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Monday, October 4, 2010


i don't understand you

i don't understand you

you curse just for the fun of it

curse for the FUN of it

i'm tired of it


sadly, i can't change you

it's ok, i still like you

you know what?

i were always kindda sad when you ask someone else for something
despite i'm having that
kindda jealous though.
it's ok
cuz i didn't have the things that u gonna ask them tough

but sumtimes i do

what more if you ask the same gender as i am

and this is f***ing sad
i thought u gonna walk w me
in turns out not
turns out i'm walking alone

that's yento btw.
The Loner.
The Imaginative.
I miss my imaginative life
maybe i will start it back
it will be fun
and wont have to feel sad anymore

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