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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

25th May 2013 40th Leo Forum: Fellowship Night

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

At first, I planned to wear something else for the fellowship night.
But opt to a more casual and comfortable attire instead.
The theme is Cirque de Freak or something, so I was going for a magician look though haha
So, dinner first then only the night started.

Let's picture do the talk shall we?

Its gonna start, casual people from IPG Perlis :P

Only girls from IPG Perlis

audience, those hairs blocked my view =.=
they danced to my favourite song from BOA: Only You, they even did the same dance! :D

if i'm not mistaken the name of this dance group is Soul to Soul (?)

they danced great though! :D *not my photo* so, u see the guy in blue right? he sat next to us(next to vhina) during a game we had, it was weird that he was sitting alone there though, but then i could sense theres gonna be something happen. there was a lucky draw, he even gave me he's number for the lucky draw to me.
 When the emcee said they are going to do the performance, this guy suddenly acting weird, but he was a real 'joker' cause he didnt talked at all, he only use sign language haha
it was awesome, the dance :D

a Gentleman performance
 only at this commotion I gotta meet Bisma!
it was a year since last i saw him. cant believe i could see him again.
this time, he came with he's girlfriend. pretty wei the gf! :D
underage legal club ? haha

i'm actually in this one with Bisma haha

Alex in action!
Dance until penat, balik terus tdo haha

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