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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

26th May 2013 40th Leo Forum: Banquet Night

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Banquet Night, the theme for tonight is Night of Glory.
Where people should wear something you would for Golden Globe Awards things~
 It is sad, cause the placing for the participants are not really accordingly.
If I could explain it, I will lose my fingers because of typing it :P
But at last, we sat together at table 50, along with Kampar United Leo, whom we never meet, we sat together all Leo IPG minus Alex cause the seating is not enough.
So, we sat the same table with Leo Club of Kampar United guys.
After introducing ourselves, we start chit chatting and dinner is serve.
Well, not actually serve, cause we have to line up before we could get our food.

As our table is one of the nearest to the buffet table, but we didn't managed to be one of the first line up.
We just continue sat there.
In a moment Kai Fong came and introduced us to the Leos from Singapore.
And so we start talking , taking pictures and such.
The Leos from Singapore thought that we and the Kamparians had known each other because we joke around much.
They were amazed when we said, we just meet 30 minutes ago. haha
That's what I like being with the Leo people, they are friendly and we could mingle with each other. :D

Other than that, because the hall was freaking freezing, Steven offer he's coat for me. :) Thanks Steven! hehe
So, let's continue with pictures shall we?

me and Eric, I saw him, when everything was boring and such, luckly he saw us then came to ask and spent time with me and Vhina :P

the famous Kai Fong and me hahaha

IPG Perlis, Aimst, Kampar United, Singapore

me and dear Vhina! :D

I like this candid photo

Via, Bisma, Jessica, Leos from Jakarta

me and Loke! congrats Loke :D
me, Malcolm, Vhina

the dinner by Malcolm

with Mr President, Richard haha

another Mr President, Tze Cheng!

with Lion Mary

the awesome moment when I make a sad face at Loke cause I want Domino's Pizza too! and our table got it. hey ho!

Malcolm, Richard, Tze Cheng, Angeline, Janice, Tiong, Steven, Kevin(below), Kai Fong, ZongYan(at the back), Vhina, me and Shurlene
It was a good 40 minutes or so standing in line for the food and joking around with the new people I just meet.
As the theme for this forum is "Stay Driven, Stay Inspired", so we used this saying for our motivation in lining up for the food. Our motivator is the food.hahaha
The long line had make us more closer and talk about a lot of things :D

So, there was no footloose tonight, I went back to the room, ditch my high heels and watch tv. but then i gave up and head to bed.


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