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Saturday, November 16, 2013

28th September 2013 Extended: Night

Asslamualaikum & hello readers~!

Prior to the Youth Day by Leo Club IPG Kampus Perlis, we did rent a car for one to cater to anything @ transportation needed for the day.
At the end of the day, I drove back the car and send Jedi back to hostel then me and Dyba head back to our hostel.
And we just remembered that, Valen drove the car out earlier and Azie went out with Dyba to buy some stuff, of course WE RAN OUT OF FUEL..
And then, Amy called up she wanted to use the car with Lydia.
Again, the car can't be moved and I were actually scared if the car got clamp by the guard.
Left a note and me and Dyba walked back to hostel thought of going to Azie's room to charge my battery, cause it died. Wanted to call Andy to buy some fuel.
Asked the lady guard for any motorcycle that we can use and remarkably, she had.
And it was Cik Ahnizah's. I cant thank Gog no further, how relief I am.

On the way, to Azie's room, meet up with Amy and Lydia, and told them what had happened.
And I just borrowed Lydia's phone to call Andy.
Thank God he could ride a motorcycle and he agreed to help, Told him to go with Jedi though buy some fuel.
The guard even ask to fill for the motor.

Waiting is a hell, then they came back, we fill the car.
Try ti start it, but it just won't.
WE pushed quite a far but nothing happen and we decided to just push it into a parking space.
Again, alhamdulillah, there's a parking space. That is near!
And I let the car there till next morning to deal with it.

But hell it was, but as usual, I enjoy everything although I was tired and it was suffering..
Thanks to Amy, Lydia, Andy and Jedi for helping though to push the car. :)

photo: HTC One, otw to Penang

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