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Thursday, November 14, 2013

28th September 2013 Leo Club One Day Youth Retreat

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!
This event was namely Family day, but then, Abah said it's not suitable cause we have no families, and no families are present, just might as well renamed it to retreat, hence the name (LCODYR).
This is something that I had in mind for such the longest time.
I was just missing the moment that me and the Leo Club fun time, thus I came up with this idea and thanks to Jedi and others I managed this event and I pretty freaking love it!

Start the day of early for breakfast with the community with Atie's car, cause it's big! :P
Went to a mamak store and ordered some roti canai and stuff. And do some bonding.

Shar, Yakaes, Andy

Me, Jedi, Dyba, Azie

After breakfast, we headed back to IPG to start our programme.
Upon arriving, there was no one there, I was freak out a bit, thought that no one will come.
After a while, they showed up:-
The, registration happened.
And the start up session begins. First up, aerobics and dance!


Aerobics and dance instructor
 The participants were required to learn a dance that they will perform at the end of the day later.
The girls choose the HoDown throw down by Miley Cyrus
dividing groups

getting to know the facilitators
After all that, we had breakfast and then we started of with Ice Breaker.
All Ice Breaker thanks to Shar and Yakes.
There were number of games, they have to find their group members while blind folded and then they have to choose the right fasi for the sign they need to obtain. To obtain, they had to anything that the fasi ask to.

Then, we ask them to go back and change clothes and such and had a break for lunch.
As for the fasi, some of us didn't even went back to room.
Cause we were getting ready for next slot, Running Man.
a skill full fasi.
The Running Man started off with a game of the all the participants have to participate.
They need to eat fruits, who ate the last fruit, will consider out of the game.
There was conflicts, backstabbing and it was a drama!

Next up the group was divided into two, group blue and red in one group while white and yellow group in the other, they were separated to two different games.
There was Coffee Drinking game, Headphones game, Tongue twister.
 This was hilarious!!
One will ask questions from a cue while the other will pick an answer from the answering sheet shown.
But mind you, a song was playing blasted full volume on headphones.
The answers didn't match at all!!
 The Coffee game was just bitter!
There were a lot of utensils that they will randomly pick for the amount of coffee and sugar and they have to drink it all off.
Then the third game, tongue twister, but no photos of it. Me and Amrit helped Jedi in conducting the game.
Unfortunately no photos during the actual running man. But it was hectic and awesome-lah. We had power up all over the venue, the white group just dissappear into thin air. and everyone just freaking gila d to stay alive. Drama of course, also the cute girl Ah Min incident, it really make my heart sank. But luckily everything went on find.
Then, we gave the participant time to just rest but they have to help in the preparation of the BBQ.
But the community members did all the BBQ thing. Thanks to Amy for starting the fire, thanks to Andy and Dyba also Amy for the BBQ and Azie, Lydia also Jedi in helping. And thanks to Amrit and Bona too for cutting up the watermelon. Before the bbq, me and Jedi went around IPG to hide clues for the next last unknown game.

After BBQ all the members start to come back to PULAKO with high expectation to perform the dance.
Seeing their enthusiasm I decided to ask them to perform the dance while waiting for the perfect time to go on with the last game that they don't know: Kidnapped.
Before all that, we ate together as a family. it was awesome and feel loved to be eating with them together in a big circle.

can you spot me?
After eating, we proceed with closing ceremony, we did some stupid dance and such.

Then the groups perform their dance.
Then, I kill the lights and start to usher the Leader of the groups and put them in the car.
The other Fasis, went to their respective places with their kidnapped leader. Other fasis, follow each group.
After all that, we sit and did our reflection and also prize giving ceremony.
The day end with happy memories. :D

Note from Leo IPG Perlis FB:-
On 28th of September, 2013, Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis has successfully organized a “One Day Youth Retreat” project. The project was done at IPG Kampus Perlis. A total of 26 Leos involved and has successfully carrying out the project. This project is aimed towards strengthen the bonds among the members beside give all the members chance to have fun activities.

During this one whole day project (start at 9am until 12am), a lot of activities have been done such as:
- Aerobic Session
- Icebreaking Session
- Mini Games
- Coffee, Earphones & Tongue Twister Games
- Running Man
- Barbeque
- Cultural Night
- Extreme Treasure Hunt
- Closing & Prize-giving ceremony

As overall, we would like to congratulate the organizing committee lead by Leo Liyana and Leo Jedidiah and to all members who had participated. It is a good experience for Leos as they getting to know each other better. Thank you Leos for making this project a success.

Roar Roar Roar.

p/s: really appreciated you guys for helping to make this come true :D

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