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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

28th May 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Yes! I know! I just came back!
But some of friends were not gonna be here until tomorrow.
Thus, we decided to meet up tonight.
Cause my Alexis is sick, Dyla had to pick me up and meet with Joanne and Nana in Aeon. :D

We meet at the center of the restaurants in Aeon.
Then, Nana had her dinner in Old Town White Coffee.
We just chit chat, take photos  and such.
I even meet up with Zel! She's here visiting her sister in Pantai Remis haha
Like a whole lot of reunion haha

nana n me

me and Nana's specs

Joanne and me

Dyla and me

Joanne and Nana and Dyla's hand

Like this photo!!! :D
 After in Aeon, we off to McDonalds hahahahaha
We just sat there, talk and took photos again! haha
And Joanne charged her phone there -.-
As Joanne gonna meet her friends there, Dyla send me and Nana back.

Awesome meeting u guys again, really miss u girls! :D

Days after that, I meet up with Dyla again and just talked beside the sea at Marina Wing.
And my cousin actually saw me, but he didn't say hello, just days after that he asked me to reconfirm. =.= huh


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