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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

9th-11th October 2013A visit from IPG Batu Lintang

Assalamualaium & hello readers~!

After days of choir, preparation on welcoming of JPP IPG Batu Lintang I didn't participate much though.
So on the day they arrive, we were supposed to wear our JPP koperat clothes.
Me, Tikah and Tiqah were the one in charge for foods.
So in the middle of class, ask my lecturer for excuse and fly to cafe cause they arrived there and straight for lunch.
I was disappointed cause people keep commenting on food stuff, but can't say much cause Tikah did almost all herself. Pity her, its her first time though.
Nevertheless, she did a great job and I managed to help here and there and we just satisfied with it.
The next day, they were supposed to go to Langkawi but then changed to go to Padang Besar.
Shopping sakan u!!
haha I didn't follow them though, cause I have class. Some class you can't just leave right?

That evening, we had barbeque and the IPDA JPP should come and help us, but then they just arrived when all the foods already served =.="
The whole evening were back and forth, in and out of IPG, drove all sorts of car and I even drove our YDP's car out and the whole IPG, even Kak Wan's car jadi mangsa.

On Friday, me and Tiqah were a little busy for Karnival Sukan foods arrangement and such and then I went to sent of the folks of Batu Lintang.
They were heading to Penang and I was like torn between two to rest and stay 'recess' at IPG or go for a free unplan trip to Penang.
But then, Jedi asked me if I wanna go out, then I just decided to just stay in IPG, cause if I go to Penang, surely I have to buy foods that are out of my expenses hahahaha

Meeting Batu Lintang made new friends and share some interest.
Meeting IPDA, meeting an old friends, although we just meet months back.

Not much photo, I don't know why.
ready for dinner, two types of fried rice, bbq chicken, grill corns, wrappers, etc


Batu Lintang & Perlis, that night we were united as IPG Batu Perlis Aman

errr this one the first day, went to accompany Dyba for a football match in Astaka

first meeting

on first night, just to let them see the specialty of our IPG, the Dikir Zikir

one of the guys of batu lintang read this, interesting right?
That's all I think..

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