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Friday, November 8, 2013

24th September 2013

Assalamualaikum & Hello readers~!
Was hungry in the morning, thus ask Azie if she up for a nasi lemak before class... Or is it just that we have a straight class from 8 to 1 pm.
Well, upon going down and heading for the Koop, we cross path with Richard and Valen who was in a very bright orange 'baju koperat'. My God the orange was just tooooo shocking, and saw at the of them far a bit, was Andy with the same bright orange as usual walking with Jedi.
Managed to stop by koop together and discuss somethings about Leo Club One Day Retreat while having breakfast.
It turns out that they were wearing orange because they are the Sekretariat Pencegah Rasuah of IPG Kampus Perlis.

 Thought that today will be a smooth one, but in the end it became hectic! Gah I think it starts off with the non-stop class and non-stop affair that I had today.
After class got something to discuss with Jedi but my credit was running low and remarkably saw Jedi was waving at me from the SPR booth in front of the library. Discuss and then Andy came asked, if I wanna join SPR. Well looking around all the members were the people that I know I mean, Leo people, TESL people, JPP people, so why not right? So I did sign up for that. With Andy excited in front of me while drinking a mango drink (?) haha
After all that, went back and had lunch and another meeting with the Leo Club One Day Retreat  community members.
 Later, I spring off to meet Mariam, cause we need to get back to school to get some documents sign.
Remarkably the pupils were excited meeting us.
 They just won't let us leave, it was a good, 15 mintues or so, they just stop us and just linger around us not to give us way back to the car..
 They even 'attacked' the car.

As this was dated back in September, and now is already November; I can't really remember what happened that day. But I guess I went out again after that, but yea, can't remember. haha

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