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Saturday, June 22, 2013

21st June 2013 Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis: Fellowship Dinner & Night Walk

Assalamualaikum  & hello readers~!

We just had our AGM yesterday and today we're off to our first activity!
I decided to ask the Leos to go for a fellowship dinner at the nearest steamboat to our IPG.
As there are more then 10 people going, I decided to make it near and just go there by walking.
Nevertheless walking there could give us time to chit chat hehe
It was a good 15 minutes walk and we arrived there: Embun Dingin Corner.
Jedi and Andy was there already, at least they are there to confirm the book we did yesterday after the AGM, thanks to KCM bringing us there haha but sorry, i didnt buy ur milo ice =.=

"On 21st of June 2013, Leo Club of IPG K. Perlis have organized a Night Walk & Fellowship Dinner. The Fellowship Dinner is to gather the new elected Key Officers and Directors as well to appreciate the 2012-2013 Key Officers and Directors. During the project, Leos decided to walk a few kilometres to reach the dinner place. A total of 18 Leos involved, and with it, it is the beginning of the new Key Officers and Directors to work together for the new fiscal year."

Here's photos:-

yum yum yum

participants :D :P

the steamboat cat

cooking! steaming! burning!

ini hantu makan sorang

12/13 key officers

gossiping here and there

our panda cooks!!

we walked for 15 minutes!

ROAR! Leo Club of IPGK Perlis

one direction =.=

sam and malcolm, the table at the back is also with us, but they are not leos, but teslians junior

caring LeoS

Until next time, its gonna be AWESOME!

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