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Saturday, November 16, 2013

29th September 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Got to get the car from last night running and wanted to go out to buy something too.

And, the JPPs from IPG Melaka came for a visit, so decided to send them off.
Have been busy with Leo thinggy that I didnt get the chance to entertain them but just for now.
So came down and meet them up, chat, they had breakfast and send them off.
Then, bought nasi lemak from Abe but then, we got to finish up the breakfast for the JPPs earlier.
So ate breakfast and then asked Shahrul if he could help me out to jump the car and he said yes.
So jumped the car thanks to Shahrul and I kept it running, told the guard to keep an eye and went up to wake Dyba up, cause I asked her to accompany me out.
I'm a 'new' manual driver, so need someone to accompany although she can't even drive.
But then, Zach wanna to come to cause he want to cut hiss hair.

It was good 30 minutes, waiting for them and worth it cause I let the car running haha
So we headed out, didn't top up the fuel cause already did last night.
So we went to the mamak near bus station for breakfast, Zach treat us.

After breakfast, next: hair cut!

mirror photo
After hair cut, some shopping in The Store @ Kayangan Square.


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