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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

18th May 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!
I'm their Unnie@Noona

Nearing the end of the semester and also Leo Forum!
Whole lot of my adiks are busy packing.
Jedi was all alone *he's roommate went back d.... =.= *, so we went for dinner together at the cafe below.
Me and Dyba waited for our dinner for quite a long time.
After dinner, we just sit there and they listen to me whinning....
I really wanted to go out.
But I was too lazy to look for a car.
But then, Dyba managed to get a car and Jedi's there to drive.

3 people is not enough to share the rent so, we asked Faruq and Prisca to join in.
Cause Dyba saw them at the other cafe.
So we went out together.
It was already late, nearing 10 pm maybe.
We went to Kuala Perlis.
Just sit there and talked about things, mengumpat, sharing and all that :P

While we were talking, suddenly, there was a firework. haha
How cool is that, like celebrating the end of our semester, just staring down at the dark beach of Kuala Perlis.
Then I bought the drinks and Prisca bought mine.
And we came back and it was good bye for the semester.


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