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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

25th May 2013 The Travel

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

We woke up in the morning and get ready for the morning train.
Vhina's mother and aunt send us there, they waited until the train went off.
I was excited, cause IT WAS MY FIRST TIME IN A TRAIN! HAHA
So yeah, didn't sleep though :P
 Unfortunately, we got some miscommunication with Vhina's cousin, we get off from the train at Rawang, we're supposed not to get off anywhere!
So we board another train to Seremban and it was all fine :P
 All the way, I was excited and just look outside the window and enjoy the view :D
I was thinking of taking trains after this, for my long journey! :D
It's kindda convenient.
It;s my first time! :P
Arriving in Seremban kindda blurred and we meet up with Leos from La Salle Klang.
Then we followed their taxi to the bus station where the shuttle bus to Port Dickson gonna pick us up.
Then another 40 minutes to PD, man, the bus was freaking slow and I was tired of it =.=
Upon arriving in front of Glory Beach Resort, I was thankful and can't wait to stop travelling haha
We put our luggage   at the luggage room and we go to the dining hall.
But me and Vhina were the only IPG Kampus Perlis there at the moment.
We waited for a good one hour for a familiar face: Richard and Malcolm
I was moody and feel like sh*t and frustrated.
I am tired of WAITING!

After that, we saw, Kai Fong, Eric and whole lot of familiar faces and I was at ease and felt the 'party' going to start haha

Then, it was the Opening ceremony. *next post*
After the long wait, we finally ate and then, we WAIT AGAIN for our room.
After that, I fell asleep until it was time to get ready for the Fellowship Night*


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