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Thursday, November 7, 2013

18th September 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

Have been tired of the whole trip during the weekend, on Tuesday I was kindda tired.
So just wanna share how today's day went.
Using pictures of course.

1) Got the chance to just Mariam's class: # Gigih
 Thought that kids nowdays doesn't do this things anymore, because I did the same thing when i was in a primary school =.=

 2) And also got the chance to relief 6 Gigih. They were making sandwiches.

Hazri Shah and he's group

interesting right :P

3) I miss the pasar malam, so decided to go. Ask Azie, Jedi and Andy if they wanna join. So they did. And actually, it was Andy;s birthday, just realize  after I ask him if he wanna go for pasar.

got him a 'lembu' cake haha

 Sang him birthday song to him numbers of time, cause whenever there were our friends who walk by, I will just call out to them and and ask them to sang for him. haha
He was damn embarrassed wei!
We bought our dinner at pasar then we just ate together at the cafe.
4) After dinner, me and Azie had a BIG meeting, well, long time no see the classmates, miss much?
and man, everyone bought new phones, i mean most of them :P

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