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Saturday, November 16, 2013

1st October 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Starting of class as usual, I didn't remember much what happened at this date in the day, but end up with some photos.
We're talking about my blog, my stories, my photos. :P
Dee's Specs

Sorry, dude :(
If I'm not mistaken, Azie didn't came for class so I was minding my own bussiness and then there was no class, thus just hang out at the gazebo near koop and ate my nasi lemak with Ema, Ida and Yin.
Then Jedi came and suddenly sit with us, as everyone had things to do, I just sat there with Jedi and he's classmates and some other come and go at the gazebo haha

If I'm not mistaken, Dyba wanted to go out and then I asked Jedi if he wanna come and Andy join in too and we end up ate dinner in Tea Garden.
Just wanna try out foods there, me and Andy didn't eat, i think. And I can't remember why =.=

looked like dancing right. wait, how come he's there? he was siting opposite me... o.0
Called my brother cause he's going to have he's PMR and say good luck and stuff, in fact all of us wished him :D
Remarkably, Andy gave he's iPad for me to online, well, my phone usually can't detect wifi =.= what a bummer~~  and also thanks adik~~
As usual, Dyba was so into the net that she forgot to eat hehe

Came back, I had a JPP meeting, so straight go there lah
And someone wanna see Wafi lah apelah, whatever


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