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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

9th May 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

So, Azie and me suddenly have the urge to go to Kuala Perlis.
Missing those cucuks though hehe
So I ask for a car and deffinately Azie gonna drive haha
I can't drive manual!
Asked Dyba to join, and she said yes.
But then we still short of two people to make it 5, so that we could share for the petrol hehe :P
Ask Zac and the geng but they are already outside and kind of busy.

But then I saw one of my adik online.
So I just pop up the question to him, and he said maybe.... =.=
 I hate 'maybe' answers though.

BoB0 dah rosak so bergantung kat Poppy je for photos, so not good quality.

We gonna go out at 8 so, that magrib, the skies start to darken and it gonna rain.
But it was not long... we still go out though.
So it was me, Azie, Dyba, Andy and Jedi.
Because it was raining a little, we decided to cancel off the Kuala Perlis thinggy.
We pick up Jedi from First Touch and I propose to go to a restaurant in Arau.
But then we pass by Roundabout cafe and we decided to have our dinner there itself.
ANNNNdddd some of us decided to eat the same thing, so its like we were reunited as family hehe

After eating and watching a little bit of Chronicles Riddicks, we decided to go to Kuala Perlis and just feel the breeze.
So we did. We just lepak near the ikan bakar place....
We enjoyed the breeze fool around and at last we sit down and just chit chat.
That's when, Andy said Gua Tempurung is in Sarawak; and me and Jedi shouted together: NO! *almost lah... hahaha

After breeze in Kuala Perlis, we went to 7Eleven, the boys wanted slurpy *end up me and Jedi yg hbs kan... haha*

Thanks People :D

p/s: pas tu my dear ring ikot bdk tu blk. -.- *jgn masuk lubang jamban sudah* =.=

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