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Friday, November 8, 2013

25th, 26th, 27th September 2013 UPDATE

Asssalamualaikum & hello readers~!
This is just sad, I got little photos of this week events, and I'm kindda fustrated to update the blog.
But I have too cause it is just like a diary that I have to update every single thing.

 25th September 2013
Had our last Bina Insan Guru(BIG) in SK Simpang Empat. This time, our BIG consists of doing a benchmarking of a 'guru cemerlang' and we choose our former lecturer who is now is a teacher in a primary school.
Being a guru cemerlang is not an easy job but then again it is kind of what I like to do.
Well, some sort you can say that now, I have visions of being a teacher full time or until I retire and such.
The teacher, Pn Hayati, is so active and she managed, in one year, to changed the percentage of the UPSR pupils who passed English into another level, I was very amazed that made me excited to be a teacher and help others.

the Secretary and OC for this BIG and also Ainun in the back :D

Puan Hayati even prepared this for us 0.0 thanks a bunch!

Pn Hayati, love her English :D

26th September 2013
The next day, we had our Language Arts Society project in SK Tambun Tulang.
We required to held language games for the pupils to fulfill our task for the the Language Arts Society, went there by ourselves, I hop in Atilia's car for a ride.
Did a lot of games as usual, and I wondered why I didn't had much to do during the day, or maybe I was too busy before that they left me out from tasks haha
Simon Says

full with flour

my group :)
27th September 2013
We actually wanted to rent a car but then Azie told us that we could actually borrow her roommate's car to buy things for the Leo Club One Day Retreat.
During this session, countless of times I really wanted to kill somebody =.=
Before going out, I rounded up the community members and we start to fo the props and other essentials for the retreat.
So we just rent a car for tomorrow as we indeed need of a car.
Me, Azie, Dyba and Jedi with Atie's car went out on Friday to buy things.
Well, Jedi was being excited that he climbed to the back of the car, I mean, he never experienced and Avanza before. Gah, wait until you climbed into and Unser haha

happy people in an Avanza
Azie actually told us that, we could use the car until the next morning and something came to mind, how about we go for breakfast together on the morning? Roti canai! that will be nice. 
So that night we had a briefing and also some discussion and ask if any of the community members wanted to join.

UPDATE: After we end our meeting, we decided to just went on tour to the places we decide to use  for the running man tomorrow IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT.
Places are Sekolah Dalam Institut, Dewan Indera Kayangan, Astaka. In the night. #gila :P

After all the discussion me and Dyba went to Azie's room and suddenly we decided to the Conjuring!
Finally, something that I had long for.
So we watched the movie at Dyba's room, and sorry, I was cursing during the movie =.=
And then I just slept off cause tomorrow is a big day.


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