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Thursday, September 30, 2010

kenangan dolu2-Sofbol

ok, it's actually Softball
yeah, i played softball
funny eh??
yeah, cuz i dun look like one
no stamina already

i remember i have a big game
it was form 5
early in the morning i came to school
put my bag in class
and i'm off to the field
yeah im at the field from 7.30 am to 12noon++1.30pm

if you know me that time
you just thought that i didn't wash my face
they wont even try to have a look
erm because just imagine
me, with my braces, my pimple face and i was totally sun burn

certainly i was just happy with just my friends
they are happy to have me
and i'm happy to have them

although of im totally ugly
i still can live day by day
and dun really care about boys
argh love those days

i remember i got bump hard by a big softball player
i lay flat on the ground
man, most of my team mates think i fainted
but i didnt
it was really hilarious!!!!
and btw,i was 50kg at that time
so, im smaller than i'm now
but i used to be a 45kg person!
but not now!'duh!

softball is just the same with baseball
it was just softball are for women n baseball are for men

me and team mates usually got a special training w a guy who used to played for the Nan Hwa softball team
and he usually makes jokes with us
and he like to joke w me
like duh!
and he was married
and he have cute children too!

and u know what?
when a softball ball hit u,
erm... minta2 la bertaubat cepat
sakit gila bapak
if the speed is ok,ur save
if the speed of the ball is unbearable
if it hit ur nose, u will get a bleeding nose that wont stop

ingat lagi, mase tu kak Irene Chew kene bola
arghhh sedap~~~
errr skarang kak irene jadi warden penjara tau
jgn main2 woh!

kalau nak konfius kan batter
lagi la pening
silap2 aku skali pening
"swing that batter swing that bat batter~!!! swing!!!"
try and say it fast and shout
and while u saying that u have to concentrate on the ball too
ade bnyk ag la

if u ask me to play now,hurm
tapi xde stamina la der
try and trow a softball ball from an end of a field to the other fields end
i'm talking about three big football field
damn, the boys player could do that

the glove?
yeah the big and smelly glove
lebih lame lebih baik
yg baru punye, arghh keras
try wear the original!
fuh~!!! mmg sedap weh~
tangkap bola pun rase smooth jer

and2 you all must be asking about doing slide when you are approaching the base right
itulah yg paling best!
tapi baju pun corak lawa la!!

xtau nak merapu ag ape

erm, enjoy la gmbr zaman kegemilangan Softball dlm hidup aku
and like i said, no boy will look at me right?


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