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Friday, November 8, 2013

23rd September 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Again one of the days that we suddenly wanted to go out.
Well not we, Zazchary asked if wanna go out, and he asked me to be the driver, I mean Bona is better driver then me. I'm not that really good at Manual cars yet, just give me more time.
So we went to D'dapur Ibuku for dinner and just spend time.

And that's when we wanna go to Kangar for a while when the engine won't start, this like the third time i think,we're stuck with kak zah's car (rent car). Is it like there's taboo for us 5 to go out, like something is jealous of us going out together haha
SO, called Kak Zah and she said, she's on her way to jump the car.
While waiting, Dyba, Rolex and Bona decided to just walked all the way to Cool Blog in Taman Kemajuan (TMK) and left me and Zac.
But then again the three came back cause there was an 'orang gila' following them
Kak Zah came with her husband, Ustaz and the car. After that we just stop by Petronas for some things and back to IPG . *takut engine off@mati lagi haha

p/s: this what happens when your phone is with other people

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