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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

12th April 2013

Assalamulaikum and hello readers~!

As life are dull and boring, I tried everything that I never did. haha
As Alexis is still sick, I have no car and I've interesting journey with public transport.
So this is my life now.

Every night me and Dyba went for our dinner at the cafe below and after that we will be lepaking with the adik-adik.

One night, Dyba had a meeting with the Debate Society at the cafe.
I decided to tag along.
The members are not who I strange with, cause the members like Patma, Taufiq and Zac that I know well :)

So I was there, listening to their endless 'quarrels' haha and also camwhoring with Zac.
Man, I never did this camwhoring thing before...

And I don't know Zac was a big fan of it haha
 And thanks Taufiq, for the burger :D

The other day, me and Dyba was dead boring that we decided to go out
We rent a car and then ask people to drive haha
At last we went to Mai Cafe along with Zac and Taufiq was the driver haha


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