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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

27th May 2013 40th Leo Forum: Last Day

 Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!
Today is the last day, I woke up a little late today.
After getting ready, I watched TV again haha
After packing all our stuff, me and Vhina along with Leo Serdang (our apartment-mate) came down together.
Again, me and Vhina were left alone cause Malcolm sent Richard to LCCT while Kai Fong and Alex were busy as usual.
After breakfast we work our way into the hall for the closing ceremony.
Unfortunately, closing ceremony ended freaking early, so we had photo session.
We tried to find everyone we could.
And Malcolm came back from LCCT.

Picture talking again:-

me and Alex

us with adik Kevin haha

with kai shun
candid with steven and Vhina

Steven, Kevin, Kai Fong, me, Vhina

with the Singaporeians Leos

Serdang, Kampar United, Singapore Metropolitan

get to know geng yg suka accessories pelik :P

with the Medan Leos... thanks to eric for introducing us. Just because Eric saw us was looking around bored and the Medan Leos are minding their own business.. :P

Vhina, Kaban, Kai Fong, me

until next time Bro! will be missing u! :D

after the group photo taken, we waited for another group who was taking photos with the backdrop :D Bisman, Via, me, Tze Cheng

selling badges. :D

me & Via

more new friends

new friends
our 40th Leo Forum group photo, unfortunately, me, Vhina, Tze Cheng along with Bisma, Via and Jessica were in the "what is that" letter haha
the group photo: L , E , O and "what is that" letter :P
So happy cause i gotta meet new friends :D
Till next year people!

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