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Thursday, November 7, 2013

20th September 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!
Weeks before, Tze Cheng bothered me to go for Aimst University's Leo Club instalation.
I was hesitated before, because it seems JPP had something going on that date.
But then, i didn't remembered what happened but the thing is, I got the chance to go for the instalation.

So, book en Aziz's car, the trusty Viva RK, because it is one of the best rent car in IPG.
On the same date, it was the last day of my praktikum, and Mariam's student held a mini gathering later that evening, so in the evening, I get the car, fill up the tank went to fetch Valen and Malcolm.
At first, I thought of going to school first and then I come back to fetch them.
Then it just struck my stupid mind,that is not wrong at all to just bring them along and we could just go straight to Sg Petani (SP).
Went to school, eat some Twisties and off to SP.
I drove all the from IPG to RnR Gurun cause i need to change my clothes, cause where in the world you wanna change clothes at Aimst, I don't even know the place.
Unlike the guys, they will just be wearing their kemeja over their t-shirts.

Us, Valen, Me, Malcolm. @ RnR Gurun

let the guys sit in front, i was like a princess haha
 Upon arriving in Aimst. It was not that everyday I gotta go to University. And fun fact: this Uni. is actually own by my granduncle. SO yea. -.-

sun is going down

the trusty RK

 Arriving in the hall, we were greeted by the past president who was excited to see me and he just shook our hands like literally, it almost shook my entire body though.
Claming he didn't managed to shake hands with me at PMO last week. haha
Meet up with Tze Cheng and Calvin. Both who expected more from IPG Perlis. Tze Cheng expecting Andy while Calvin expecting Alex. I was like "wa?? hello we are here! no need them" haha
Tze Cheng ask me to cut the cues, by hell no, I don't want people to to give me looks. He was like literally pull me to the the registration table from the back of the line.
 The installation was held in their lecture hall.
Meet up with couple of PMO guys and one of them asked me if I'm gonna sing today. I was like hell no! haha
cup song, awesome though, the girl also sang the minion song though :P

new members og Aimst Leo

new installed BOD and Key Officers

Penang people and Cabinet

Tze Cheng said he wanted to show this guy to Andy that's why he wanted Andy to come.

well, rocking doctors!
 After the event, there are some foods, I mean when you mention foods to me, I will go gaga.
Eventhough the foods aren't enough for my big tummy tank, well I still enjoy it haha
While filling our plates, the guy who sang the cup song was putting fried rice to me and suddenly asked if am I the one who sang in PMO, i was like> wha-? yea... *blushing and wanted to just run from there
The best part was, i forgot to tell him that he's performance was awesome.
I mean to me, whoever can do the cup thing, they are awesome haha
But nevertheless, I didn't know people will actually recognize me though.

group photo with my camera phone :( I actually wanted to take a photo with the VPII but end up with this photo haha

us with Tze Cheng

Calvin and I, We are the VPs! haha *Vice Presidents

with Past President
After all that, Malcolm drove us back to IPG, It was a memorable one though, the event. :D

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