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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

04-06th October 2013 GERKO IPGK Perlis

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

IPGK Perlis held GERKO day (an equivalent to KOKO), at last minute Abe told me that JPP going to take a spot on the selling part of the three day event.
I for myself, going to participate in my class duty as one of the Safety Aids squad and also I'm gonna be the one who will be at the JPP's stall.
The were a lot of things going on; movie showing, paintball, some other exhibition and also everyone selling things and such at stalls.
On Friday, we started in the afternoon until night.
We sold nasi lemaks, chocolate cakes, breads, buns, drinks and even headscarf. And not to forget Syiqin's famous roll.
The JPP managed to spend time together and it was memorable though. :P
Nothing much I can say, it was over a month ago, can't remember. hehe
I was juggling between choir practice and these, so yea, pretty busy though.
Let's look at some pictures:-

Ajoi's iPhone

our stall

got this henna art from Pari :)

TESL B's counter

because we were bored :P
Didn't get to participate on the last day cause the TESLian had choir practice@rehearsal.
photos: Ninetology Black Pearl II

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