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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

24th May 2013 (1000 post)

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

oih!! Just came back to Sitiawan from Perlis on the 23rd!
Sitting next to a guy who just don't care if I'm a girl or not =.=
So it was a long journey in the bus though.

Today, I'm off to Tanjung Malim with Vhina and her family...
From yesterday to the next Tuesday: it was just traveling, sleeping in vehicles and waiting =.= *more to come on next posts*
Vhina came in the morning, fetch me and were off to Tg Malim
We stayed at her aunt's house for the night.
The reason we're here is because her cousin held a wedding dinner, then were gonna take the train to Seremban for the Leo Forum the next morning.

That night everybody dolled up and dressed prettyly!
wah, Indian wedding. so meriah! :D
There was a dance group who danced through the event.
Thats the only thing that took my attention haha

the stage

the bride and groom table

Vhina's Cousin and me :)


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