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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

27th May 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

After all the commotion of closing ceremony and photo session comes the other commotion: travelling back :)

Everyone from our club went back seperately.
Me and Vhina in the other hand, had no idea how to go back yet.
But then, we got a lift in one of the bus shuttle that is heading to Methodist College KL.
The person who we link to, Amanda was heading to Mid Valley with that bus.
I thank Vhina, cause she did all the arrangement and it seems that us, along w Malcolm, Alex and Tze Cheng gonna board the same bus.

our bags!!
people waiting for shuttle bus
Malcolm and Tze Cheng

After the long wait, we finally boarded the bus with Amanda and her club, La Salle Klang Leos along with MCKL Leos. Photo: two of La Salle boys and other MCKLs
The moment I board the bus, I plug in my earphones and just dozed off. But after a while something happened
I smell smoke, when  I opened my eyes, some of the Leos were running up front I told something to the driver.
And of course I saw smoke too at the back of the bus.
People was in shocked.
The bus just stop at the side of the road.
I tell u, the side of the road was freaking narrow. And cars passed by make the bus swayed... :P
It seems that the belting had snapped. And one thing to do is to wait for another bus.
And it was a good almost two hours! =.="
We were sweating like hell. There was no trees around and it was blazing hot.
Everyone went down from the bus except some other Leos who sits up front, me, Vhina and Tze Cheng.
I asked Tze Cheng to check up where were we, and we were actually in Labu. And it seems he didn;t approve our friend requests on FB, so sad lah this guy wei! :( :P

Then, everybody, excluding us who was in the bus, took all the bags from the bus and put it outside, because the other bus was approaching.
After the long wait under the hot sun. everyone just fell asleep :P
Me and Vhina came down at MidValley and there start another journey. :)
We meet up with her cousin sister in The Garden and the cousin and her family sends us to a hotel that Vhina made reservations.
We can't take the next train to Tg Malim, so we had to stayed the night.
And at last, there's wifi! :D


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