahawa dalam Al-Quran sudah disebut janji Allah SWT di mana mereka yang menidakkan nikmat Tuhan akan ditimpa azab yang pedih.
Beliau berkata, sekiranya umat Islam bersyukur, nikmat daripada kurniaan Allah akan dilimpahkan lebih banyak ke atas negara.

Beliau juga berpendapat sekiranya ajaran Islam diperjelaskan dan ditunjukkan dengan betul, ia akan dapat menyatukan seluruh penduduk negara tanpa mengira agama mereka.

"Kesukaran untuk berbuat demikian menyebabkan kadang-kadang segelintir penduduk bukan Islam berada dalam keadaan bermusuh dengan agama itu disebabkan pandangan negatif mereka.

"Bukan kita nak paksa orang memeluk agama Islam tetapi pandangan negatif ini menyebabkan kita ini kadang-kadang macam bermusuh, itulah yang menyebabkan kita tidak dapat menyatupadukan rakyat," katanya.

Dr Mahathir turut ditanyakan soalan oleh seorang wartawan dari China yang beragama Islam mengenai pandangannya berhubung umat Islam di republik itu berdasarkan lawatannya ke negara itu sebelum ini.

Dr Mahathir berkata, semasa lawatan ke daerah yang didiami penduduk Islam di negara itu, beliau mendapati mereka sangat patut kepada ajaran agama. - BERNAMA


Monday, June 4, 2012

04/05/12 to go or not to go

salam, hello readers~!
i'm torn between two...

should i GO TO BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR IN Malaysia or just STAY IN IPG FOR the EXAM?
if i'm going to the Concert, of course i will be a VERY good student this semester
other than that, I thank God cause i'm not the KK for next sem ;P

its going to be on the 27th October 2012 at Stadium Merdeka
the cheapest ticket maybe will be around RM200 ++
my aim is that, not much of my budget to go for rock zone nevertheless the VIPs seat....
yes, it has been confirm
see HERE

and i go do some Google Image of the Stadium Merdeka :-
 now, i know what's near to Stadium MErdeka, so, its a possibility of going there though
 *merapu jap*
if according to this Avril's 2008 seating plan, i'm going to be around the Rm100++ and below free seating... x mampu~ heh heh tapi semangat nak g gak!

but seriously, i wanna go man!
but still, if there is SuaraKami 2012, i'm gonna consider it, if the artists are worth it hehe

and Big Bang came out with a new single: Monster
everyone was so freaking awesome!, this time, i mean, everyone is a 'freak' freaking awesome!
So, check out the Video!

p/s: should i go or not?? 0.o

Saturday, June 2, 2012

02/06/12 Out & about: with firends

salam, hello readers~!
Adyla has to go back to SA on Sunday so i decided to see her before she's leaving
so, ask her out and Ieka join in as well as Care
at 8pm, fetch adyla and also ieka
and for the first time went to my cousin's working place, Foos Steak House
after a while, Care came over and my cousin took our order
we sat there until 12.40md
but Care went back early cause she just arrived in Sitiawan this evening

we ate and talk and consult and whatever haha

what i ate, Rustico Something2 Chicken Something2 =.=" it was my cousin's idea though hoho
after seating and talking for hours, we went to chill at Marina Island
and then back home



p/s: Rafique's cigarettes makes my hair smell! damn! :(

28/05/12 39th MD 308 Leo Forum: Photo Session!

salam, hello readers~!
so, on the third day, then only i had the time to actually take out my BoB0 and take some pictures!
haha but still it is so little and didn't get the chance to take a photo with Past International Director Hjh Ellis Suriyati Hj Omar though :(
the morning started with i'm the only one who woke up and bath and continue my sleep haha
when everybody is up, i just put on my eyeliners and be ready
it is the last day, why wont u be happy?! haha
so, went down to breakfast with Jia Wei and later join by Vhina

later, Kai Yee called me up and ask how many tickets should be bought for the committee that is going back that evening...
after breakfast, me, Kai Yee, Alex and Dyi Enn went to the jetty and bought the tickets and were back in the hotel!
dekat je tau!! haha so the ticket for going back for that evening is with me, and i cant wait to go back!! hhehehehehe

the day starts off with Forum theme Talk "Fly Beyond Dreams, We Believe!" by PID Hjh Ellis

this is during the Forum Theme Talk
 all the above photos are during the Forum Theme Talk

after that session, supposed to be the group photo taking session
but then the time was not equivalent to the programme arranged
then we shift our place to the back, where everyone is...
and we took some photos and fool around

next up is Closing Ceremony.
so, we settled ourselves at the back and just mind our business
and whenever there are representative of our club  was call forward, we will do the 'ROAR' and we even help out AIMST Leo, because they were out number...
i get to lead two roar calls and i stuttered! hahahahhaaha :PPP

Sam came in and i wore his sunglasses. so here is the ferry ticket for us that evening, me, sunglasses and Jia Wei

wanted to take a photo with Sam but then Kai Yee walked in and he is in the photo! haha

me and Kai Yee; Head Dept. of Logistics & Transport

Closing Ceremony

the guy in the red checked shirt is the beat boxer from last night

me and Jia Wei

me & Sofea, a girl from Sg Petani ^ ^

and of course, me and my new friend, Silvi from Indonesia!
 i thought she was going some else but she saw me and instantly came and see me.. ^ ^
i'm excited dapat kawan baru! hehe

Vhina, Me & Jia Wei with all the Indonesian Leos and Lions

with the Forum Chairperson; Council Chairperson Anthony Cheong
JIa Wei, me, the famous Eric and Vhina

i didn't understand the 'W' thing too... but Eric was kindda annoyed by it haha

Si Sheng and me, the speaker for my session yesterday :D
 after the photo taking session i tried to make myself useful by helping Kai Yee
call out the people from inside the hotel and tell the, they should board the bus to Jetty Point
between that, i run around with my phone camera and take photos here and there hehehe
with the Forum Organizing Committee Chairperson, Leo Ka Kai Fong . and of course la, my abang! :DD congratulations ya, Abg Kai Fong! u did great! :D

with the Deputy Forum Organizing Chairperson ( Event), Leo Loke Wai Yew.... is the person is a very friendly person! haha kadang2 suka kacau orang lah, dah lah he is like really tall than me! i feel really short haha

with the Head dept. of Food & Beverage, Leo Voon Zi Miao, Zi Miao, like ur singing and the foods was great! :P

me and Sam, the adik hehe

with the Head Dept. of Seminars and also the Top Secretary, Leo Richard Leopold. abg richard congratulations! haha and also GKs 'peace' fingers there :P

me and Jelvis Yim from Sam Tet Ipoh, be friend him just before boarding the ferry to Langkawi cause we both who were holding Alex's big bag while he go settled things

so, this our hotel room. packing to go back ! yay!
as we wanted to go to the Jetty Point, it was raining heavily
we went there by two vans, one who was drove by Kai Fong and the other is Malcom
heading there, there was a jam and we afraid that we will not have the time to board the ferry but remarkably we did it
and we're back in Perlis together in the same ferry! haha
Kai Fong and GK went back the next day, because they accompany the Indonesians Leos to Pantai Chenang and they are heading back tomorrow too :D

ok, i think i had enough of blabbering