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Friday, June 14, 2013

9th June 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Days back GK IM me and Vhina, telling that she's coming over to our hometown cause she's going to Pangkor for a course.
Finally, I'm gonna meet GK after more then 6 months not meeting her! Rindu! hehe

Today, I have a wedding to attend, so after the wedding I'm gonna fetch GK in Ayer Tawar.
But on the way back, GK called and said she's heading to Sitiawan with Janice.
Hooray! I'm gonna meet Janice too!

When they arrived at my house, we chit chatted and finally my family gotta me the famous GK hehe
Janice's sister came too though.
The first sentence Janice said to me was "Dekat aje!!" talking about the cinema in front of my house that had been my landmark if people wanna come to my house hehe

-not my photo-
 Later, Janice gotta go and fetch her father, me and GK fetch Vhina
And we go jalan-jalan.
We went to Teluk Batik and the two 'kids' just can't help it and go play with the water and get their trousers wet haha
Then we went to Marina Island, and as usual, there are wedding couples, this time, 3 couples hehe
So, we just sit there, enjoy the breeze although the sun was streaking hot but it was ok.
Just sharing stories and such.
After that, we went for dinner in Black Canyon in Aeon.
I updated my status, and I stated that we were at Maha Sankaram Thailand's Black Canyon haha
Then it was hectic, cause we have to pick up Suvaas, Vhina's brother and off to the cinema for After Earth.
After the awesome freaking movie by the ever awesome M.Night Shyamalan, I've to send GK to Vhina's house.
As we came back to my house, le family is also heading out.
So I said why not we take just one car. But two of us have to sit at the back....
And so some of us did  :P
Hence the 7 of us, went to Lumut and lepak. We stop by two place and just go gila there and then send them back :)


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