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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

16th May 2013

Assamlamulaikum and hello readers~!

Days earlier, Zac suddenly asked me and Dyba to join him and Rolex and Bona to Padang Besar.
He did all the renting and I am the driver.
It was quite a comotion when Zac decided to go during Dyba still in exam.
But then he was just joking and he Dyba had some miscommunication haha

The day arrived, we took the car at the cafe below and then pick up Dyba upfront at the canteen.
We decided to draw out our money then we refill the petrol.
But we didn't managed cause the petrol run out and we were stuck on the side road haha
So it was a good almost one hour wait that I enjoyed, I don't know why, but I was just cool with it.
But Zac was quite worried for us.
Then, Syafiq Ghani came and help us, bought the petrol.

Then only we could resume our journey to Padang Besar.
We arrived and then we walk around there for long until we got separated into two groups.
Me, Rolex and Bona and the other is Zac and Dyba hahahahaha *couple much?
And thanks to Bona for the bracelet! hehe

 I didn't spend on a thing there only I used all my money for drinks.
It was freaking and hot and I just keep buying drinks haha
To add to that, we were sharing drinks, so the drink disappear pretty fast hahahaha
Rolex and Zac bought quiet a lot. Bona and me the least hehe

After that, we stop by one of the hawkers for our lunch.
When you have a real Thai people, what do u ask for???
Of course Pattaya fried rice! haha one dish that i long for :P
After lunch. were off to Harum Manis place......

This is because, Dyba wanted to try the pulut mempelam*glutinous rice
And we did, and we also meet up with some IPG students and After Harum Manis, we stopped by Fatinazzcorner for cendol haha

Then we're off to IPG. :)
It was a great time spent together :)

p/s: people around us texted and called us to say Happy Teachers Day :P

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