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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

16th September 2013 Part 2

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

After all the commotion in Sunway Georgetown, we rushed out, cause Kai Fong and Valen had to take the bus back.
GK send Kai Fong and us(me, Amy and Andy) went  to Valen and Vhina.
Supposed to meet up GK back but got canceled.
Called up Jedi and Lydia asking where are they, went to 1st Avenue to meet them.
True what Andy said earlier, there was nothing in 1st Avenue, but well, at least I already went there.
Before meeting up the two, us three changed our clothes and then were off to find them.
Upon finding them, I go jalan2 and then were off to Queensbay.
Alright, QB is so much better then any other mall in Penang =.="

As usual, we will be separated, and I end up dragging Andy here and there.
Went to usual store of course.
But things got interesting went I saw Forever 21 in the ground floor, I was excited to go into one, it was my first time!
My God, the accessories just blown me away. Freaking love it!
I was getting crazy before I even entered the store.
Gosh, Andy must thought me like gila already see all those accessories!!
The best part that I bought two necklace for 5MYR each, how awesome was that.
No wonder people like to go to Forever 21, the accessories were awesome with the reasonable prices.
may be buy this one next time hehe

After all the walking, we meet up and decided to just have our dinner in Alor Star.
But being the clever mr smarty pants, andy, he eventually, didn't take the roundabout, and we end up drove around the island to Georgetown before getting out of the island =.=""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
and we were off the island after two hours plus the traffic.

At Sg, Dua, I took the wheel. Arrived in Alor Star, stop by the place where Andy bought he's phone, something wrong with the phone though
In the end, he bought another new phone add up with my 1MYR *oi x byr blk ??*
End up, we didnt even had dinner, cause we were just tired.

Supposed we rent the car until 8 pm. But we arrived at 10.30pm.
shopping haul in Forever 21

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