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Monday, July 26, 2010

15/07/10 English Language Camp 2010 First Part>>Experiential Learning: Information Based Visit

15/07/10 English Language Camp 2010 First Part>>Experiential Learning: Information Based Visit

the last day of our camp!

this morning there was no aerobics! yay!

At 7.45 a.m. of the third day of our Language Camp on 15th July 2010, Thursday, we were all packed up and ready for the visit. We boarded the bus and at 8 a.m. and we were off to the first stop. There were also six lecturers together with us on this visit. They are Mr Ideris Abu Bakar; the Head of Language Department Mr Ahmab Zulkiply Mohd Yassin the Deputy of Language Department, Madam Nor Sa’adah binti Othman, Madam Suliana Wan Chik, Madam Ernie Adnan and also Madam Hayati who is also our Camp Commandant.

After about an hour in the bus we reached our first stop; Jabatan Pertanian Negeri Perlis Kompleks Pertanian Bukit Temiang, Berseri, Perlis. The delay was from the bus which stop to fill up the gas tank, and apparently we arrived a little off from the schedule.Upon arriving there, we received our breakfast and were instructed to eat at a place mention. Eventually we were called out from our breakfast and we entered a meeting room for a briefing session from the man in charge, Mr Ghazali bin Zakaria the Director of Perlis’s State Agricultural Department. Although we were all hungry but we appear professional as future teachers, we did what we we’re told. 120th day when we could eat the grapes. We learned more about grapes that day and we had the chance to snap some pictures of the baby grapes.After that, we were off to our next and last stop of our visit; Pusat Pertanian Bukit Bintang. The main purpose of this place is to conduct a special project. The project called, Bukit Bintang Mango Plantation Project (Projek Tanaman Mempelam Bukit Bintang). There, they only focus on one kind of mango, Harumanis.
We also learned that Harumanis can’t be made into something else such as juice. It won’t last long and Harumanis is usually only for eating. After knowing so much about the Harumanis mango, the rain got heavier. Unfortunately, we can’t have a tour through the plantation.
At 12 noon, we boarded our bus back to IPG Perlis Campus. Arriving in campus 30 minutes later, we were given our lunch. We ate together like a big happy family. The visit was indeed an informative visit. We all had gathered a lot of information regarding the agricultural sector in Perlis.

14/07/10 English Language Camp 2nd Day

as usual we will be ready at the foyer to do our aerobics

and we had our breakfast at the Open Hall...

but we spent half an hour just to wait for our breakfast to arrive...

unfortunately they didn't get the exact place..

were doing our activity in Pulai A today

and elyas was running up n down to HEP and he bought nasi lemak...
sebab dah lapar~
in the end me and elyas had alot food for breakfast...

in the morning we spend our time creating a jazz chant from our short story, three little pigs in groups.

after the morning tea, we had a choral speaking session where en asmadi talked about choral speaking
next, we did a choral speaking script from our short story
then, we were back in PULAKO, and we presented our jazz chant and choral speaking~

after lunch that afternoon and zohor, we had public speaking session with pn sa'adah and we had to do some public speaking to at Pulai A...
everyone was given a nmbr and each nmbr had a titled to public speaking about~
and~~~~ i was nmbr six i was called out~ like what the h???
my titled was If I We're an Animal I'de be a.......?
i choose to be a dog, a dog house that is...
where it has much more advantages from cats...
(sorry cats ~!)

after tea we had Language Games
the BEST ever language games~!!
we were in group...
i think pn Suliana pick out us personally for our group members...
my group, Ema, me, Rowther, Karmen,sya the other i cant really remember! sooo sorry!
ema did the guessing game REALLY funny though...
she act her heart out...
and it was fast

then rowther did a great job w the same sound words..
(i cant remember the correct term for this thing~)
i was ALWAYS a second after rowther(abgto) to say out the word...
like what the huh??

then we had a word search...
we didnt find much..
mate keliput semuanye~

then there was like a telifon berkarat kind of game..
we stand in line facing backwards until the one tap us to act out, the first act out the letter pick from a container, and the act has to be guess by the last player...
and this WAS REALLY FUNNR~!!
damn funny i tell u!
i nearly had my intestine out laughing so hard because of Pravina...
btw, love ya pravina~!

next stop was a charade game....
abgto was really funny!!!

to sum up today's activity, i WAS TIRED BECAUSE I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD


Sunday, July 25, 2010

13/07/10 Language Camp 1st Day

i woke up early as usual...

we have aerobics in the morning..

lead by akak azie...(a senior)

then we had a breakfast...

(like usual camp they had a lot of eating break~)

then we had ice breaking session with en. jamaluddin and also en latfi...

we all had been divided into some groups...

i'm together w kamal b, syafiq, ahmad(lan.. he called me nurul! duh!),anith, umai, siken and GOD! I DIDN'T REMEMBER WHO...
sorry yea~!

it was really funny though and we had fun...
and the shoe issue too!
mek la n widi had the same shoes...
when widi was up to say something w elyas, widi had change his shoes!
and eventually widi's shoes was put into the center and was like a display!

then a gain, we had our tea~!
later we had a puppetry session..
we did our puppets and some of us did the presentation...
my group did three little pigs...
there was me, geok cher, kiki, anith, din2 and also tehi~
i was the second pig though~

later in the evening we had opening ceremony..
it was short and content...
then we change our clothes again for Info hunt...
just like a treasure hunt.
DAMN we go zig-zag through the campus!
it was DAMN far okey~

my group consists of me, elyas, tehi. mek la, santeeya and also sri...
we start of with badminton court, the banggunan pentadbiran, SDI's canteen, surau, banggunan RBT, astaka and back to PULAKO...

and i was walking all the way...
and..... WHAT??
we are THE FIRST one to arrive!
really cant believe it!

after the info hunt, it end for the day,...
cuz we HAVE to be in DIK of the MQA briefing~
really a waste timer...
we supposed to do the puppetry presentation that night....


Friday, July 23, 2010

24/07/10 Mkn2 bersama TESL B

hari ni azrin n ika nk buat mkn2..

khas utk TESL B

so, mereka perlukan khidmat AlexT0

as usual, AlexTo is the AJK transportation

so, we set of early at 8 am..(early? hehe)

and we're off to pasar pagi!(market hehe)

it seems that it were just me, ika, yin, erni and ida the younger ones in the market!

so, we bought lot of stuffs...
and we went to a shop and we meet a en.asmadi junior!

then we bought some kuih and nasi lemak...
before start off w cooking, we at surau..
(cuz we are using the surau's kitchen)

then, we start of ingredients....
after the ingredients were ready..
i went to hostel to wash my clothes w the machine...
then im back in the surau's kitchen....

after a while, me, atilia n geok cher went to cafe to buy some drinks cuz we are thirsty!
we went to cafe with style...
cu we are not walking but atilia drove WajaT0 there...
WajaT0 is Kamal's car...
its not a Waja ok, but its a Satria...

after everything was ready...,
everything, every food and some people boarded WajaT0 and AlexT0 to go to the cafe.
cuz we going to eat there~

(there's one time, it was azan,,, and someone called kamal asking where he is... but it seems the caller didn't believe him. that kamal repeating the word 'surau' many times... hehe)

so we ate and the rice was like ALOT!

pakyeh, always menyibuk... hehe

kunci kereta WajaT0

let's go on with it!


it's sad to say some of us were not there...
azie n ainun and also kamal who had work to do at the PULAKO

(dah lame x ke dapur... dpt g dapur, it really make me come back to the memory of doing together work w mami...
and i DO COOK ok... not just siting there...
i miss that mami!
hoho )


Friday, July 16, 2010

16/07/10 Islamic Musical Show

aku baru pulang dari menghadirkan diri ke Islamic Musical show anjuaran PGPI(Persatuan Guru Pelatih Islam)
show ni utk muslimah jer~
girls yg non-muslim pun ley join gak~

so ade la beberapa persembahan
dikir barat from blok melati I best hehe
semangat gile~
blok aku, melati 3, buat nasyid jerk~
blok melati 2 la yg paling TERBAIK LA!

crite die pasal ade sorang ni dah mati n kehidupan die di replay kan balik
tapi thats not the best part yet!
yang best nye.....
tetibe dari belakang dtg la due tige makhluk berbaju putih stained w red mengendong yg kelihatan seperti bayi....
da la jln scary...
pastu die bley plak masuk kat audience
knowing girls~
apa lagi, wak wik lar menjerit x tentu hala...
'bayi' tu plak die baling ke arah audience dari satu kelompok, kelopok yg lain~
apalagi menjerit cam gila la diorg~
x ckup yg itu dtg lak menatang setan2 berlari tahap F1 terus ke audience...
sialan tul..
aku mmg takut siot...
walaupun tau itu org jerk...
dah la siap ade kerande n kemenyan....
tapi mmg terbaik la ...
tepukan buat blok melati 2!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

09/07/10-10/07/10 Eclipse Trip

(gmbr ni time first raye lepas.
gmbr yg pak yeh g print dan letak dlm wallet die da menyebakan aku terkejut beruk sampai sedikit menjerit pabila die tunjuk kat aku hahah
n gmbr ni la bile umi pak yeh lihat dan die kate suh aku diet skit... aduh!)

baikla rkan2 mari start crite

actually this trip was an idea that azie, me n pakyeh has came up with last sem., when we are lepaking(with no money) at Kuala Perlis.
as we all are (not actually) a fan of twilight, we still wanna watch it.
cuz alot people say its a good movie
as we think that just maybe alor star's screening will be a little late, we decide to go for penang.

we planed we will be going on 3rd July, but Eclipse wasn't out until 8th July.
so we went on 9th July instead.

and the journey began.
at 3.15pm we were all set and off.
we reach QueensBay(QB) around 6.30 pm.
(i was driving slow kangar to AS)
as soon as we reached our parking spot(suprisingly the were a lot of parking space! maybe because it was still friday), i asked azie and Al to run for their lives to buy the ticket as we were afraid that there will be 'full house'.
we were all separated!
i was separated with hunnyto too.
but he was just in front of me.
(but man~ it is a romantic movie! i wanna be w my hunny! huhu)
i was on the fourth row... huhu and by the end of the movie i was having head ache, maybe cuz i watch a very big Bella~!

but then again i have to say IT WAS A GREAT MOVIE!
especially the battle scene~!!
and also the lovey dovey scene of course~!

so, because our movie starts at 11.50 pm , we like have another 3 hours to kill before the movie.
me, hunnyto, azie n Al had our dinner.
we bought sushis(OMG! i miss sushi!)
and we bought some western at the food court.
and hunnyto suap me!
(and also this one guy who was eyeing on me, and he was handsome! haha his hair of course! muke pun blh thn... but then, he saw hunnyto feed me and didnt look at me since... haha then i saw him hugging a girl. DUH! haha)
after our dinner, we separated.

hunnyto bought me a shirt(long shirt)
he said wanted to make over me.
then again, his wallet was in a sad sight.
and i bought him a new one...
(his previous wallet was bought in QB too)
he asked me to change the shirt he bought me after he bought it.. so i did
and he was extremely happy.
as we we're scaning through books n mags in Borders, my phone rang, and the ID show Atilia
act, she had no plan of going out, but she did in the end.
when she phone, she said she was in Sunway Carnival earlier, but the movie she wants to watch was not available, so she asks for Azie's help to buy her two tickets.
(for her and her beloved Botak of course hehe)

after a while, i was back holding hands and walking through QB
and we meet up with Atilia and Kiki(Botak)
i said:weh, ko da ade rambut; to kiki
and he starts to dance around approaching us with Atilia....
and we were in separated ways again.

and it was 10.50 pm, myself, azie n hunnyto went up to Alexto to keep what we have bought just now.
and we end up talking away in the car with the air-corn on.
and i changed my parking spot to the nearer exit.
azie called up Al, and all 4 of us was in AlexT0, waiting for 11.50 pm...

after the movie, i was supposed to find a sleeping spot...
but i dunno whats up w me,i just drive all the way back.
and we stopped at R&R Gurun.
and it was 4.30 in the morning, then when we had our so call a little proper sleep.
at 8.45 am, after washing up, changing clothes and breakfast, we were our way to Alor Star and my hunny's house.
we arrived at 10 am and was there until 2.30 pm.
we talked among each other with hunnyto's Umi and sister, kak Ann.
(oh! suke rmbt kak ann!)
i also managed to get a hold of the novel, To Kill A Mocking Bird from kak Ann and also some notes from her. YAY! (suddenly we have the excitement of studying Grammar/Language Description)thanks kak Ann~!
earlier, hunnyto was talking about of doing my hair.
so, i asked him, and he told me to go to his room.
one thing about his room is, i was afraid of the stairs~! (sgt curam bg aku~ haha)
he is my hair dresser and my stylist...
then, hunnyto's abah, had a room set for us girls to golek2 hehe
and me n Al slept while azie dig in to the breaking dawn novel that kak ann borrowed to us....
hunnyto asked me to waked him up a t 1.30 n azie woke me at 1.40.
and i was waking hunnyto up, he was just like a lil boy who doesnt want to get up...
grrrrrr geram tul ngan die... die ingat sape yg kejut die...
after having lunch there, we set off to Alor Star Mall for PC Fair and also another movie!(to kill the time)

arriving in AS mall, again, we separated.
me and hunnyto went and bought tickets for our next movie, Despicable Me.
seriously the movie was a good one! and it was funny too! hehe

before the movie stars at 4.45 pm, me n hunnyto walked around the mall.
he bought a new pair of pants that was similar to the pants that he had before... DUH!
as we were walking, we got separated, i dunno where he went...
and i just stop by the gold shop.
AND SUDDENLY, (it was really fast) a girl come fighting her way through the crowds and come in front of me and hold my face and she stared at me!
i was like: AWIN!
excited gile jumpe aku...
awin, hunnyto's soon-to-be-lil sister-in-law~~insyaAllah~
and for sometime we were like the gold store models...
upon arriving in front of me, her phone rang, and it was kak ann, eventually, kak ann tried to called hunnyto but it wont get through(well, his phone is at its end of live.. haha)
he left his room keys at home.
and kak ann was going to watch eclipse at AS mall, AGAIN, with her beloved.
awin was extremely excited to see me and she was talking away excitedly to me...
haha i like her though~
hehe and unfortunately, we got separated....
and SHE CALLED ME up asking where am i...
so meet again...
and we were models again, for Ogawa... haha
and again we go our separate ways, and as usual she will salam with us...

as waiting to go inside the cinema hall, i and hunnyto, meet up with kak ann and also her bf...
(kalau tgk muke diorg berdue cam bebudak kecik couple.. mereka sgt cute~ haha suke2!! hehe)
and we bumped into one of our lectrr...
but he didnt recognized as he didnt teach us...
after the movie, we bought something to eat and 0ff back to Perlis.
we reached IPG at 8 pm.
on the time i expected.

and i woke up at 7.55 am, sidai baju and make this post.

THANK YOU to hunnyto,azie n al.
love u all lots!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

my mentor. En. Ahmad Zulkiply bin Mohd Yassin

my mentor had a surgery last Thursday.
so he is recovering now.
he cant attend the function of teslian gathering.
but he did gave me A MESSAGE and i did TOLD THE WHOLE TESLian through the MC-Shobanaa.

he text:-
"Gd evening dear! Sorry 2night can't attend ur function. Got 2 fast n get good rest coz' 2morrow appointment with my specialist in Alor Star. My regards 2 everyone. Will c u at Lang Camp next wk."

i told him that it was ok, and get well soon. and looking forward to meet him during lang camp.

i planed to go and see him on wednesday, but he didnt reply my text. so i didn't go~

Sir, get well soon yea!

08/07/10 TESLian gathering

ok, today starts with'adah class...

with a task of finding 10 words, find the meaning and make a sentence out of it
from a newspaper article that she provided..

actually, when i was half way there,

i saw mariam walked back to the hostel in a hurry

i ask y, n she said 'DICTIONARY!!'

OH GOSH! i have to hike all the way up to third floor for my dictionary!

so i walked back and come to class at 8.05am..
and pn sa'adah start the class....

after that i had breakfast w hunnyto
after breakfast, i have asked all the KK's of TESL junior to meet me at the Open Hall betwee Pulai A & B.
i went to see them w azie n hunnyto~

so, the first one to come was TESL B KK, Azman, a sempoi kindda guy~
then, TESL A KK, Sazali, Kirey's twin, which mulut x de insurans...
(die tegur pakyeh rmbt korea. pak yeh jawab, mmg lahir kat situ pun~! haha)
last was TESL D, Arsyad. nice guy... hehe

i had only get hold of the Arsyad actually...
i have asked the two guys from tesl a junior that i have told u earlier(Levi's n the first guy to register in tesl a registration day)to call up their KK.
zel have kept the registration for tesl b, so he called up the KK
the story about TESL C junior is, they probably was having class, when i called up.
so, again, with arsyad help, i have asked him to get the KK nmbr for me, and he did!
thanks yea arsyad!!(who call me sis... hehe)
so, i text the KK, and he called up...
so, i just talked to him through the phone, he is Izzuddin
~thats settled~

(i saw this one guy who was really thin and tall and wearing a big glasses during the registration day, and he is in TESL C. and he is Izzuddin! haha i have always stare at him cuz of his appearance. not that im saying he had a bad one)

that evening, we had pn Su's class in DIK
after her class, we started on working on the DIK for TESLian Gathering/Welcoming Reception

and that night, AGAIN, AlexT0 was the TRANSPORTATION AJK~
just like teslian night
she brought all the foods from the surau to DIK
hehe along with Myra(amira nadwa)
and she bring back all the empty container back to surau...

that night was ok, i managed to get everything settle thoo
(really en asmadi make me like an event manager~ and im just the stage manager though~)

i mingle with the juniors.. some are ok, some are just too shy to talk..
but mind you, they have loads to learn to be TESLian like US!!
i worked along w Levi's guy too.. (dang, i have to get his name correct!)
and get crazy with atilia n the geng~
hoho miss that crazy guys...
and also got my mind 'polluted'~

in the evening, i realize, we have a slot for the TESL junior to give a speech...
i talked to syafiq and also hunny was there...
i asked who will do the speech...?
syafiq: bagi KK klas pn Su ar~
i like that!
so, i text arsyad, and asked him if he willing to do so, or he can assign someone else..
but fortunately he accepted it and his speech was ok!
thank you again arsyad!

so, the food was good, but i didnt eat much!
the fried chicken, french fries and nugget was finished before i could hold it up!
i just managed to eat the fried bihoon

the performance for each the junior was good, despite of for not having much time though~


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

07/07/10 tibe2 demam

today, me and my room8 wears the same colour...

excited lor...

today ade 2 classes only...'adah class was bring forwarded to 8 o'clock...
after class, me, hunnyto and also azie have our breakfast beside Pulai Hall !
cause all the TESL junior had taken our places beside rhe library~!!!

it seems that some of the girls junior had recognized me... by calling me 'kak yen'... haha

actually, i have been having sore throat since morning, and strepsil didnt do any better of it~
so, bt the time is mr asmadi class, i have the feeling of falling sick...
and i didnt relly hear a thing what he said~
and he nag about the novel....
he was like upset, cuz WE decided that we had the PDF of the novel while waiting for the real novel....
then he said some kind like we are blagak, cuz we dont want the photostat...
like what??
the whole PDF-while-waiting-for-novel was just an idea...
MY IDEA.... duh!
and he accepted it...
i was afraid they will blame it on me...

i was feeling REALLY sick d...
but i cant go back just yet after class..
cuz pn hayati wanna meet us...
tunggu la die hbs merapu pasal english language camp...
hbs je, i pun terhegeh2 balik bilik, solat, telan ubat, baring!
x sempat tdo...
sebab mengade2 tgk PS I Love You punye movie...

setelah lame bergolek2 i build up my strength to go out...
syahid nk tumpang amik duit n hantar printer g kedai...
so, i kluar amik duit gak, beli ubat, beli mkn...

balik, mandi, mkn, telan ubat, tdo....
mkn nasi halba!!
bnyk n sedap!";})();ButtonMouseDown(this);'>

then, 10 lebih terbgn cuz jiran aku yg cine2 ni buat BISING TAHAP GABAN!!
dah la aku sakit kepala!
geram tul aku...
pastu aku tertdo balik sampai ke pagi~

mlm ni actually ade forum perdana sempana bulan penghayatan islam...
tp dah x ley bgn nk g cam ne...
and room8 g madical check up,blk tgh mlm...
lame kot dari pkl 8 mlm...


06/07/10 today i do this~

yeah, bgn pagi, siap2 nk g senaman pagi....

room8 semngat bgn pagi n mandi

aku sememangnye bgn awal...

then kami pegi senaman pagi!!

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comx de buat pe pun....
warming up, aerobik then cooling down..
kedatangan pun x amik...

kemudian golek2 sambil tunggu pkl 7.45 nk g klas dr.chow

aku dok pikir la mcm mane la mcm mane la dr chow ni..
it turns out to be he likes to talk alot...>
and he have facts to talk...
i like him though~

then dah x de klas sampai pkl 2 ptg
klas pn sa'adah...
part ni nak cite skit~
aiseh, aku mmg la duk blakang pak yeh..
but not exactly behind him...
klu nk ikutkan, mira zul duk blakang die...
mase pn sa'adah sampai, the girls yg slalu duk ngan aku x sampai ag..
tibe2 die suh aku n pak yeh duk jauh...
like what?? aku bukan nk ckp2 gan pak yeh>
die lebih senang berkomunikasi ngan kengkawan laki die kot..
aku dlm klas cam kene ignore je ngan

then ade klas math...
biase je lauk die ...
heheblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comtiade pe yg menarik...
hanye aku berkumpulan dgn azie, shandra n kiki dgn name kumpulan Hawk Roosting~!

kemudian balik bilik n golek2 tunggu nk g
yg kami ni plak x de gerko ag,,,,
so, ramai2 kami TESLian g tasik as instructed by en hanafi... (tasik hanafi hehe)
in the end x buat pe pun..
pkl 6 tu kitorg gerak balik....
and maybe aku masuk gerko Badminton...
haiz, mami, post raket badminton ley?

then g mkn w azie...
n hunnyto join in later..
selesai mkn, pulang ke bilik....
n tibe2 diorg kate x de air...
due tige kali gak ar aku masuk kluar bilik air nk
tapi asyik full jerk....

last2 dpt gak mandi...
dah la ade yg kate air xde...


Monday, July 5, 2010

05/07/10 Language Camp or English Camp??

mane satu the right one??

x tau la..
let it be..
so, for this event, the president is my dearly AbgT0 and the vice president is my dearly2 HunnyT0~!

the thing is, i didn't vote for neither of them
not because i dont want to be one sided.
its just im not in the mood of

so, i am under the Judging community with Shandra and Karmen
so thats settle...

and i really wanna share about the Welcome Reception
so, i was supposed to be under place and decorations
but, suddenly hunnyto told me just now,
that en Asmadi need me to run the event...
in other words event manager!
so much of telling him my real dream job is an event manager!
so, im out of place and decoration and into event

i was thinking doing the tentative(as usual)
set the 'stage' and let everything runs smoothly~
i have to meet the representative of the junior classes i supposed...
need to get everything ready!


(during Macbeth practise)suap mkn

tibe2 teringat.

mase practise macbeth dulu

mase tu weekend.

aku terkejut dari tidur oleh suare2 pelik kat blok menjerit ape ntah

pastu baru aku teringat yg baju yg aku basuh smalam x amik dari machine....

dgn malasnye,
aku turun g amik baju tu..
then, baru la tau empunya suara yg duk melalak2 kat luar tu
suare merdu limok dan atilia menjual nasi lemak...
aku pun pikir~
baik aku beli,
klu tdk aku x de breakfast hari ni....
aku pun jerit kat diorg aku nk due bungkus....
selesai aku sidai baju,
limok n atilia arrive kat bilik aku...
limok tanye asal aku amik due...
atilia pandai jawab...
atilia kate nk bagi pak yeh ar..
pandai pun atilia...

pak yeh ade practise pagi tu...
so, die g dwn pulai dulu...
n aku da mkn nasi aku dulu...
then aku g la dwn pulai...
tgk cam havoc dlm tuh...
owh yeah, aku g ngan ema...
die hntar air kat kawi,
aku hntr nasi n air..
hambek hengkau~
da sampai kat dwn pak yeh cam agak ngan muke marah die..
cuz die nk kene buat movie maker die lagi skali,,,
so, mase bukannye bnyk..
die nak buat dan2 tu gak~
hurm, aku buat keputusan,aku suap die mkn...
aiseh cam bebudak kecik...
aku suap die dirog kate cam bini da~~
widi kate sweet btl,...
aku suap hbs nasi lemak tuh..
air pun sua je kat die~


05/07/10 what he say today


lucu tul...

widi propose aku dgn proposal ngok ngek...


sebenarnye xde sape x tau about this....

cume aku, widi n kirey jerk...

main2 jer wei~
aku kate widi aritu aku akan fikirkan...
tup2 die tanye aku balik td...
pastu aku kate suh tanye pak yeh sendiri...
die nak tanye cam gampang jerk...
aku ngan kirey dah x tahan gelak da...

last2 die x tanye pun..
cuz die telupe.
then pak yeh tanye aku,,
knape ngan widi,so aku bgtau lar...

mase nk masuk klas pn su, aku kate kat widi tanye pak yeh...
widi ingat pak yeh x tau ag...
aku kate die dah tau...
widi: blh la weh, sehari pun x pe..
pak yeh: x blh la. die aku punye setiap masa....
kirey: "hanya mampu gelak"

aku happy sgt die kate cam tu..
tu je~


Sunday, July 4, 2010

04/07/10 mkn cucuk2


petang kluar.

saje bw fatin kluar

tgh hari, room8 kluar

ptg baru balik kot

die balik pkl 6

aku kluar pkl 5

kluar ngan pak yeah n yana

then amik fatin kat uitm arau
masuk kampus uitm arau cam ade town yg lain...
sampai sesat
then g mkn cucuk2
tu je



05/07/10 sumpah aku x tau nape

sumpah aku x tau nape aku tetibe terase jari jemari ku

and otak ku gatal n active utk menulis sesuatu tentang beliau....

adoi, yento awat?

x tau weh

beliau baru je approve aku kat FB

aku rase die baru ade FB kot

aku cam x ley lepas profile FB
apekejadah nye aku pun x tau...
sepatutnye aku membiarkan beliau dan dunia nye
tapi aku semangat nk jadi stalker die...
aku nk ckp one thing jer, bile beliau x senyum (muke biase)....
aku ley kate lawa ar...
bile die senyum nmpk gigi...
mak aih, gg putih berseri~!
aku x tau ar weh mengapakah....
aku cam rase nk ketuk je pala aku nieh...
tp aku still nk tau pasal die...

Adeh, skarang beliau berade dekat ngan kami~
skarang aku ni Kangar pun cam nk toleh2 utk die...
slalunye g AS je, aku cam toleh2
(mende merepek ni?? haha)

die ni x sebaik yg kite sangka....
muke sweet..
tp ape yg die da buat mmg akan menyakit kan hati....
tu ja la aku nk merapu pasal beliau...

aku teringin gak nk upload gmbr die..
tp x pelah...
kite biarkan die sebagai 'unknown'


Thursday, July 1, 2010

02/07/10 about

pagi tadi x bley nk online...

dunno why...

then pagi ni x de klas...

ade penutupan minggu pengurusan pelajar baru...

so, 8 pagi dah menapak ke DIK dlm hujan...

sejuk kot~!!!!

da la x ley nk tutup tingkap,(tingkap stuck)
so, mlm tadi sejuk ar der~
pagi tadi pun sejuk ag...

so, berakhir sudah minggu pengurusan
room8 pun dah ade kat bilik...
tadi sembang2 ngan die da...
aiseh, ntah2 die memang sedare...
2.30 pth nnt die ade outing, g kangar...
mlm ni die g jumpe mentor kot...

aku x de plan utk weekend ni...
utk petang ni pun x de...
but mlm ni zel ajak jumpe bebudak junior tuh~
aku on jer....
sambil jumpe sambil melantak best gak~
so x tau la, zel yg nk buat perjumpaan tuh...
aku ikut jer
nmpknye minggu ini die x balik ke??
itu x pasti lagi...

Bubye~! tunggu Pak Yeh bangun)